15 Must Visit Cities in Europe

European cities not only offer a warm and hospitable environment, but coupled with beautiful scenery and just-the-perfect weather and amazing stories, histories and monuments, there seems hardly any place to present you with so much of happenings and occasions. In this blog we share with you 15 Must Visit Cities in Europe, subdued in wonderful culture and exquisite ambience and identified by most of the travelers with an excellent vacation experience. Now, without revealing much, we urge you take a look at the following entries, especially compiled for you:

1. Rome

Colosseum: UNESCO Site in Rome

This massive stone amphitheater known as the Colosseum was commissioned around A.D. 70-72 by Emperor Vespasian

Without doubt, Rome is one of most beautiful cities in the world with tremendous elegance and refinement in its buildings, monuments, sites, palaces, fountains, statues, churches as well as a sophisticated, cosmopolitan culture of its people and a vivid historical heritage.

Being a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Rome is one of favorite and most visited tourist spots in the world and definitely one of the must visit cities in Europe. Being the Italian capital, it remained an important political region of the world during both the world wars and eventually evolved into a modern, cosmopolitan city with an amazing and unique culture.

Rome is a city of both new and old. The city’s history spans nearly two and a half thousand years, making it one of the oldest inhabited cities in the world. With a population of nearly 4.9 million people it is also the fourth most populated cities in Europe. One of the most fascinating things about Rome is that the city hosts a whole country, within its walls. The Vatican City, the smallest country in the world, lies within the boundaries of its environs, making Rome being called as the capital of two states.

The city houses many of world famous monuments like the Colosseum, Palatine Hill, Forum Romanum, Pantheon, St. Peter’s Basilica to name a few and elsewhere there are classy masterpieces of Renaissance with ornate piazzas, refined churches and baroque flourish. Food is another of the Rome’s specialties with amazing crispy pizzas, mouth-watering pastas and a glass of cool, white wine forming an integral part of most of the city’s elegant restaurants.

Walking around in the shade of ancient sites, with grand views and reveling in the general atmosphere of finesse reminds of good times spent in Rome.

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2. Paris, France: Most Romantic & One of the Must Visit Cities in Europe

Eifferl Tower of Paris

A city of many splendors, as it is famously called, Paris is an exotic wonderland, “A city of lights” and one of must-visit places amongst the other fabulous locations of the European continent. Its vast cultural arena with some of the most amazing arts, fine delicacies and fashionable get up will quickly endear you to the city.

Moving through its confines is the gentle River Seine which is flanked by a number of fascinating museums, centuries old churches and Neo-Classical architectural structures and punctuated by elegant-looking trees and blazing streetlamps. Being a host to a number of world-class structures, of cafes, cinemas, cuisines, trends and sights, Paris has a uniquely identifiable ambience of its own marked by a ubiquitous charming grace and refinement?

Tourists throng from all over the world to visit world-famous icons, including The Eiffel Tower, The Notre-Dame de Paris, Basilicae du Sacre-Coer, Arc de Triomphe, Chateau de Versailles and many other popular sites and experience its amazing atmosphere.

Paris also boasts of a thrilling nightlife with some of the most exciting restaurants and pubs. It also has an exclusive and distinct zoo while kids call have a ball in Paris at Grand Palais and Disneyland Paris. Thus, Paris has it all, attractions for all kinds of tourists and entertainment venues for all age groups.

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3. London, UK

London: Must Visit Cities in Europe

Tower Bridge is a combined bascule and suspension bridge in London. The bridge crosses the River Thames close to the Tower of London and has become an iconic symbol of London.

The British capital is an astonishingly engaging cosmopolitan city with sights, locales, entertainment avenues, parks, theaters, cinemas, pubs, restaurants and café’s aplenty to always keep you busy according to your tastes, moods and wishes. Located about 50 miles upstream of River Thames, London is one of the oldest cities in the world, with some sources establishing its founding around 43 AD, just after the Roman Conquest of the Britain.

Today, incorporating in its bosom the culture, the experiences, styles, trends, tastes and fashions of world and a cumulative heritage of nearly 2 millennia, London is a global city in its true sense with something of interest to every kind of traveler and guest.

Although London was expanded far and wide, integrating a number of suburban areas, the London that tourists know and explore is much a smaller region, revolving around the main attractions of the city like The London Eye, The Buckingham Palace, the British Museum, Westminster Abbey, Madame Tussauds, The Tower of London, The National Gallery as well as the great South Kensington museums and Tate Galleries.

London Eye

At 135 metres, the Coca-Cola London Eye is one of the world’s tallest observation wheels, offering breathtaking views of London and its famous landmarks.

People of almost all ethnicity live in London and approximately 300 languages are spoken in the city, making its culture is one of most distinct and unique across the globe. As for the fun part, around 250 festivals take place in London every year, including the city’s largest free festival-The Mayor’s Thames Festival and Notting Hill Carnival which draw nearly one millions tourists annually. Thus, it would not be wrong to say that London is one destination away from home where you will always feel at home.

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4. Zermatt, Switzerland

Zermatt City of Switzerland

Zermatt is a winter fairy tale. With unlimited fun on snow: skiing on 360 km of pistes. The winter landscape offers lots of sun. A pure romance.

One of the few regions of the world, mellowed in utter tranquility, heavenly sites and an amazing destination for winter sports, Zermatt is a wonderful place, lying on the foot of mount Matterhorn, an awesome and one of its kind hill. The city has some amazing surprises delighting the first time visitor, furnishing her a unique experience. The city is one of the few completely car-free zones in the world and adding icing to the cake, almost all vehicles are electronic battery driven, making it one of the cleanest and quietest place.

Zermatt is a kind of tiny hamlet, surrounded by lofty mountains making it a haven for mountaineers and hikers. Although it can turn out be a bit expensive sometimes, quality of service, including that of food served at local restaurants and eating plazas is the main focus. There are a number of warm, cozy eating spots offering delectable dishes, most often at a reasonable price. Walking through its number of cobbled streets, paths and alleys, soaking the local atmosphere makes you feel like a part of the place.

Matterhorn & Gornergat Bahn, Zermatt in Switzerland

This Alpine railway rises 10,000 feet & passes through wildlife-rich terrain with glaciers & lakes. Image Source

Almost all people, including locals and tourists are on foot with commuting facilities on battery driven taxis or horse carts. Many people regard Zermatt as only a village due to its small size and relatively much simpler living. Most of the people are friendly and mixing and love to interact with each other.

While in summers, tourist can enjoy cycling, climbing, trekking and high alpine package tours which include skiing on specially prepared pistes whereas the winter brings in incredible opportunities for an array of winter sports like skiing (including cross-country skiing), hiking, sledging, ice sports, tobogganing etc. Thus, for a soothing, peaceful holiday combined with some really interesting snow sport, Zermatt is one of best vacation spots in the world.

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5. Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona City in Spain

A place famously called “A city of constant renewal”, Barcelona is one of the most sophisticated and economically forward regions of the Spain and a popular tourist destination around this part of the world. Capital of the country’s autonomous and diverse Northern territorial province of Catalonia, the city always found itself renewed with the changing times and has remained one of the most modern cities of Europe for all times.

Reflecting a long history of its foundation and evolution, Barcelona is rich in a number of architecturally beautiful and visually charming monuments of the Roman, Gothic and Renaissance periods. Being home to some of the most distinguished people and architects, the city bears an exciting look and has some great scope of exotic delicacies and a stunning nightlife.

Barcelona blends in itself what is the best of the Mediterranean cities-an easy pace of life, one of the most distinguished and amazing food and almost an endless days of relaxation and sunshine. The Catalans guard their identity and their culture fiercely and emphasize on following local traditions and festivals.

A typical day in Barcelona can be spent admiring the city’s wonderful buildings designed by architects such as Jean Nouvel, de Meuron or Herzog and other beautiful structures, watching the exquisite sundown at one of the city’s seven beaches and then heading off for dinner to any of the Michelin starred gastronomic temples or one of the several family-run tapas bars. The best time to visit Barcelona is during the months from July to September.

At this time most of the local go off for vacations and although one will find about 10% shops and restaurants closed during this time, the traffic on roads is thin as also rent for hotels and lodges are on a lighter note.

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6. Athens, Greece

Beautiful City of Athend, Greece

The magnificent temple on the Acropolis of Athens, known as the Parthenon, was built between 447 and 432 BCE in the Age of Pericles. Image Source

Perhaps one of the most glorious city in the ancient world, Athens has enchanted people since thousands of years of its existence. It also one of the most historical cities, largely associated with the birth of the human civilization itself and with the dawn of democracy and also where some of wisest men of history were born.

A sprawling area, bounded on the three sides by mountains Ymmytos, Pendeli and Parnitha, Athens has some of warmest and most friendly people who will go to lengths to help you. Over the millennia of its establishment, Athens was occupied by many rulers and conquerors who left behind a wonderful impression in the form of some of the most exquisite and beautiful monuments of palaces, temples and Stoas which today are world famous tourist spots.

Zappeion in Athens

Zappeion is a stately hall built in the 1880s for the first modern Olympic games, now used as a conference center. Image Source

A crossing point between the East and West, the city manifests a mosaic of traditions and cultures that shape its features, capacity and expression. In addition to this, the city has some wonderful views with a well-planned municipal planning in the form of pleasant neighborhoods and verdant gardens and parks. There are wide avenues for tourists to explore in Athens.

Apart from enjoying to the hilt, the wonderful ambience and society, the delicacies of the plate will melt your heart right away. Greek cuisine incorporates many flavors from in an across the continent and presents a wonderful blend. There a good number of bars and options, always ready to serve you with local as well as exotic dishes, while options for enjoying the nightlife is simply amazing.

Athenians are a wonderful, happy go lucky people. They love to have fun and city also hosts some really amusing festivals like Hellenic Festival or Athens Jazz Festival etc. which celebrates the rollicking spirit of the local.

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7. Florence, Italy

Small though as it may be, the city of Florence has such a charm that does not satisfy your visual lust in a single go. The city, being the capital of Italy’s Tuscany region, is world famous for its historical significance: It was the birthplace of the Italian Renaissance, was called the “Athens of the Middle Ages” and was the capital city of the Kingdom of Italy from 1875 to 1871.

Piazza della Signoria in Firenze, Italy

The Piazza della Signoria, the most famous square in Florence

Being associated with the earliest springs of culture, creativity and inspirations, it is the house of finesse and imagination, noted for its Renaissance art and architectural monuments. Permeated with numerous museums, art galleries and cultural hubs, Florence was recently ranked by Forbes as one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

With it being a host to numerous creative expressions, Florence still wield considerable influence on culture, art and politics and is ranked as the top 51 fashion capitals of the world. Therefore, it is as well an obvious choice as a popular tourist destination with it being 89th most visited place in the world in 2012.

Florence has some great variety of culinary options for all range of prices and suitable to all pockets. Most of the dishes are based on meat and their availability in proportion to its price varies across the city. Hotel and accommodation prices too, differ according to the location within the city, with prices generally high near the historic center. With a magnetic appeal, a romantic and charming essence and busy, urbane ambience with some delectable food and wine, Florence is a city that inspires luxury and opulence along with indulgence and fun.

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8. Venice, Italy

Rialto Bridge in Venice

The Ponte di Rialto, with its stone arches, steps, and shops, has crossed Venice’s Grand Canal for more than 400 years.

Yet another of the must visit cities in Europe, Venice is often cited as one of the most beautiful cities ever built by a man. Also known as the “City of Bridges”, Venice is an amazing network town of water channels and canals, replacing the streets and alleys of the town and used as a means of transportation.

With such a setting at the backdrop, the city evokes a strange sense of wonder and romanticism in the heart of a sightseer visiting the place.

While such an incredible setting notwithstanding, Venice is also home to some of the most beautiful and elegant structures with some fascinating architecture, designs and forms like exotic churches, palaces, bustling squares and elegant shops. The city consists of about 117 islands with are interconnected through 400 bridges and nearly 150 canals.

Charming Venice City

Sstone palaces in Venice seemingly rise out of the water. There are no cars or roadways, just canals and boats.

Venice, on the account of being located on the northeast coast of Italy, has a moderate weather and there is always a possibility of rains just around the corner. With summers being humid and winters wet, the best times to visit the city are spring and fall. There are plenty of opportunities for travelers to enjoy and relish in the wonderful ambiance and atmosphere of the town.

Besides some amazing navigation around, tourists can revel in the delicious seafood, which forms a major portion of the Venetian plate. Dishes like Seppia and Risotto Nero, Radicchio Trevisano are some of the local favorites. However, there is not much one can buy from the city.

While Venetian glass is the peculiarity of the island of Murano, other souvenirs you can purchase from the town are carnival masks whereas marbled paper of Venice is good too. Buying some beautiful watercolor impressions of the city is also one of the good ideas for shopping from here.

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9. Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Amsterdam City of Neitherland

Seventeenth-century buildings. Joint-smoking alien sculptures. Few cities meld history with modern urban flair like Amsterdam.

Amsterdam is Netherlands’ largest city, its cultural and economic hub and its national capital region. Pervaded with beautiful sights all over, including exotic buildings, parks, museums and canals, which are the main transport medium of the city, it is often cited as one of the most romantic and scenic place in the entire Europe. The city is small and with alluring views and welcoming attitude of its people, is instantly likable.

With an amazing youthful culture and a wonderful ambience, it regularly gets listed in the charts as one of the most favorite tourist destinations in the European continent. There is a lot in Amsterdam for a discerning tourist to enjoy and have a good time. There are engaging open-air events, the warmth of its clubs, bars and cafes and a vivacious Night Life and lively music scene. Thus, hardly would anyone feel disconnected and bogged down here. Amsterdam is home to the world-famous sites of Anne Frank Huis, the Van Gogh and Riksmuseum, with its exquisite assortment of Rembrandt paintings.

Other, though lesser known, sites to visit in the city are Resistance Museum, the Royal Palace which are quite popular amongst the tourist community. The city is relatively quiet with locals and tourists both preferring the canal transport more than the road.

Amsterdam’s food is good and there is a good variety of delectable cuisines and dishes to choose from. The food of Amsterdam is simple and serves a good nourishment and is solid to sustain several hours. Street food has been recently gaining popularity in the city with more and more people preferring street food over traditional meals during the day. Overall, it’s a wonderful place to enjoy your quality time and savor the local ambience.

10. Edinburgh, United Kingdom

Edinburgh City of UK

Edinburgh, the inspiring capital of Scotland, where centuries of history meet a vibrant, cosmopolitan city in an unforgettable setting.

The Scottish Capital is one of most charming and picturesque cities in the world, with a wealth of spots and attractions for every kind of tourist to satisfy their wanderlust. Every corner of this amazing city reminds of the remarkable history and culture that is stamped on its extant.

Across its cobbled streets and elegant crescents of the new town stands a number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites known for their curious stories, spectacular collections and an immemorial architecture. With a range of stunning sights notwithstanding, the city of Edinburgh has wonderful opportunities for enjoying and merry making with numerous Michelin starred restaurants waiting to serve and assist you.

A great variety of pubs will happily accommodate your demands and you can ask for your traditional haggies, neeps and tatties. Regards to shopping, there is no dearth of places in Edinburgh for a tourist on any budget. There are Princes Street, George Street, Princes Mall and St James Center etc. while for luxurious brands you can head to Harvey Nichols in St. Andrews Square or Multrees Walk.

Edinburgh Castle - The Iconic Scottish Tourist Attraction

Edinburgh Castle in Scotland

After admiring the city’s memorable sights including the Edinburgh Castle and Palace of Holy Roodhouse, an incredible night life at city live Music Venues will enthrall you. Admiring the stately culture, cherishing the wonderful monuments, eating and drinking at the city’s various pubs and joints and relaxing in the calming ambience is all about your cherishing excursion to Edinburgh.

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11. Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon city in Portugal

Spread across steep hillsides that overlook the Rio Tejo, Lisbon offers all the delights you’d expect of Portugal’s star attraction.

The capital city of Portugal, Lisbon is one beautiful city perched on the top of a series of seven hills and facing the ocean, holding some of most quaint and scenic views that one can have. Yet, the city also does not disappoints when it comes to its wonderful buildings-Gothic Cathedrals, elegant monasteries and exquisite museums-all of which form an exotic skyline, forming an incredible backdrop.

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Moving through its narrow backstreets, one can truly savor the city’s amazing ambience and feel the warm and favorable gestures of its people. Pervaded with a youthful spirit and amazing city life, the climate too in Lisbon is one of most suitable for tourist excursions making Lisbon an all year round destination letting one walk around and enjoy its appealing sights.

Lisbon in Portugal

Being one of the oldest cities in the world, Lisbon has a rich accumulated historical heritage, the buildings and numerous other structures confirm to this.

Adding to its charm, Lisbon is the safest of the European capitals with almost no occurrence of random violent crimes. Enjoying a tourist diversity with multi-ethnic and multi-cultural travelers, the people of the city are generally warm and welcoming towards the foreigners and guide them around for navigation as a sign of welcoming gesture.

Pedro IV Square : Must-See Sights in Lisbon

Pedro IV Square in Lisbon is also known as Rossio. A popular meeting place for locals, the square includes a bronze statue of Pedro IV, king of Portugal during the early 1800s.

Food in Lisbon is a mixture of Atlantic freshness and Mediterranean traditions. There is a lot of variety of sea food while olive oil and fresh ingredients are used liberally and pork and other meats are favorites in regions away from the coast. The food scene in Lisbon is changing fast due to introduction of a number of international cuisines and foreign educated chefs. Combined with the country’s wine, the Portuguese delicacies are fast establishing themselves in the world. Thus, a navigator to the country will never fall short of both the amazing sights and pleasures of table, making the trip a perfect vacation.

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12. Istanbul, Turkey

Istanbul city inTurkey

Turkey’s charm lies somewhere between its stunning landscapes such as Cappadocia; the constant surprises provided by its storied history; and the hearty people

Known in the ancient world by the name of Constantinople and Byzantium, Istanbul is one of the major cities of the world (being fifth large in terms of population) and cultural and economic center of the Turkish country. A beautiful place pervaded with most fascinating minarets, a region with some of the most welcoming and good-humored locals and a haven for some really mouth-watering delicacies, Istanbul is the only city that straddles on two continents, both Europe and Asia and amazingly blends in the elements of both.

Being located strategically on the most coveted Silk Route, it was the target of many imperial and attacking armies that left behind their footprints in the form of a rich cultural heritage and numerous structures and monuments, some of which still survives. The last of the conquerors, the Ottomans suffused Istanbul some of the most beautiful mosques on Earth and other Islamic structures that draws attention of travelers from far and wide across the globe.

The people of Istanbul are beautiful, extremely generous and have a love for good life. They treasure relations and friendships and are receptive and accessible to travelers. As one moves through this historic city, one can (or must) check the amazing spots of Aya Sofa, Topkapi Palace, The Blue Mosque and The Grand Bazar.

The Maiden's Tower, Istanbul

One of the most iconic images of Istanbul surely has to be the Kız Kulesi Üsküdar, known in English as Maiden’s Tower constructed first in the 12th century and present building dates back to 18th century

Besides one can also explore and enjoy Istanbul Archeology Museum, The Basilica Cistern, Turkish bath and many other such attractions. While relishing the delectable food, one would be reminded of the tremendous influence of the Ottoman tradition and the fusion of diverse elements of regions in and around the country.

In Turkey, there is a lot of emphasis on the freshness of the food and thus it tastes pretty good. Kebab (of many varieties) is the most popular dish beside people can be seen naming Turkish coffee and Baklava as their favorites. Beside there numerous other mouthwatering meals which can be only be explored as one embraces the city more and more.

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13. Vienna, Austria

Pallas Athena fountain, Viena

A monumental fountain with dominating marble statue of the goddess Pallas Athena in front of the building of Austrian Parliament

The cultural capital of Austria and one of its important economic and political center, Vienna is also widely regarded as the “City of Music” because of a number of world-class, accomplished musicians who were born and played their art here. Bearing a long history of its establishment and evolution, Vienna presents a remarkable view of some of the most elegant and fascinating imperial structures evoking a wonderful aesthetic sense and appreciation.

Muted in its wonderful and chilled out ambience, one comes across innovative museums, exotic galleries, and refined structures besides to relax in its buzzing restaurants, lively pubs and spirited pubs. The people of Vienna care hard for their precious heritage and continuing traditions.

Vienna in Austria

Vienna is packed with imperial history; at the same time it has exciting contemporary museums, lively eating and nightlife scenes.

Enjoying a wonderful dose of history, tourists can as much revel in the city’s modern entertainment modes. The best way to savor the atmosphere of the city is to explore it on foot, visiting its wonderful hidden corners, digging out amazing stories and legends or just simply soak in the relaxing ambience.

The Donnerbrunnen, Vienna

The Donnerbrunnen or Providentiabrunnen is a Baroque themed fountain in the midst of Neuer Market Square in the heart of Vienna.

Amazing delicacies await the discerning travelers as Vienna has one of the world’s most famous culinary traditions, offering a wonderfully delectable array of dishes, combining recipes from a mix of nationalities, cultures and experiences from across the globe. Thus, one may never find themselves in a foreign or strange environment and combined with the warm and friendly reception by the locals will have a memorable vacation.

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14. Prague, Czech Republic

Prague in Czech Republic

Nicknamed “the City of a Hundred Spires,” it’s known for its Old Town Square, the heart of its historic core, with colorful baroque buildings, Gothic churches and the medieval Astronomical Clock, with a popular show.

A wonderful city of excellent and exquisite monuments, of exotic cathedrals, gold-tipped towers and bridges, Prague is hailed as one of the largest cities of Central Europe, which also served as the capital area of the historic region Bohemia for hundreds of years.

Prague is regarded by many tourists as the most charming and beautiful places and one of the most sought after destinations along with Vienna and Krakow. It combines a brilliant mixture of traditional and modern, historic and current with amazing pubs, exotic cafes, old-fashioned bars, lovely gardens and remarkable new structures.

But that’s not all, for adventure loving tourists, the city offers a plenty of opportunities to explore. There is cycling, biking, swimming, boating and water sports and various other sports centers to keep you fit and energized. Besides there are opportunities for following your cultural pursuits with many Opera and Black Light Theatre companies operating to serve the tourists.

Prague, City of a Hundred Spires

Prague, City of a Hundred Spires

Pubs and drinking in Prague are very important part of the culture and there are pubs scattered all over the city besides some cute tearooms, which serve different kinds of teas from all over the world. Food in the city mostly is Pork or Beef with sauce served with some side dish called dumpling, usually from one of the different varieties. In addition, chicken, turkey, fish, lamb etc. are used in some flavorful Czech dishes.

Prague Beer Bar

Drinking beer at O’Che’s Cuban Bar. Image Source

With a number of options from Soups, Salads and Desserts, Prague delicacies are certainly different and exclusive. Prague hosts some cool and stimulating cultural events and festivals that draws a great number of tourists. Most popular amongst these are Prague Winter Festival, Prague Fashion Weekend, Febio Fest, Witches Night, Prague Food Festival, Bohemia Jazz Fest etc. Therefore, Prague is a unique place with a fabulous culture to keep you occupied with fun, food and other attractions.

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15. St. Petersburg, Russia

St. Petersburg in Russia

The marvelous Church of the Savior on Blood is a Russian-style church built on the spot where Emperor Alexander II was assassinated in March 1881 Image Source

Even after the political center, dynamics and importance of a central hub in Russia was transferred to Moscow, following the revolution, St. Petersburg continued to have a profound impact on the collective psyche of the people as the grand imperial city that was once established and flourished under Peter the Great.

St Isaac's Cathedral, St. Petersburg, Russia

St Isaac’s Cathedral, St. Petersburg, Russia. Image Source

Today, its fabulous castles, incredible history and wonderful ambience persists to draw tourists from around the world to revel in its amazing atmosphere and is considered one of the must visit cisities in Europe. St. Petersburg remained the capital of Russia for nearly two centuries and therefore it’s extremely rich cultural heritage is conspicuous everywhere. It was built by some of the most eminent architects of the time and stands on 45 islands which are connected by about 342 bridges.

Peter and Paul Castle in St. Petersburg, Russia

Founded by Peter the Great, Peter and Paul Castle contains a museum about the early city & a cathedral. Image Source

Widely called as the “Venice of the North”, the city was ranked alongside Rome and Paris to be one of the most beautiful cities in the world. There are numerous upon numerous sites in the city to mesmerize one’s heart. Almost all the great historical centers are dotted around with canals and baroque bridges. The Hermitage museum, located in the winter palace of the Romanov Dynasty is world’s greatest and oldest collection of treasure and art and also one of the city’s most beautiful buildings.

The best time to visit St. Petersburg is around the fall, when the temperatures are quite pleasant. However, July is the peak season when the city experiences White Nights i.e. when the sun sets only for a brief period and remains in the sky all through the day. It is during this time the city erupts in a number of festivals, concerts, performances, parties etc. and is also usually the busiest time of the year.

Culinary options in Russia ranges for all the pockets. You will find some of the most luxurious restaurants, suitable only for a king or a czar to humble cafes to satisfy your taste buds. Dishes assort from pure Russian to Mexican and Indian besides the Sushi and Shchi (Russian Soup), which are amongst the most delectable. Overall, St. Petersburg has an unforgettable traveling experience, from rich culture to wild nightlife with its charms strong enough to attract you all the year round.

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