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Famous Forts in Jaisalmer

Visit forts and towers in Jaisalmer, as it will be a treat to the eye. These forts and buildings with a lot of historical significance will provide you with an enriching knowledge of Jaisalmer's history. These structures once served the purpose of territorial defense. As a result, carefully studying these structures will reveal several significant historical events. Their value is further elevated because they not only provide a window into the local cultural heritage but also reveal many aspects of the cultural heritage of India as a whole.

Most of the forts in Jaisalmer are located on the hills. They are immense structures, too, as they stretch for several kilometers. One of the salient features of these forts and towers is the tall stone structure. Winding lanes partition these structures. These architectural features bear a lot of resemblance to ancient Greek cities. The buildings boast further significance as they were used for forecasting the region's weather.

Looking at the various features of the forts and towers in Jaisalmer, you will also learn a lot about the grandeur of the royal era of Rajasthan. Such a change can hardly be ignored. As a result, many tourists come to the place to get a view of these forts and towers.

List of Forts in Jaisalmer

Jaisalmer Fort

This fort, one of the most well-known attractions in Jaisalmer, draws lots of visitors all year long. This fort, sometimes referred to as Sonar Quila, is accessible through four enormous doors that lead to the citadel. The fort, made of yellow sandstone and carved into a majestic tower, has seen several conflicts between the Bhattis, Mughals, and Rathores.

Khaba Fort

The Khaba Fort, an eerie location to explore, is close to Jaisalmer's Dedha settlement. There isn't much human activity at this intriguing tower, and it has a ghostly atmosphere. The family homes that had occupied the fort's grounds more than 200 years ago are still in ruins and in disrepair. This majestic fort has a rustic aspect and is home to numerous old treasures that add to its splendor.

Pokhran Fort

The fourteenth-century Pokhran Fort, also known as Balagarh Fort, houses a temple honoring the goddess Durga. This fort, which combines Rajput and Mughal architectural styles, is currently open to visitors as a tourist destination and a heritage hotel with 19 rooms, a restaurant serving a variety of cuisines, and a swimming pool.

Mehrangarh Fort

Mehrangarh Fort, a well-known tourist destination in Jodhpur, has numerous palaces, a museum, a temple, and a terrace inside its walls. This majestic building, which features stunning wall carvings and lovely courtyards, is particularly well-known for hosting the World Sacred Spirit Festival in February and the Rajasthan International Folk Festival in October.

Junagarh Fort

Junagarh Fort, which is surrounded by the city of Bikaner, was constructed under the direction of Raja Rai Singh's prime minister, Karan Chand. This palace, a fusion of architectural styles influenced by several cultures, is home to numerous gardens, palaces, museums, and temples. Although the fort complex's palaces and temples are constructed of red sandstone and marble, the exquisite carvings on its walls are unique.

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