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Desert Culture Centre and Museum

Museums in Jaisalmer are plenty in numbers. These museums provide a window into the rich history of the place. The museums are thronged by a large number of tourists. A visit to these museums will provide you some valuable knowledge about the past glory of Rajasthan. The Desert Culture Centre and Museum is one of the most visited museums in Jaisalmer. It is a storehouse of the glorious past of Rajasthan and displays a wide variety of items.

History of the Museum

The Desert Culture Centre and Museum in Jaisalmer was established by Dr. Nand Kishore Sharma. His initiative proved to be helpful for tourists of all kinds. The museum displays a wide variety of items that portrays the glorious past of the region.

Attractions of the Desert Culture Centre and Museum

The variety of items displayed by the museum includes artifacts, old utensils, old coins and textiles. It also displays a wide variety of objects that were part of the daily lives of local people during the medieval era. These items not only have historical significance but also provide a detailed knowledge about the rich culture of the place.

The famous museum also displays a wide range of conventional Rajasthani art. The exhibits also include old kitchen tools. On visiting the Desert Culture Centre and Museum, you will also be able to get a view of the wide variety of ancient and medieval fossils.

The visit to the museum will truly be an enriching experience. Large number of tourists coming to Jaisalmer visits these museums. In fact, the popularity of the museum has skyrocketed so much that Jaisalmer tours are often considered incomplete without a visit to the Desert Culture Centre and Museum.

There are a number of tour operators which offer packaged tour to this museum. Book your tour as soon as possible. However, it is suggested to avail the tours from a tour operator which has a certain level of experience and expertise in this sector. This will ensure that you have a well-panned and comfortable tour.

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