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Punjab Tourism | How to Plan a Trip to Punjab

Punjab lives life to the fullest, and seeks inspiration from its glorious history which idolizes bravery and sacrifice. From its cuisine to its festivals, Punjab provides a mélange of experiences to a visitor.

  • Golden temple Gurudwara in Punjab
Punjab At a Glance
  • Capital City:Chandigarh
  • Average Climate:12.8°C - 32°C
  • Best Time to Visit:October - March

Punjab Travel Guide

Punjab is a colorful, historical, and beautiful land of the Sikh culture of India. This delightful state is full of classical monuments, gurudwaras, temples, ashrams, tranquil lakes, museums, and wildlife shelters. There are many tourist places of Punjab that entice you as well as surprise you, and The Golden temple is one of them.The extravagant celebrations and the fascinating sounds of the bhangra pop music of Punjab energize everyone. This state rests at the convergence of five rivers in northwestern India, and land with India’s largest Sikh population, whose hospitality and energetic vibes floats throughout the state.

Punjab welcomes tourists from all over the world with endless tourist attractions and heartedness. The Golden temple is the prominent spiritual site of Sikhism, which is built around a Sarovar. It is the most popular shrine in Amritsar and one of the most famous tourist places of Punjab. The folk shows and cultural programs attract domestic and international tourists from far and wide. Simply, we can say that wherever your eyes go, you will witness that everything is more than you have ever expected in every sense.

This Punjab travel guide introduces you to the culture, cuisines, historical sites, and tourist attractions of the state. You will also get to know about other things that make this state one of the best destinations for holiday. Check out this travel guide that has all the highlights. After reading this, you can explore this state perfectly and delightfully.

Why Visit Punjab?

Get ready to explore the best of Punjab with many dimensions and each dimension fill every moment of your holiday with fun. This state is worldwide famous for the holy Golden Temple and the delicious cuisines. But, this land offers much more than that. This land of rivers is all about exciting experiences and beautiful memories that will stay in your heart forever. Whether it is the art and culture or sports or festivals it’s all fun when you are in this beautiful state. You can see the beautiful view of lush fields waving in the wind. A temple that shines golden, matching the sun in all its radiance. The forts and museums stand with a glorious past to surprise you. Just imagine yourself in a land surrounded by charming greenery, welcoming locals, religious and patriotic enthusiasm scattered in the air, and a large glass of Lassi after every meal. This is all about how Punjab greets everyone.

The Golden temple is the largest in the world and an important pilgrim spot for Sikh that is located in the Amritsar of Punjab. Architectural beauty of this temple and the immeasurably religious significance surely give you a strong reason for a visit to Punjab. Witness the natural beauty of Punjab in the mustard field, where you can feel the cool breeze. You can also admire the countryside laden with the spectacular beauty of farms and fields. Brace yourself to indulge in some Bhangra fun, and it is all about the sound of Punjabi dhol and dance with enthusiasm that will give your heart a zealous and energetic experience. Have you ever heard about the combination of Makke di roti and Sarson ka Saag? Yes, it is one of the famous dishes of Punjab that can be enjoyed with its overflowing cuisine plate. You can enjoy the night fun in cities like Chandigarh, Ludhiana, and Jalandhar that introduce the happening nightlife. Get ready for a road trip that will amaze you and while on road trip, observe a well-maintained road and get mesmerized by the both sides views of greenery. Feel an electrifying atmosphere by witnessing the giddha and bhangra performances of Punjabi folk songs.

How to reach Punjab?

The cities of Punjab, like Chandigarh, Amritsar, Bathinda, Pathankot, Patiala, and Sahnewal all host airports and have good connectivity to the rest of the country. But, only Amritsar and Chandigarh host international airports. Punjab has over 90 railway stations scattered across its districts. Train journeys allow tourists to reach more precise locations in the state and also a budget-friendly option. You can reach Punjab by roads that offer stunning vistas of long rolling plains and dense green fields waving smoothly in the breeze. The Grand Trunk Road, or NH1, connects Punjab to North as well as East India. You can either drive down yourselves or choose the government and private buses.

How to get around Punjab?

This state gives tourists a wide range of transport options, such as private buses, government buses, state-run buses, taxis, cabs, and tempos. The widely famous transport option in Punjab is a three-wheeler auto rickshaw. Exploring the cities with auto-rickshaws gives you a matchless experience that you can store in your diary of memories. Walking around the cities of this state is a good option for observing natural beauty and encountering local people that will surely show you the best hospitality.

Best time to visit Punjab

The ideal time to visit Punjab is in the winter and the spring season because the climate throughout the winter season remains cool and pleasant. In the summer season, Punjab experiences a hot and humid climate, therefore, the winter and spring season that is from October to March is the best time to visit Punjab when the weather is pleasant. One more reason to visit in Wintertime is, you can also participate in the festivities of Lohri, which is one of the most popular festivals of Punjab.

Places to visit in Punjab

This state is gifted with rich culture, heritage, and history that opens many dimensions for tourists to experience unforgettable moments of life. The endless attractions of Punjab keeps tourists engaged throughout the holiday with entertainment, surprise, and fun.

Majestic Golden temple of Amritsar is also one of the most visited sites in Punjab. But Amritsar offers more than that. You can behold the beauty of many other glorious temples and bustling bazaars. The architectural marvels like Baba Atal Tower with nine octagonal stories stacked 40 meters high is a worthwhile attraction to Amritsar and one of the tallest structures in Amritsar. Head to Chandigarh, also known as The City Beautiful is widely famous for its architecture and urban design of this city that will surprise you at every turn. While exploring this city, you can feel the next level of greenery and nature with pristine gardens, including the Rock Garden, Garden of Fragrance, and Rose Garden. Indulge yourself in the beautiful surroundings with a cool breeze at Sukhna Lake. Enjoy the family-friendly fun in Jalandhar at Pushpa Gujral Science City. If you want some more thrilling fun, visit north Pathankot, which is a gateway to the mountainous areas of Himachal Pradesh. You can weave some joyful memories with several exploration sites and picturesque sightseeing. Visit historical sites like the Jallianwala Bagh and places like Wagah that host the Wagah Border Ceremony. Take a tour to Maharaja Ranjit Singh Museums and wildlife sanctuaries like the Chhatbir Zoo, for enjoying a picnic in Punjab with friends and family.

Things to do In Punjab

Plenty of sightseeing and tourist attractions of Punjab enchant you with so many dimensions like Spirituality, culture, history, and heritage. You can enjoy endless things to do during holiday in Punjab. Enjoy a glass of lassi, the traditional drink of this state, and give your taste buds a treat of delicious cuisine. Explore several museums, forts, and palaces of this state and indulge in exciting activities throughout your holiday. Watching a Bhangra dance gives you wow factors and excites you. The folk culture in the countryside is a must thing to explore in this state.

Check out some best things to do in Punjab that you would like to indulge in, let’s have a look.

  • Visit Golden temple
  • Spend time at Garden of Silence
  • Know the History of Sikhism at Virasat-e-Khalsa
  • Photography at RDB Fort
  • Interact with local peoples

Fairs and Festivals of Punjab

Punjab is widely famous for its enthusiastic spirit and grand lifestyle. This state is blessed with the best of natural wonders, including fertile land, five rivers, mountains, and enough greenery that make it one of the best places to celebrate festivals in India.Punjab represents opulence, and prosperity in its best wayin the form of celebration. Festivals of Punjab are great to experience with the vibrancy of their culture. There is a list of fairs and festivals that you should check before planning your visit to Punjab.

  • Lohri – The winter harvest festival
  • Baisakhi – Harvest festival of Punjab
  • Basant Panchmi – The onset of Spring
  • Teeyan –The Arrival of Monsoon
  • Chappar Mela – Cultural Fair
  • Hola Mohalla – Get Spiritual Vibes
  • Karwa Chauth – Celebrate the Marital Bond
  • Jor Mela – Religious Gathering
  • Tikka – Celebrating Sibling-hood
  • Gurupurab – Multicolored Sikh Festival

Accommodation in Punjab

This state is full of ample accommodation options during your vacation in Punjab. It has the finest luxury hotels that offer high-level hospitality.You will also find a variety of budget hotels and resorts in every city that offer excellent services and comfort. If you want to experience some unique way of staying, you can choose some heritage hotels which once served as a palace but have long since been converted as hotels. Staying in heritage hotels allows you to experience the accommodation befitting a Maharaja. Check out the best options for accommodations in Punjab.

  • Hotel Heaven View
  • Hotel Kabir Residency
  • Ranjit Svaasa
  • The Heritage Villa
  • Homestays Ludhiana
  • Regenta Central
  • Golden Tulip

Where to Eat in Punjab?

You can find a variety of delectable and exotic vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes in the cities of this state. Some lip-smacking famous food items that you can have are Amritsari Kulcha, Sarso ka Saag and Makki di Roti, ​Lassi, and ​Chhole-Bhature. Check out some of the great restaurants and Dhabas that take care of your hunger with tasteful flavor along with a variety of food items.

  • Crystal Restaurant
  • Food Library
  • Bharawan da Dhaba
  • Kesar Da Dhaba
  • Kanha Sweets
  • Sagar Ratna
  • Mehfil-E-Sham
  • Pal Restaurant

Shopping in Punjab

Punjab holds pride for being the largest exporter and manufacturer of Hosiery goods, handloom, and handicrafts. Shopping in Punjab is one of the best things to do in Punjab, that you should not miss. Famous shopping items in Punjab are Punjabi suits, Kada/Bracelet, Woolen Clothes, Silver and Gold Jewelry, Leather Products, Dry Fruits Jaggery, and woolen textiles, and many more.

Let's check out some places for a great experience of shopping in Punjab.

  • Pavilion Mall
  • Katra Jaimal Singh Market
  • WestEnd Mall
  • Dhobi Bazaar
  • India House
  • Sleek Value Station
  • Wave Mall

Some Useful Tips for a Trip to Punjab

  • Do not give eatables to the fishes in the Sarovar (tank) of the Golden Temple.
  • Enjoy the traditional Punjabi food.
  • Experiencing cruising by boat in Sukhna Lake.
  • Have Guru ka langar (community meals) which is free at the Golden temple and take it as a prasadam.
  • Carry enough woollen clothes while visiting Chandigarh from the Mid November to mid February.


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