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Ziro Tourism | How to Plan a Trip to Ziro

The UNESCO World Heritage Site of Ziro is a blessed natural beauty offering intriguing adventures and wonderful holidays.

  • Ziro town in  Arunachal Pradesh
Ziro At a Glance
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  • Best Time to Visit:February to October
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Ziro Travel Guide

Ziro is a quaint and oldest town in Arunachal Pradesh and one of the most popular cities in Arunachal Pradesh. The town is bestowed with lush greenery, thick forests, cool breeze, and rolling hills that invite families, honeymooners, and even solo travelers. Ziro Valley Tourism is home to the people of the Apatani tribe, who are recognized by their facial tattoos and women who wear nose plugs.

A visit to the town is truly refreshing as it is dotted with several tourist attractions such as Talley valley, Ziro Putu Shiva Linga at Kardo, Tapyo Salt, Fish Farms, etc. The charm of Ziro has made it earn the tag of a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The tribal heritage is the prime attraction of Ziro. The resident tribe has its occasions, culture, and folk rituals worth witnessing during the Ziro trip. These people are also known for their unique farming style. Ziro Valley is blessed with a wide variety of flora and fauna. Wildlife is another tourist attraction and a visit to Namdapha National Park is a must. If you are a trekking enthusiast and a nature lover, this is the perfect destination. 

Go through the Ziro Tourism Guide to know more about this place.

Wildlife Tourism in Ziro

Talley Valley Wildlife Sanctuary is the major wildlife reserve in Arunachal Pradesh. It is a huge attraction and a must-visit place for wildlife enthusiasts on their Ziro trip. It is situated at an elevation passed by the rivers like Karing, Subansiri, Pange, and Sipu. You can visit Talley Valley Wildlife Sanctuary to spot wild animals like clouded leopards and connect with nature.

The wildlife sanctuary in Ziro has subtropical and alpine forests including bamboo, orchids, rhododendron, ferns, silver fir trees, and more. Pleioblastus Simone is a unique bamboo that can only be found in Talley Valley. Ziro is a traveler’s delight as it also has the Tarin Fish Farm. You can see a variety of fish breeding in the water.

Pilgrimage Tourism in Ziro

Ziro is home to two prominent temples - Meghna Cave Temple and Siddheshwarnath Temple. If you are spiritually inclined, these are the best religious sites in Ziro. Meghna Cave Temple, dedicated to Lord Lakulisha, the 28th embodiment of Lord Shiva, houses many Sanskrit scriptures. It is an architectural marvel in Ziro and dates back to 5000 years. At an altitude of 300 feet, the cave temple is nestled in lofty mountains, dense evergreen forests, and swiftly flowing rivers. The best time to visit Meghna Cave Temple is during Maha Shivratri in February.

Siddheshwarnath Temple is another holy site in Ziro Tourism that is 6 km from Hapoli. Located in Karada Hill of Ziro Valley, it is dedicated to Lord Shiva. The highlight of this temple is that the flow of water at the base is perennial. Rhinestone beads can be witnessed on the upper part of the lingam. And due to its location, it is called Kardo Shiva Mandir. So next time on your Ziro trip, make sure to add these temples to your itinerary.

Cultural Tourism in Ziro

Cultural Tourism of Ziro can be a great learning experience for you. The Apatani tribe in Ziro have some unique cultural practices that entices many travelers around the world. The women of this tribe get facial tattoos as a part of their custom and wear massive nose rings. Back in the day men of other tribes used to steal their women, so the men of Apatani tribe made their women tattoo their faces and wear nose rings to make them less appealing.

On your trip to Ziro, you can hear a lot of stories from locals about the Apatani tribe and how they live. You can get a chance to learn about new and different cultures and their fascinating tales.

Adventure Tourism in Ziro

Dazzling meadows, dense vegetation, and sparkling white glaciers make Talley Valley one of the most beautiful places in Arunachal Pradesh. Talley Valley Trek is a significant part of Ziro Tourism and is one of the best experiences you can get on your trip. Located at an altitude of 1200 m to 3000 m, it is a 9 day trek that takes you across the most beautiful sites, mountain ranges, valleys, and paddy fields. It starts from Guwahati and traverses through Tezpur, Ziro tourism, and Pange. The trail ends at Talley Valley, a wildlife sanctuary. The best time to go on Talley Valley Trek is May - June.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Ziro Tourism

Q: Why is Ziro valley famous for Tourism?

Ans. Ziro in Arunachal Pradesh is known for its rich wildlife, picturesque landscapes, pleasant weather, tribal culture, trek, and temples.

Q: Where is Ziro Valley situated?

Ans. Ziro Valley Arunachal Pradesh lies in the Lower Subansiri district. It is one of the oldest towns of Arunachal Pradesh.

Q: How far is Guwahati to Ziro ?

Ans. Guwahati to Ziro distance is around 448 km and takes about 12 hours to reach by road.

Q: What is the height of Ziro?

Ans. Ziro is located at a height of 1688 m to 2438 m.

Q: Why is the Ziro Music festival celebrated?

Ans. A one of its kind festival, Ziro Music Festival is an outdoor festival that brings independent music artists together and showcases their music talent. It is a four day festival and is hosted by members of the Apatani people in Ziro.