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Monuments and Museums in Gwalior

An ancient city in the state of Madhya Pradesh in India, Gwalior lies about 122 km to the south of Agra. A historic city renowned for its old and colossal forts and palaces, Gwalior is home to several tourist attractions that are worth visiting while on tour to Gwalior in Madhya Pradesh. The Monuments and Museums in Gwalior rank prime among the manifold tourist attractions of the city.

Gwalior occupies a significant position in India’s medieval history and freedom struggle. The city is also famous as home to several of the distinguished colleges and schools in the country. Rich in cultural heritage and architectural marvels, Gwalior came under the rule of several dynasties of the heroic Rajput clans of the Pratiharas, Kacchwahas and Tomars. This city has retained its rich cultural tradition, which is wonderfully reflected in its palaces, monuments and museums.

The Monuments and Museums in Gwalior draw numerous tourists to Gwalior from all corners of the globe. Gwalior Monuments and Museums are not just stone and brick structures, but they are the living examples through which we can go back in time and explore the history of India.

The Monuments in and Museums in Gwalior India are exemplary embodiments of the glorious architectural heritage of the ancient past. Ruins of these monuments have continued to fascinate art lovers and historians for centuries. Admired worldwide for their architectural splendor, the Monuments and Museums in Gwalior owe their execution to the imagination of great rulers of the past who dared to extend their ideas to the farthest limits of human thought. Each of these monuments narrates a distinctive story from the pages of its history book. The museums in Gwalior house a rich and varied collection of ancient sculptures, artifacts and edifices.

Gwalior Fort, built on a steep mass of sandstone, is the most exemplary among the Monuments and Museums in Gwalior. Another famous monument within the Fort walls is the 15th century Gujari Mahal – built as a token of love of Raja Mansingh Tomar for his Gujar queen, Mrignayani.

Mansingh Palace, built between 1486 and 1517, by Raja Mansingh another marvelous architectural splendor. Also prominent among the Monuments and Museums in Gwalior is the Jai Vilas Palace – present residence of Scindia family. Built to showcase a fine blend of Tuscan and Corinthian architectural styles, this palace is one of the major attractions of the city.


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