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Lakes in Pushkar

There are a number of lakes and gardens in Pushkar. Most of them possess enough beauty to attract tourists. One such lake is the Pushkar Lake. This lake attracts a large number of tourists as it not only boasts a breathtaking beauty but also has a lot of spiritual significance. In fact, it is believed that a dip in the holy river during the full moon night of the Kartik day will get a respite from all your pains. The sacred lake is believed to have a sacred status. According to Indian mythology, the lake earned such a status after the Brahma's flower fell over here.

The bathing ghats of Pushkar are also a major attraction for tourists. They have a unique appeal. These ghats also have a lot of spiritual significance. There are as many as 52 bathing ghats in Pushkar. Each of the ghats has its own value. For instance the Roop Tirth provides beauty, Naga Kund provides fertility, Mrikand Muni Kund endows wisdom to a person, Kapil Vyapi Kund cures leprosy etc. Hence, these ghats in Pushkar are a must visit for tourists. Even tourists who don't believe in these get a great experience by visiting these ghats. They can experience the extent of belief people have in the significance of these ghats.

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