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Ayurveda in Thiruvananthapuram

Ayurveda is a holistic system of healing which evolved in India about 3000-5000 years ago. The south Indian state of Kerala ranks as one of the world's most renowned destinations for authentic Ayurvedic treatments. Thiruvananthapuram - the capital of Kerala, is one of the prime Ayurveda destinations in the state. The immense popularity of Ayurveda in Thiruvananthapuram can be attributed to the equable climate, an abundance of forests - which are storehouses of rich herbs and natural oils - and the cool monsoons (June - November) which are ideally suited for this ancient system of medicine.

Thiruvananthapuram, with its salubrious climate and wonderful scenic beauty, has always been a sought-after abode for saints, hermits and religious minded people. The heady mix of hills, plains, rivers winding down to the ocean and lush green forests make Thiruvananthapuram (Trivandrum) the perfect place for Ayurveda to flourish

The hills and the fertile soils of Thiruvannathapuram help in the growth of rare herbs, which are used in manufacture of medicines. Over the years, Ayurveda in Thiruvananthapuram has developed much, resulting in people from all over the world thronging the Ayurveda clinics for treatments to a various kinds of ailments.

Some of the well known Ayurveda clinics in Thiruvananthapuram include Ayushya Ayurvedic centre, located in the heart of city. You can get almost all Ayurvedic products over here and even doctor's service is available. Some other centers like Avittom Ayurvedic Research Centre in Pettah, Vasudeva Vilasam at East Port, Devaki Ayurvedic Centre at Vazhuthacaud and Rugma Ayurvedic Clinic in Chitra Nagar are also quite well known.

You can visit the Agastya Ayurveda Garden in Trivandrum - a wonderful holiday retreat that rejuvenates your body and soul with various Ayurveda therapies and massages.