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Wild Ass Sanctuary

Location: Gujarat

Main Wildlife Attractions: chinkara, desert fox, jackal, desert cat, caracal, nilgai, wolf, blackbuck, striped hyena

Coverage Area: 4953 sq.kms

Established: 1973

Best Time to Visit:November to March

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Intermittent grassy land, otherwise known as baits, forms the main vegetation here. These are islands where coarse grasses bounce up during the Monsoons. In the drier months the wild asses move to areas which are perennially supplied with water.

The Ass at Wild Ass Sanctuary:

Being marathon runners, with an average speed of 24 kilometers per hour, the Wild asses of the Sanctuary gain a torrential speed of 70 kilometers per hour during emergency. The mating season witnesses a healthy fight between stallions for possession of a mare; an erotic scene characterized by kicking with hind legs and subsequent biting, lures visitors. A foal born between July and September is smaller in size, but attains the capacity of running from birth.

Other animals found at Wild Ass Sanctuary in Gujarat:

Apart from Wild Ass, you can also find, during a refreshing safari into the Wild Ass Sanctuary at Zainabad in Gujarat, a wide variety of the Chinkara, Hedgehog, Ghudkhur (Equs hemionus khur), and Blue-Bull. It is vital to mention here that an ample species of carnivores found here are tempting for a nature lover; Wolf, Jackal, Fox, Jungle and Desert Cats, are few of the pretty wild creatures in their innate world.

Wild Ass Sanctuary at Zainabad in Gujarat also houses a wide array of rare and exquisite birds like the Houbara Bustard and Falcons. Reptiles find an idyllic spot for sporting and carefree housing here. The reptiles consist of snakes, tortoises and lizards. Watch Towers present an ornithologist the opportunity to witness the magnetic range of wild animals, birds and reptiles in their cozy home.