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Safari in Periyar National Park

The Periyar wildlife sanctuary has a pictorial lake at its heart, resulting from the dam formed over the Periyar River in 1895. This reservoir meanders around the contours of the wooded hills, providing a permanent water source for the local wildlife.

One can go on foot in restricted areas, making bird-watching highly enjoyable. On one's trip to the core of the jungle, migratory birds will be visible at large. The trekking program at Periyar Tiger Reserve is an exciting trek around the core area.

The starting point is Gavi, situated in the middle of the evergreen forest. One trek to Meenar camp after crossing the lake by rowboat. Local guides and porters will accompany the guests. Pitch tents and camps are prepared for the night. Elephant rides and jeep safaris are readily available to explore the great wild. The ride on an elephant is more to see than the boat voyage. The forest can also be viewed from the watchtowers erected inside Periyar Jungles.

One can also make an entry to the reserve forest by boat. Indeed, that is also a pleasing experience. So visit this mysterious wildlife sanctuary.

Safari in Periyar National Park Timings

30 minutes are spent on a boat cruise. The boat cruises leave at 7:25 am, 9:15 am, 11:15 am, 1:30 pm and 4:00 pm.

Jeep safaris come in two varieties. The first excursion of a full day safari departs in the morning, and the final expedition departs at three in the evening. The night safari begins at 11:00 pm and ends at 3 am.

A 30-minute elephant excursion is scheduled. The first trip of the tour departs at 6:00 am, and the final excursion departs at 5:00 pm.

Tips for visiting Periyar National Park

  • Plan your excursion for when the weather is dry.
  • Be Willing To Remain Primitive
  • Reserve your safari and lodging in Advance
  • Choose a guided or scheduled safari tour.
  • Register for a dawn or dusk safari.

Do's of Jungle Safari

  • Before entering the park, familiarize yourself with its policies, and make sure you abide by them.
  • Always heed the directions of the safari guide; your life does indeed rely on them!
  • Keep quiet throughout the safari.
  • Drive cautiously and slowly to prevent hitting animals because they may unexpectedly appear.
  • Keep your distance from the animals at all times.
  • Follow the park's closing times.
  • While driving through the forest, let the animals cross first
  • Observe the safari timings. Arrive and depart punctually
  • Turn off the camera's flash.
  • Bring a flexible camera case to shield it from dust and debris.
  • Before you leave for the safari, empty your bowels and bladder, or wait until the bathroom stops.

If you are planning to enjoy a safari in a national park, then you must check out our Periyar tour package.