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Mokokchung Tourism | How to Plan a Trip to Mokokchung

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Mokokchung At a Glance
  • Average Climate:18°c - 32°c
  • Best Time to Visit:October to March
  • STD Code:

Mokokchung Travel Guide

Nestled amid the lush hills of Nagaland, and full of uniqueness and freshness. A trip to Mokokchung takes you to a height of 1,325 m, where you can enjoy the fresh air and pleasant weather. It is the epicenter of the Ao tribe and one of Nagaland's fastest-growing urban centers. Mokokchung tourism has endless opportunities to witness the natural charm and explore ancient places, fascinating places, and spectacular views.

A tour of Mokokchung will allow you some fun and adventure by witnessing the soothing ambiance and natural wonder. Enjoying bathing in the sun and giving yourself time to unwind in these resorts makes your vacation commendable.

Here is a snippet of the Mokokchung travel guide. Read it and plan your trip to Mokokchung. 

Places to visit in Mokokchung 

You can feel the fresh air and relish amidst the numerous tourist attractions in Mokokchung. Tourist attractions of this town keep you entertained throughout the holiday. In addition, you can witness the historical attractions in nearby villages with a glorious past. The list of tourist attractions in Mokokchung is exceptionally admirable and attracts thousands of tourists annually.

  • Longkhum
  • Uma Village
  • Langpangkong Caves
  • Molung Village 
  • Chuchuyimlang Village
  • Changkikong Range
  • Mokokchung Museum
  • Mopungchuket Village

Things to do in Mokokchung 

This town will touch your soul and heart by offering several things to do on vacation. You can participate in activities and enjoy your time in many scenic spots. Witness the exquisite blend of nature and history by spending time in nearby villages. Get some delightful experiences by participating in the festivals of the Ao tribe.

  • Picnic on the bank of Dhiku River
  • Visit Langpangkong Cave
  • A tour of the Mokokchung Museum
  • Witness Rhododendrons and Cherry Blossoms

Best time to visit Mokokchung 

The best time to visit Mokokchung is winter, between October and February. This is because winter sets for the longest time in Nagaland, and you have sufficient time to explore its sightseeing places with mild weather. However, there is something more special about winter in Mokokchung. You can be a part of one of the most popular festivals of Nagaland, the Hornbill Festival. Click here to know more about the best time to visit. 

How to reach Mokokchung? 

Jorhat Airport in Assam is located about 112 km away from the town and has good connectivity with Guwahati and Kolkata. The nearest railhead to Mokokchung is the Mariani station at a distance of 85 km. The connectivity to this idyllic destination is commendable by road with NH 61, where you can take buses from Guwahati and Jorhat and enjoy a delightful ride. Read more here about how to reach Mokuchung.

Accommodation in Mokokchung 

Being an offbeat destination, this town has luxurious traditional hotels with old-world charm. But you may also find modern hotels with luxuries and comforts. It may be possible that you still need to get ultra-luxurious accommodations, but wherever you stay in Mokokchung, you can experience the striking sight of the town. Check out some of the best places to stay in Mokokchung: Whispering Winds, Circuit House, Hotel Vivor, Hotel Metsuben. and more. 

Where to eat in Mokokchung? 

Mokokchung offers various restaurants that serve lip-smacking cuisine. When you are in Mokokchung, you should take advantage of the local foods. The local foods of Mokokchung are bursting with flavors and unique in taste and preparation. You can find many Indian, Chinese, and other Continental restaurants in this town that cater to tourists' hunger. Check out some famous restaurants in Mokokchung to tighten your belly and give treats to your taste buds.

How to get around Mokokchung? 

Mokokchung Nagaland is a stunning and adorable place; the best way to explore its beauty is on foot. Rental cars are also available for tourists to commute to distant places. Walking from one place to another makes your vacation pompous and gives you memorable moments to fill in your diary of memories.

Travel tips

  • Carry mandatory documents like Id proofs
  • Try to be a part of the town's festivals.
  • Take some extra cash to make your journey more pleasant
  • Bring necessary medicine and medical kit along with you
  • Dress appropriately while visiting any sacred place.
  • Learn about history and tradition by connecting with locals.
  • Pre-Booking hotels to free yourself from last-moment hassles
  • Dress in cozy clothes when visiting any sightseeing place because of Mokokchung weather.


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