What Makes Goa India’s Most Popular Travel Destination?

Everybody loves Goa! Some love it for the happening vibe it exudes, some for its lovely beaches and cuisines, while others are drawn towards its fascinating history. There is so much to look forward to here, so much to experience. Every visit to this place brings with it a new surprise and a newer discovery. Whether it’s a family or a group of friends, there is something in store here for everyone. Something as simple as a stroll on the beach turns into both a beautiful and memorable experience. Then, there are the lip-smacking cuisines that win the hearts of visitors the very first time. Has the thought of visiting Goa been in your mind recently? This blog brings you the 10 reasons that make Goa India’s most popular travel destination.

1. Friendly, warm hearted people

What Makes Goa India's Most Popular Travel Destination?

Any visitor to Goa is immediately won over by the warm hospitality he receives at the hands of the Goanese people. In fact, they can be said to be the coolest hosts ever. Indeed, any visitor to Goa will testify to the good nature and large heartedness of the people here. This is something which cannot be said about most of the Indian cities.

2. Most wonderful beaches ever

What Makes Goa India's Most Popular Travel Destination?

The beaches in Goa are famous for being hubs of nighttime parties and exciting daytime activities. For party lovers, North Goa is the place to head to. However, those looking for some serenity and tranquility should make their way to the beaches of South Goa, especially beaches like Agonda and Palolem.

3. Best food experiences ever

What Makes Goa India's Most Popular Travel Destination?

Visitors to Goa cannot stop commenting on the unique and tangy flavors of this region. The royal sea flavors combined with the local culinary secrets simply win your heart over. From Goan fish curry to Prawn Balchao to Fish Recheado, each dish is more exciting than the other. For some of the best food experiences, head to Vagator’s Thalassa, Panjim’s Mum Kitchen or Agonda’s Zest.

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4. Visit Portugal in India

What Makes Goa India's Most Popular Travel Destination?

Looking to go for a Goa honeymoon tour? Then enhance the experience by exploring the Portuguese side of it. Visit the churches of Goa, most of which were built by Portuguese. Participate in the Goa Carnival, or explore the streets of Old Goa. You will find a smattering of Portugal everywhere around here.

5. Participate in the Sunburn Festival

What Makes Goa India's Most Popular Travel Destination?

Sunburn Festival is the time when all of Goa comes to life. This event is an amalgamation of shopping, food, music and dance. Sunburn, an electronic musical band, organizes this three day music festival in Goa, and is one of the major crowd pullers.

6. Goa Carnival

What Makes Goa India's Most Popular Travel Destination?

Be sure to participate in the Goa Carnival on your romantic Goa honeymoon tour. This festival, held in February, is one of the largest and hugely awaited festivals of the state. The streets are marked by several processions which are accompanied by merriment and revelry. Introduced by the Portuguese, it extends for a period of four days.

7. Sunbathe and Sunset Watching

What Makes Goa India's Most Popular Travel Destination?

Sunbathing and sunset watching are two of the most popular things to do in Goa. It’s quite obvious though, considering that its home to some of the best beaches in the world. Sitting on a beach chair with a book placed between your palms, even as you enjoy the sun, can be a soothing experience. Watching the sunset is another favorite activity of the people here.

8. Enjoying a Cruise

What Makes Goa India's Most Popular Travel Destination?

No trip to Goa is complete without taking a cruise. The boat, named Santa Monica, takes you down the river even as the local boys and girls perform folk dances and sing mandos (musical form popular among Goan Catholics). The boat then takes you past the Panjim riverfront, the jetty, old colonial buildings and past the Promenade. The experience is overwhelming.

9. Feeling Magical Raindrops

What Makes Goa India's Most Popular Travel Destination?

Head to Goa during the monsoon for a fun filled week in Goa. During this time, everything looks refreshed and nature seems to dance after a scorching summer. Taking a walk on the wet streets with the cool wind brushing against you, or dancing in the rain on a soaked beach, these are pleasures which await a visitor during the monsoon.

10. Shopping in the flea market

What Makes Goa India's Most Popular Travel Destination?

For a unique shopping experience, head to the bustling flea markets of Goa. The three most popular shopping sites are Mapusa Market, Saturday Night Bazaar and Anjuna Flea Market. Here, you come across a variety of items ranging from handmade crafts, boho dresses and jewelry items, besides others. With a little bit of bargaining skill, you can get your money’s worth.

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