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Bhalukpong Tourism | How to Plan a Trip to Bhalukpong

  • Bhalukpong Town in Arunachal Pradesh
Bhalukpong At a Glance
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Bhalukpong Travel Guide

This beautiful town in Arunachal Pradesh is full of scenic charm that attracts every kind of traveler. Being situated on the border of the dense forest of Pakhui Wildlife Sanctuary and Kameng River, Bhalukpong is a delightful land for adventure seekers. The geographical aspect of this town offers hiking, camping, river rafting, trekking, and fishing.

This small town offers unparalleled beauty for nature lovers and adventure seekers. You will find various tribes in this small town that celebrate different cultures and religions. A visit to Bhalukpong will allow you to learn about the local lifestyle, which is a unique experience. Apart from enjoying the natural beauty, you can delve into the thrill and learn about the culture of this town during the Bhalukpong tour. Pakhui Wildlife Sanctuary, Orchid Research Center, and beautiful monasteries are some of the attractions of Bhalukpong.

It is fully packed with a tranquil ambiance and natural beauty. But add a touch of thrilling activities to make it a gem of North East India. So whether you are looking for spiritual ecstasy, a peaceful environment, or fun, Bhalukpong is just the answer for everything. So plan your next vacation in this small town and make it remarkable with our meticulously crafted Bhulakupong tour packages. You can contact us for more information and book a tour with us. Here is a detailed Bhalukpong travel guide that will help you get comprehensive information about the town.

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Why visit Bhalukpong

When you step into Bhalukpong, you will notice that beauty is scattered everywhere in different shades. It is situated 213 m above sea level and is a treasure trove of natural bounties. Wherever your eyes see, they will connect with beauty. A vacation in Bhalukpong offers a soul-soothing retreat and exciting outdoor activities. The reasons are unlimited to fall in love with Bhalukpong as it will never disappoint you.

You explore the natural beauty of Bhalukpong, which will leave you with awe-inspiring moments. Exquisite silver ornaments and natural haversacks adorned with Jana flower motifs are some must-buy things and great souvenir items. Apart from indulging in fun activities, and sightseeing, you can get a captivating experience here. The vast range of Buddhist Monasteries in the town gives a spiritual aura and soothes your soul and mind.

One of the best things to do in Bhalukpong is to experience nature with closeness. The dense forest of Pakhui Wildlife Sanctuary offers you a great chance to connect with nature. This wildlife sanctuary is home to many wild animals. Being surrounded by the scent of flowers and feeling the wilderness at every turn is something that will enchant everyone.

How to reach Bhalukpong

You can reach Bhalukpong by air, by road, and by train. You can choose the way according to your preferences. If you want to reach Bhalukpong by air, then Tezpur Airport is the nearest to the town. It is located at a distance of 52 km, and once you arrive there, you can take a taxi or cab to get to Bhalukpong.

Apart from it, Lokpriya Gopinath Bordoloi International Airport is an ideal option to reach Bhalukpong by air. This international airport is located around 226 km from the town. From there, you can get a cab, taxi, or bus to reach your desired destinations in Bhalukpong. The road journey has its beauty in itself as it allows you to witness some beauty that presents around the road.

You can take the bus from Guwahati and Tezpur or self-driving via Tawang rd or NH 15 to reach Bhalukpong by road. The closest railway station is Rangapara Railway Station, which has good connectivity with major cities of the country.

How to get around in Bhalukpong

Bhalukpong is a picturesque small town that you can explore on foot. Getting around in Bhalukpong by foot is the recommended way. You can also hire a taxi to explore every contrast of this small town. You will find the taxi stand, where you can take the one for a comfortable ride. Bhalukpong is known for its culture and traditions, and covering the regions by strolling allows you to learn about them properly.

Best time to visit Bhalukpong

You can plan your trip to Bhalukpong throughout the year. But, the best time to visit Bhalukpong is between October and May. During this period, the climate of town is pleasurable and apt for sightseeing.

If you plan to relish the Bhalukpong tour by having a walk, then the climate becomes a considerable point for your vacation. During wintertime, you can enjoy outdoor activities with cool weather and breezy air. The plus point of having such weather conditions is that you will get more time to enjoy outdoor activities.

Places to Visit in Bhalukpong

The dimensions of natural beauty offer numerous tourist places to visit in Bhalukpong. From experiencing the tranquility of nature to challenging your thrill-seeking soul. This small town is overloaded with the attraction that will give you moments of a lifetime. A tour of Bhalukpong will be eventful as every beautiful element of this town is mesmerizing. The spiritual vibes, nature marvel, scenic beauty, and adventurous challenges are all you will get with a single tour to Bhalukpong. The location of this town is one of the prime factors that you will get numerous attractions in Bhalukpong.

Pakhui Wildlife Sanctuary

Being surrounded by a river from the three sides and nestles amidst the Himalayas ranges, this sanctuary is a jewel of the town. It is expanded over 862 sq km with a scenic environment that makes it one of the best places to visit in Bhalukpong. You will find this wildlife sanctuary incredibly interesting once you set your feet here. This sanctuary is home to several wild animals like a tiger, Himalayan Black bear, elephant, barking deer, flying squirrel. You can enjoy bird watching here as some rare species of birds also flock. You can spot jungle fowl, serpent eagle, and wood duck.


Being located in the Bhalukpong's north with magnificent landscapes, gorgeous orchids, and beautiful monasteries, Bomdila is one of the must-visit places in Bhalukpong. This destination offers a richness of nature and the essence of culture. If you tour Bhalukpong, then visiting Bomdia, which is located just 36 km far from it, adds a layer of bliss to your travel experience. You will get many opportunities to connect yourself with divine vines and natural beauty at the same time.

Bhalukpong Fort

Get a sneak-peek into the glorious past by visiting Bhalukpong Fort, one of the famous tourist destinations of Bhalukpong. The majestic fort was built around the 10th century and is now in ruins. It is located on the bank of the Bharali River and offers a great view. A visit to Bhalukpong Fort will lead you to a different zone. You will see a blend of ancient beauty and culture here.

Things to do in Bhalukpong

You can feel the beauty of Bhalukpong in many forms with countless dimensions. On your Bhalukpong trip, you will get many things to do that please you throughout the holiday. The attractions of this town offer different kinds of activities to enjoy, and the scenic beauty is everywhere. No matter where you step your feet in on your Bhalukpong holiday, this town will never disappoint you in any sense. Here is the list of some activities that you can enjoy on your holiday.

  • Trekking
  • Birdwatching
  • River Rafting
  • Camping
  • Nature walk
  • Getting a blessing from monasteries Observe the wildlife

Accommodation in Bhalukpong

The staying facilities in Bhalukpong come with many options to stay. From luxurious hotels to budget-friendly hotels, Bhalukpong is flourishing with good staying facilities. There is no need to worry about staying facilities as the hotels are suitable and give relief to your pocket. Booking in advance is a plus point and gives you a hassle-free traveling experience. Hotel Mandal Ghang, Hospitality Inn Bhalukpong, and Stay Inn Bhalukpong are some of the options that you can choose to stay at.

Where to eat in Bhalukpong

This small town of Arunachal offers popular cuisines to provide a feast to your tummy. You will get delicious food in Bhalukpong as it presents Indian, Chinese, Tibetan, and Continental Cuisine. Along with filling your heart, you will get a chance to fill your stomach with lip-smacking foods. If we talk about the local cuisine of the state, it is primarily Tibetan. Momos, Thukpa, Zan, Gyapa Khazi, and Khura are some of the popular food items in this town. Check out the list of options to eat in Bhalukpong.

  • Blue Ocean Restaurant
  • Pawan Hotel
  • Chotten Hotel
  • Elegant Restaurant
  • Padma Restaurant
  • Ama Restaurants
  • Flying dragon cafeteria

Shopping in Bhalukpong

Enjoying shopping on your vacation fills your heart with a joyful experience. Shopping in Bhalukpong is not limited to a pleasant experience, it is much more than that. Shopping in this small town offers a unique experience. The local market offers must-buy items such as silver ornaments, haversacks that are adorned with Jana flowers.

Decorative items are something that you should not miss. Get the profound experience of shopping by strolling the markets and fill your bag with souvenir items. Shopping on Bhalukpong vacation gives you insight into the culture and tradition. No wonder! Why shopping glorifies the travel experience.

Essential Bhalukpong Travel Tips

  • It comes with no surprise that Bhalukpong offers enjoyment in so many ways. But keeping some tips in your mind before visiting there would double your pleasure and give you a trouble-free experience.
  • Here are some travel tips for Bhalukpong
  • The one thing that you need to keep in your mind is planning your visit according to the best time to visit.
  • Don't forget to enjoy the local cuisines.
  • You must explore the town on foot as much as possible.
  • Wear some comfortable clothes while enjoying the sightseeing
  • Meet with local people to know about their lifestyle and culture
  • Sitting in a peaceful environment is one of the best ways to feel the beauty
  • Enjoy the wildlife sanctuary without polluting it.

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