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Ziro Tourism | How to Plan a Trip to Ziro

The UNESCO World Heritage Site of Ziro is a blessed natural beauty offering intriguing adventures and wonderful holidays.

  • Ziro town in  Arunachal Pradesh
Ziro At a Glance
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  • Best Time to Visit:February to October
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Ziro Travel Guide

Tucked away in the forbidding mountainscape of Arunachal Pradesh, Ziro Valley is a fascinating holiday destination in northeast India. The valley attracts travelers with its hypnotic natural charm dotted with sprawling rice fields, charming villages, and rolling green hills veiled in lush vegetation. A visit to the town is refreshing, as it is dotted with several tourist attractions. Ziro has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The tribal heritage is the prime attraction of Ziro. When visiting Ziro, one should witness the cultural and folk rituals of the local tribe.

Take a trip to Ziro with Indian Holiday and enjoy a hassle-free vacation. Before you begin your journey, check out this Ziro Travel Guide to gain insights into the town and plan an unforgettable trip.

Places to visit in Ziro Valley

No matter which places you visit in Ziro, you are bound to be enthralled by its untouched beauty. Whether you want to explore local festivals or interact with the locals, you can find many activities to enjoy. Here are some of the best places to visit in Ziro Valley that you shouldn’t miss:

  • Kile Pakho: From here, you can see the snow-capped Himalayas as well as Arunachal Pradesh's Ziro plateau. For nature lovers, a visit to Kile Pakho in Ziro Valley is a must.
  • Tarin Fish Farm: This farm breeds high-altitude fish species, including the Bura fish, and is a major research and development facility for aquaculture.
  • Talley Valley Wildlife Sanctuary: Those who love wildlife should visit this sanctuary. The Sanctuary is home to a variety of fauna and flora, including the rare Mishmi Takin, Clouded Leopard, Red Panda, Himalayan Black Bear, and various pheasants.
  • Pine Grove: If you're looking for a great picnic spot, head to Pine Grove. Picnickers will enjoy the serenity of this pine grove.

Apart from these places, there are many more that you can visit in Ziro Valley, such as the Tipi Orchid Research Centre, Dolo Mando, Meghna Cave Temple and Ziro Puto.

Things to do in Ziro Valley

There are a number of activities offered by Ziro that cater to different interests, from adventure to cultural experiences. While visiting Ziro Valley in Arunachal Pradesh, you can enjoy its picturesque landscapes, vibrant culture, and rich biodiversity.  Every angle is perfect, and every view is spectacular; no wonder the best cameras fail to do justice to the hues of Ziro. Here are some things you can do while visiting Ziro Valley.

Trekking in the Hills: Trek through the mountains surrounding Ziro on thrilling trails. Its picturesque landscapes, dense forests, and gentle slopes will appeal to both novice and experienced hikers.

  • Cycling Tours: Explore Ziro's scenic beauty by cycling. Take a ride through lush green fields, quaint villages, and winding roads and enjoy the fresh air and tranquil environment.
  • River Rafting: Experience the thrill of river rafting on the Subansiri River, which flows near Ziro Valley. Take in the breathtaking scenery while navigating rapids and cascading waters.
  • Wildlife Safari: Enjoy a wildlife safari at Talley Valley Wildlife Sanctuary to view rare species such as clouded leopards, Himalayan black bears, and many birds. 
  • Night Camping: Ziro Valley's night camping under the stars is an experience you shouldn't miss.
  • Explore the Apatani Tribal Village: Experience the culture and traditions of the Apatani tribe, known for their sustainable agricultural practices and intricate facial tattoos. 
  • Attend the Ziro Music Festival: Take part in the Ziro music festival if you want to experience something different during your trip. Artists from around the world participate in this music festival.

These are the famous things that you can enjoy in Ziro valley, Arunachal Pradesh. Aside from these activities, you can also visit Tarin Fish Farm, Pay homage at Kile Pakho, and Visit Tarin Fish Farm.

Best time to visit Ziro Valley

In summer, between April and June, Ziro becomes quite warm. It's a great time to visit, since the average temperature ranges between 6 and 20°C. The monsoon period is also pleasant, with an average temperature between 2 and 19°C. Winter between October and March is ideal for those who enjoy cold weather and snowfall. If you would like to experience snow fall in Ziro valley, visit between December and January. During this time the temperature dips to -13 °C. Read more about the best time to visit Ziro.

How to Get to Ziro Valley?

The town of Ziro is easily accessible by a variety of modes of transportation, ensuring a pleasant trip.

  • By Air: The nearest airport from Ziro is in Ziro Valley, Assam, which is 98 km away. Another airport is at Lilabari, which is at a distance of 123 km from Ziro.
  • By Rail: The railway stations from Ziro are at Naharlagun (100 km) and North Lakhimpur (117 km). A regular intercity train from Guwahati and one train from New Delhi ply to Naharlagun once a week.
  • By Road: Ziro is very well connected by road with nearby cities such as Guwahati, Tezpur, Jorhat & Itanagar. There is a night bus from Guwahati to Ziro. The bus, operated by the Arunachal Pradesh State Road Transport Corporation, runs four days a week. Read more about how to reach Ziro Valley.

How to get around in Ziro Valley?

It is relatively easy to get around Ziro Valley. You can hire taxis or private cars to explore the area comfortably. Auto-rickshaws and shared jeeps are available for shorter distances within the valley. Renting a bicycle or a motorcycle is another popular option, allowing you to enjoy the scenic beauty at your own pace. Walking is also feasible for exploring nearby attractions and experiencing the local culture up close.

Accommodations in Ziro Valley

When visiting Ziro Valley, there are several accommodation options to consider. You can stay in charming homestays, which provide an authentic cultural experience with local families. Alternatively, comfortable guesthouses and eco-resorts offer modern amenities amidst scenic surroundings. Camping enthusiasts can also find campsites that allow them to immerse themselves in nature.

Whichever option you select, Ziro Valley's serene beauty, rich tribal heritage, and pleasant weather will make your stay truly memorable.

Where to eat in Ziro Valley?

In Ziro Valley, you can indulge in a variety of culinary delights. Local eateries serve traditional Apatani cuisine, offering mouthwatering dishes like bamboo shoot curry, smoked pork, and rice beer. Cozy cafes and bakeries can also serve freshly brewed coffee, homemade pastries, and snacks.

Take advantage of the opportunity to savor local delicacies at the weekly Ziro market, where you can sample a wide range of street food. Whether you prefer authentic tribal flavors or international fare, Ziro Valley has something to satisfy every palate.

Travel Tips for Ziro Tour

Enhance your travel experience and ensure a smooth journey to Ziro with these essential travel tips:

  • Weather: Check the weather forecast before your trip and pack accordingly.
  • Permits: For entry into Ziro, an Inner Line Permit (ILP) is required. For all Indians coming from other states, it is mandatory.
  • Respect Local Customs: Be respectful of the local customs and traditions of the Apatani people.
  • Mosquito Repellent: You should carry mosquito repellent when you visit areas that are lush and humid.
  • Homestay: Immerse yourself in the local culture by staying at a homestay in Ziro Valley.
  • Visit Ziro Market: Taste local street food and handicrafts at the weekly Ziro market.
  • Altitude Acclimatization: Ziro Valley's elevation of 1780 meters above sea level may cause altitude sickness to some visitors. After arriving, allow yourself time to acclimatize gradually.

Follow these travel tips before visiting Ziro Valley for the best travel experience.

Why Choose an Indian Holiday for the Ziro Valley

Experience the joy of Ziro Valley with Indian Holiday's tailor-made tour packages. Our Ziro travel packages are customized to meet your specific preferences and ensure a hassle-free experience. With inclusive services like accommodations, sightseeing, meals, and transfers, you can comfortably explore Ziro Valley. So don't waste time contact our travel experts to plan your trip.


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Frequently Asked Questions about Ziro Tourism

Q: Why is Ziro valley famous for Tourism?

Ans. Ziro in Arunachal Pradesh is known for its rich wildlife, picturesque landscapes, pleasant weather, tribal culture, trek, and temples.

Q: Where is Ziro Valley situated?

Ans. Ziro Valley Arunachal Pradesh lies in the Lower Subansiri district. It is one of the oldest towns of Arunachal Pradesh.

Q: How far is Guwahati to Ziro ?

Ans. Guwahati to Ziro distance is around 448 km and takes about 12 hours to reach by road.

Q: What is the height of Ziro?

Ans. Ziro is located at a height of 1688 m to 2438 m.

Q: Why is the Ziro Music festival celebrated?

Ans. A one of its kind festival, Ziro Music Festival is an outdoor festival that brings independent music artists together and showcases their music talent. It is a four day festival and is hosted by members of the Apatani people in Ziro.