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Tourist Attractions in Patna

The present capital of the state of Bihar and the erstwhile capital of the mighty Mauryan Empire, the historical city of Patna is located at the meeting point of the Rivers Ganga and Sone. There are many Tourist Attractions in Patna and visitors are sure to enjoy any sight seeing tour of the city that covers these various Tourist Attractions in Patna.

Some of the significant Tourist Attractions in Patna that are well worth a visit on your Tour to Patna are:

Gol Ghar :- This bee hive shaped granary was built in the year 1770 after the outbreak of a terrible famine. It is one of the oldest British structures in the city and once you reach its top after climbing a series of steps, you will get a good view of the River Ganges and the city.

Harmandirji :- Built by Maharaja Ranjit Singh, this dome shaped structure houses many Sikh scriptures and personal belongings of Guru Gobind Singh.

Kumhrar :- An archaeologist's delight, this spot is marked by a huge 80 pillared hall. It is actually the ruins of Ashokan Pataliputra which in its heyday was comparable to Venice of the East.

Jalan Museum :- The personal collection of Diwan Bahadur Radhakrishnan Jalan is housed in this museum. The jade collection, the beautiful Chinese paintings and the exquisite filigree work of the Mughal period form a part of its excellent repertoire.

Agam Kuan :- Believed to date back to the Ashokan period, this deep well draws a large number of visitors.

Patna Museum :- Locally known as the Jadu Ghar, this museum houses an amazing collection of bronze sculptures and terracotta figures. Its most precious object is the Didarganj Yakshi.

The Hanuman Mandir, the Phulwari Shareef, the Patna Planetarium, the Pathar ki Masjid, the Padri Ki Haveli are some of the other Tourist Attractions in Patna that deserve to be a part of your itinerary.


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