10 Most Popular River Cruises In India

Cruises in India offer exceptionally beautiful experiences of the beautiful water landscape the country is blessed with. From picturesque archipelago of Andaman to the backwaters of Kerala, to holy rivers considered divine, cruise ships provide a unique insight and a memorable holiday. A relaxing vacation in India is incomplete without exploring some popular cruises.

1. Kerala Backwater Cruise

10 Most Popular River Cruises In India

A houseboat cruise on backwaters in Kerala needs no introduction. Soak in the spectacular views and scenic beauty of God’s Own Country while lounging in your very own houseboat. Sailing through the tranquil backwaters, the Kettuvalam (traditional barges) greets you with a rejuvenating experience.
Kerala Backwater cruise is a surreal joyride, bringing you close to lush and unspoiled landscapes and the wonderful rural life of the areas. Equipped with modern amenities these houseboats are favored by honeymooners and families alike. Savor some the best South Indian cuisines en route and have an unforgettable experience.

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2. Sunderbans Cruise

10 Most Popular River Cruises In India

Cruising through the Sunderbans, one of the world’s largest reservoir of mangrove forests, is the ultimate recipe for the best vacation in India. Sunderbans Cruise is a galore of activities to enthrall you.
Make way through the dense forests of Sundari trees, rustic villages, numerous creeks and rich biodiversity. Spot a royal Bengal tiger on your expedition. Sunderbans is a paradise for nature lover and adventure aficionados. The UNESCO World Heritage Site in India is a utopia indeed and one of the best river cruises in India.

3. Goa Cruise Destination

10 Most Popular River Cruises In India

The hottest party destination of India, Goa is blessed with an idyllic setting of a water landscape. Rivers meet the sea and the entire topography is navigable by cruise. Goa river cruise is the perfect choice for honeymoon couples. Sunset cruise in Goa gives an opportunity to witness natural splendor to be cherished forever. Get ready to boogie on some peppy numbers and mingle with the Goan culture. A perfect mélange of scenic beauty, sunset view, fun and frolic, this cruise is truly bliss.

4. The Andaman Islands Cruise

10 Most Popular River Cruises In India

The Andaman Islands cruise is one of the best cruises in the world. The island archipelago in the Bay of Bengal is a heavenly beauty. The turquoise waters are bliss for divers and nature lovers and is visited by many for the same. A trip to this wonderland is incomplete if one doesn’t dare to get deep down the waters and explore the exotic marine life. But wait, the Andaman Islands cruise helps you do the same without getting a single drop of water on you. Sail through the ultramarine water and let the glass bottom boat unfolds the secrets stored beneath.

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5. Dibru – Saikhowa River Cruise

10 Most Popular River Cruises In India

Dibru – Saikhowa River Cruise is an awesome water-wildlife adventure escape in India. The cruise takes you to river island national park of Dibru Saikhowa, which is one of the 19 biodiversity hotspots in the world. This superb river cruise in Assam will render you speechless! Spot some of the exotic and exceptional species of birds and animals in Kaziranga National Park. It’s a haven for migratory birds, river Dolphins, feral horses and an exquisite collection of orchids etc., this cruise is simply awesome. This adventure river cruise in India is more of a meeting with nature. Explore the untouched North East India with this tour.

6. Mandovi River Cruise

10 Most Popular River Cruises In India

One of the most exciting things to do in Goa include the Mandovi River Cruise. Be a part of the carnival like ambiance at this famous River Cruise. The journey commences from the Santa Monica Jetty at sunset and continues into the exciting night. A wonderful expedition of cultural entertainment, beer & buffet, this river cruise in Goa pleases you with memorable moments. Indulge into some slow moves with your partner after a romantic dinner, while the moon shines high above you. Taste some delicious cuisines while returning through Chorao and Divar Islands.

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7. Ganges Heritage Cruise

10 Most Popular River Cruises In India

The holy Ganges is more than a divine identity in India, it’s a part of everyone’s lives. There is nothing better than exploring the depths of this mystic river thorough a Ganges Heritage Cruise. This river cruise allows you to visit many destinations that can’t be covered by road. Enjoy the dilatory journey to the historical monuments and well-known destinations of Kolkata. All in all this expedition is entirely ethnically enriching experience. From cycling to mini bus ride, you will be enjoying to the fullest. Delight in nature’s magnificence and partake in the historical trail. It is one of the best river cruises in India.

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8. Brahmaputra River Cruise

10 Most Popular River Cruises In India

Sailing through the mighty Brahmaputra River Cruise is an experience words cannot do justice to. Explore quaint villages, bewitching landscape, exotic wildlife and the famous Indian Dolphins of the Ganges via Brahmaputra River Cruise. The cruise gives you a golden opportunity to get glimpses of traditional ethos of Northeast India. Bask in the warm rays at the time of sunrise and sunset. Take a sip from the delicious brew of Assam on board and embark on a relaxing vacation in India. This holiday will definitely be heart rendering and is sure to leave its imprints on you.

9. Mangalore Cruise Destination

10 Most Popular River Cruises In India
Mangalore luxury cruise is a matchless way to explore this offbeat holiday destination of India. A golden opportunity to delight in both the sea, river and jungle cruise. This journey attracts cruise lovers from far and near. It is almost a fantasy vacation in India, on the tranquil waters of Phalguni River. Dance to your favorite Bollywood songs while enjoying yummy food. Divulge the mysterious charm and allure of the oceans beyond, this river cruise in India is one full of unforgettable vacation!

10. Chilika Lake Cruise

10 Most Popular River Cruises In India

Unique like its location, Chilika Lake Cruise is one of the best things to do in India. The cruise tour allows you to witness a dream come true wildlife. A halt at Rajahamsa Beach overwhelms you with eye pleasing view of dolphins dancing around the ripples of the water. You can also spot a variety of birds and thus this destination allures photographers and bird watchers. Commencing from Mangalajodi, it takes you through scenic Marshlands and beautiful villages. Enjoy a whole-hearted cultural interaction with the locals. This is truly one of the best cruises in India.

All these river cruises on popular destinations of India are different from each other in their own special way. But one thing is for sure that you are going to enjoy your vacations like never before!

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