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Himalayan Motor Sport

Do you love driving? If yes, have you ever tried driving on mountainous terrain? If your answer is yes again, then you must try driving on the Himalayan terrain. Its rugged and inhospitable environment is ideal for testing your vehicle and driving prowess. The Himalayan Motor Sport in Himachal Pradesh is the best way to feel this excitement. Various competitions such as Raid de Himalaya held on this circuit have enhanced its popularity since the past few years. To know more, read on!

Himalayan Motor Sport Experience

The Himalayan Motor Sport is a challenging adventure sport and is only for those who are experienced in driving on difficult terrain. Driving a two or four wheeler across the mountain ranges of the Himalayas is definitely not easy. The challenges that you will face include landslides, avalanches, flood, hailstorms and snowfall. But if you do take this challenge you will be driving amidst picturesque valleys and foothills overlooking breathtaking snow capped peaks. 

Sites and Route of the Himalayan Motor Sport

The motor route across the Himalayas changes every season depending on natural calamities. If a road gets blocked due to landslide or flood, you can always take another route. For this, you must keep listening to the radio for updates and make preparations in advance. It is better to have an experienced navigator with you.

A route for this motor sport begins from Shimla and ends at Manali. Sites you will be driving through are Sarahan, Baspa (Sangla) Valley, Kalpa, Nako, Sumdo, Tabo, Dhankar, Lalung, Gungri, Ki, Kibber, Kunzum Pass and Rohtang Pass. The Himalayan roads are situated at an exhilarating altitude. The highest road is at Kunzum Pass at 4,551 meters above the sea level. You will pass alpine forests, snow covered roads and gushing rivers. Do not drive when it is dark as many places in the mountains have no electricity. There are a number of hotels in towns and villages en-route. You can stop there for the night.

Best time for Himalayan Motor Sport

During the winter season the roads are covered with snow and hailstorms are prevalent. The best months are from June to October when the region experiences scanty rain and pleasant weather. In some high altitude areas, though, you might experience snow, so it is better to be prepared for temperatures below freezing point. 

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