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Bomdila Monastery

Bomdila Monastery, also known as Gontse Garden Rabgye Ling is one of the most famous monasteries in Arunachal Pradesh. Inaugurated in 1965 with the blessings of His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama, Mahayana Buddhism is practiced at this monastery by people called Monpa. This makes it one of the famous tourist attractions in Arunachal Pradesh for Buddhism followers. 

Located 8500 feet above sea level, Bomdila Monastery is a replica of Tsona Gontse Monastery in South Tibet. As per a legend, the Bomdila Monastery was initially built by Tsona Rinpoche’s 12th reincarnation. Many meditation and religious practices take place at Bomdila Monastery. At the time of festivals, you can witness beautiful mandalas made from sand here. And after the festivities are over, monks mess up these designs as a symbol of their belief in the impermanence of life. 

Bomdila Monastery is divided into three parts - Upper, Middle, and Lower Gompa. There is a massive hall where prayers are held and one of the major attractions here is the Buddha Temple. It is located within the monastery premises. 

If you want to have a soul-cleansing experience, get to know about Buddhist rituals and practices, Bomdila Monastery is one of the best places to visit in Arunachal Pradesh. 

Here’s everything you need to know about Bomdila Monastery

Best time to visit Bomdila Monastery

October to April is the best time to visit Bomdila Monastery. The weather is cool and you can comfortably explore the monastery and its surroundings. With that being said, you can visit here during the Losar Festival celebrated in February. It is organized to start a new chapter with the blessings of the almighty. 

How to reach Bomdila Monastery

Here are the different ways to reach Bomdila Monastery - 

  • By Air - Tezpur airport is the nearest airport to Bomdila Monastery. It is located at a distance of 150 km away and takes about 4 hours to reach the monastery by road. You can find taxis or buses from the airport.
  • By Train - Rangapara North Junction is the closest railhead to Bomdila Monastery. You can take a taxi or bus to reach the monastery, which is 147 km away and will take around 4 hours to reach. 
  • By Road - From Tezpur or Guwahati, you can opt for a bus or taxi. You can also plan a road trip via Chariduar-Tawang road. The distance from Guwahati to Bomdila Monastery is approx. 338 km and Tezpur to Bomdila Monastery is approx. 157 km. You can find taxis from anywhere in Bomdila city to reach Bomdila Monastery. 

Places to Stay near Bomdila Monastery

Bomdila Monastery also provides a stay for visitors for an authentic experience. This way to get to learn more about Buddhist culture. The guest houses at Bomdila Monastery offer a comfortable stay with decent to great facilities. Else, here are our recommended hotels near Bomdila Monastery - 

  • Pemaling Lords Inn Dirang (19 km away)
  • Hotel Siphiyang Phong (1 km away)
  • Hotel Dili Phu (0.7 km away)

Tips for Visiting Bomdila Monastery

  • Respect the local culture.
  • Follow any rules they have at the monastery.
  • Do not little and keep the surroundings clean.
  • During the Losar Festival, many people visit here. So make sure to book your tickets and hotels in advance. 
  • The weather is quite cold. Carry warm clothes with you.
  • Whether the weather is freezing, keep yourself hydrated with warm liquids.

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