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Shaheed Minar Kolkata

One of the oldest and tallest monuments in Kolkata is the Shaheed Minar. Also, popular as Orchterlony monument, the Shaheed Minar allures travelers and history buffs from all parts of the globe.

Constructed in 1828, the Shaheed Minar in Kolkata reminds us of great works and achievements of Major General Sir David Orchterlony, the commander of British East India Company. Later, in 1969 the monument was honored with a new name as Martyr’s Tower; in order to praise and pay a tribute to the brave fighters of India who sacrificed their life for freedom.

Representing the symbol of peace and bravery, the Orchterlony monument is 157 ft. tall and also there are two balconies on the top; from where you can adore the beautiful city Kolkata. The monument is a great blend of Egyptian, Syrian and Turkish styles of constructions.

Moreover, to the south of the Minar there is a big field Shaheed Minar Maidan, which often holds political rallies and morchas. This trend of political meetings was set by Rabindranath Tagore. 

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