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Krishnagiri Tourism | How to Plan a Trip to Krishnagiri

  • Krishnagiri city in Tamil Nadu
Krishnagiri At a Glance
  • Average Climate:15 °C - 30 °C
  • Best Time to Visit:October - March
  • STD Code:04343

Krishnagiri Travel Guide

The city of Krishnagiri in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu is a must-visit for a discriminating traveler since it is blessed with stunning natural scenery and an abundance of black granite. Since ‘Krishna’ means black and ‘giri’ means mountain, the name Krishnagiri means "Black Hill" in its literal sense. Because of its extensive mango production, Krishnagiri is frequently referred to as the Land of Mangoes. The places to see in Krishnagiri, which range from forts and rivers to temples and museums, and even natural wonders, are sure to astound tourists.

This city is undoubtedly one of the must-see locations in Tamil Nadu because of its exquisite fusion of historical wonders and natural beauty. Krishnagiri has everything from breathtaking scenery to historic temples, museums, beautiful green valleys, and picnic areas for family vacationers.

Krishnagiri Tourism

Every year, thousands of tourists come to Krishnagiri. Most are from Chennai, Hosur, Bangalore, Dharmapuri, Vineyambadi, and Hosur. The Krishnagiri Dam, also known as the Krishnagiri Reservoir Project Dam, was built nearby the town in 1958 under the leadership of then-chief minister Kamarajar. The fort at Sayed Basha Hills, close by, served as Tippu Sultan's fortress. 

Farmhouses and treks to the surrounding highlands and hills can be found on the outskirts. Eight kilometers separate the principal bus station, which also has a children's park and a boat house. The area around Krishnagiri is home to several historic temples. A 500-year-old Rama Temple is located close to Ramapuram and receives a lot of tourists every year. This makes it a perfect destination for travelers.

Languages Spoken in Krishnagiri

The primary language used in Krishnagiri is Tamil. However, Telugu and Kannada are also spoken here due to the area's proximity to Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka states.

Where is Krishnagiri located?

The administrative center of the Krishnagiri District, created in 2004, is located in Krishnagiri, a city in Tamil Nadu, India. It is situated at the base of the Krishnadevaraya Hills, and rocky hills surround the town. It's 250 km from Chennai, 45 km from Dharmapuri, and 90 km from Bengaluru.

Best time to visit Krishnagiri 

Winter and the beginning of summer are the ideal times to visit Krishnagiri. October, November, December, January, February, and March are the perfect months to travel. The monsoon season in Krishnagiri lasts from July through September. During these months, there is a lot of rain.

Tourist attractions in Krishnagiri

Some of the famous tourist attractions in Krishnagiri are the -

  • Krishnagiri Dam: Built between 1955 and 1957, this dam is a good picnic spot located about 10 km away from Krishnagiri. Sprawling over 50 acres, either side of the dam is adorned with beautiful flower gardens.
  • Arulmigu Maragathambigai Chandra Choodeswarar Temple: Located in Hosur on National Highway 7, this temple stands on a hillock. Beside the temple are a children's park and an observatory set up by the tourism department.
  • Government Museum: The museum houses exhibits from various subjects such as archeology, anthropology, botany, zoology, geography, etc., and is a means to spread the tradition, heritage, culture, and art of the region.
  • Thally: Nestled amidst valleys and cliffs, this place experiences cold and cloudy weather resembling England and is therefore referred to as Little England since the British days.
  • Kelevarapalli Dam: Constructed in 1995, this dam is situated 10 km from Hosur.

Climate in Krishnagiri

The best time to visit Krishnagiri is between November and March.

Accommodation in Krishnagiri

Some of the major hotels in Krishnagiri, offering a remarkable blend of tradition and modernity and a comfortable stay, are Hotel Tamil Nadu, Hotel Devaraj, Hotel Amaravathi, Hotel D.S.R., etc.

How to reach Krishnagiri

By Air: The nearest airport is Bangalore Airport (40 km).

By Rail: The closest railway station is the Hosur Railway Station (5 km).

By Road: Krishnagiri is connected by the Prime Minister's Golden Rectangle Project executed by the National Highways Authority of India.


Faqs ablout Krishnagiri Travel Guide

Q: What is the specialty of Krishnagiri?

Ans: The Krishnagiri district is well-known for its mangoes and granite industry, which has quarries and processing facilities dotted throughout the area. The district produces the most ragi in Tamil Nadu, with a 40% share. This district contains Hosur, one of the biggest industrialized cities in the state. 

Q: Is Krishnagiri worth visiting?

Ans: India's Tamil Nadu state includes the city of Krishnagiri. It is worth a visit because it contains many well-known sights, such as Krishnagiri Fort, Rayakottai, and Arulmigu Maragathamigai Chandra Choodeshwara Temple.

Q: What is the special food in Krishnagiri?

Ans:  Biryani, Sambar, Idli, Dosas, Masala dosa, and Coconut chutney are some famous foods in Krishnagiri.

Q: Which river flows in Krishnagiri?

Ans: South Pennar River flows in Krishnagiri.

Q: Does Krishnagiri have a railway station?

Ans: The closest train station to Krishnagiri is in Hosur, which is 45 km away. Jolarpet Railway Station is the second nearest railhead. Daily taxi service departs from Hosur Railway Station.