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Luxury Cruises in India

Whether you're planning a romantic escape, family getaway or going to take in the sights luxury cruises in India offer you the much deserved break across some of the most diverse locales across India.

Whereas the M.V. Mahabahu Cruise takes you on a cultural excursion through the path less travelled in North East India sailing through the cascading waters of Bramhaputra River, you may select to set sail through the palm fringed backwaters of Kerala the luxury cruise liner Vrinda by Oberoi Group.

Yet another luxury cruise by Vivada set sail to the world's largest mangroves and UNESCO World Heritage Site of Sunderban Delta, the Heritage River Ganges Cruise lets you explore the Eastern river banks and former colonies which were established by the French and the Portuguese in Bengal.

Embark on a mesmerizing luxury cruise through the largest mangrove delta, the Sunderban aboard MV Paramhansa by Vivada.

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Sail amidst the gentle lapping of water and palm fringed backwaters aboard the luxury cruise liner Oberoi MV Vrinda.

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Explore the sights, sounds and heritage of the Eastern Coast of India as you set sail over River Ganges on board M.V....

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Explore the natural and living history of Assam as you sail through the Bramhaputra on board MV Mahabaahu luxury cruise.

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