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Vimala Vashi Temple Mount Abu

Rajasthan enjoys an elite position as one of the most sought after tourist destinations in the world. The variety of attraction in various parts of the state makes it a dream destination for tourists. Though Rajasthan is most famous for the desert but it offers much more than that. Hence, tourists coming to Rajasthan often get an overdose of tourist attractions.

Mount Abu in Rajasthan adds a unique flavor to Rajasthan tours. Mount Abu in Rajasthan is also a great attraction for tourists. It possesses a number of tourist attractions. The temples in Mount Abu also have a lot of appeal to the tourists. The Vimala Vashi Temple in particular is one of the most popular temples in Rajasthan. Constructed by Vimal Shah, an admirer of Raj Bhimdeo, this temple is a must visit in Mount Abu.

The Vimala Vashi temple is dedicated to Adinath. It has a great religious importance and attracts a large number of devotees. Located in an open courtyard and surrounded by a number of enormous smaller cells, the Vimala Vashi temple is one of the most beautiful temples in Mount Abu. The splendid architecture of the temple is also a major raw for tourists. In fact, it is the beauty of the architecture which mainly attracts a large number of tourists.

There are a number of features in the temple which will surely mesmerize you. The metallic idol of Adinath will surely draw your attention. The metallic idol is composed of brass and gold. On visiting the temple, you will also get to see a number of images. The intricate floral paintings enhance the beauty of the temple further.

The ceiling of the temple also has a number of beautifully carved designs. The designs mostly comprises of lotus buds, geometrical designs and petals of flowers. The temple entirely constructed of marble will be a treat to the eye.

Hence if you are on a tour to Mount Abu then make sure you visit this temple or else you will be on the loosing side. Mount Abu though has a large number of tourist attractions but a visit to the Vimala Vashi temple is the main attraction for tourists.


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