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Kishore Sagar Lake

Kishore Sagar Lake Rajathan is one of the lakes in Kota which was built in 1346 by the prince of Bundi named Dher Deh. As Rajasthan is a land of desert most of the waterways are artificial and man made and are major tourist draw. There are number of activities in which you can take part during your trip to Kishore Sagar Lake in Kota.

This man made lake is one of the most beautiful and scenic spot which is like an oasis in the desert land, which offers breath taking views of the palace and the surrounding areas. One of main attractions of this place is the Jagmandir Palace which is located in the middle of Kishore Sagar Lake. The lake is located in a small island and the palace is right in middle of the lake. It was originally a temple which was built in 1740 for the queen of Kota. The architectural style of Jag Mandir is worth noticing as it is a mix of Mughal and Hindu architectural style. The interiors of the palace are adorned with different wall paintings which depicts the Hindu gods and goddess.

The entire palace is made up of red sandstone which is illuminated during night and it offers a beautiful view to its visitors as it is reflected in the Kishore Sagar Lake waters. On the other hand if you have a look at the palace during day then it has a glowing effect which also offers beautiful view to the visitors. If you wish you can opt for boat rides, which will help you to have a better look at the entire palace from outside. There are paddle boats and country boats which are available for rent and you can choose any one of them, depending on your choice.

A trip to Kishore Sagar Lake Kota is sure to mesmerize you with its beauty and architectural style, which is unique. It is a mix of various types of architectural design and consists of different kinds of dome like structures, which are designed intrinsically.

Kishore Sagar Lake tour offers its visitors dual experience of visiting a place of historical interest as well as of recreational purpose.


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