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Nandaprayag Tourism | How to Plan a Trip to Nandaprayag

  • Nandprayag
Nandaprayag At a Glance
  • Average Climate:10°C - 30°C
  • Best Time to Visit:February - June
  • STD Code:01372

Nandaprayag Travel Guide

Nandaprayag, an important tourist spot, is a small town at the sacred confluence of the Alaknanda and Nandakini Rivers. A tour of Nandprayag can be enchanting, as mountain ranges and splendid scenery surround it. It is also at an altitude of 870 meters, about 18 km from Karnaprayag. On your way to Badrinath and Rishikesh, Nandaprayag is a natural stopover.

Nandaprayag is a must-visit destination for nature lovers and spiritual seekers. It offers a unique blend of scenic beauty and cultural significance. It's ideal for meditation, trekking, and exploring the pristine Himalayan charm. A visit to Nandprayag promises an unforgettable experience of nature's splendor and spiritual vibes.

Places to visit in Nandprayag

Every traveler visiting this beautiful town is looking for the top places to visit in Nandprayag, and we are here to give you the list. Nandaprayag is a popular destination for spiritual and nature lovers, offering stunning landscapes, serene temples, and adventurous activities. Here are some of the must-visit places in Nandprayag that will make your vacation worth it.

  • Nandaprayag Sangam
  • Gopeshwar
  • Kalpeshwar
  • Auli
  • Tungnath
  • Joshimath
  • Nanda Devi National Park
  • Hemkund Sahib
  • Chandrashila

Things to do in Nandprayag

Activities are the main attraction of any place, and travelers love to indulge in the different activities available in that town. Nandaprayag and its surrounding areas offer many activities for travelers to indulge in. Here are some of the top things to do in Nandprayag:

  • Take a dip in the holy confluence of the Alaknanda and Mandakini rivers at Nand Prayag Sangam.
  •  Embark on treks to nearby destinations like Kalpeshwar, Tungnath, Chandrashila, and Valley of Flowers.
  • Indulge in activities like skiing, snowboarding, and camping at Auli.

Best time to visit Nandprayag 

The best time to visit Nandprayag is during the summer months of May to June and the autumn months of September to November. The weather during these months is pleasant, with clear skies, making it ideal for outdoor activities. In addition, the moderate temperatures range from 15 to 30°C, making sightseeing and other activities comfortable. However, it is essential to note that Nandprayag can experience heavy rainfall during the monsoon season from July to August, which may hinder outdoor activities.

How to reach Nandprayag

Nandaprayag is well connected by road and can be reached via different modes of transportation. The nearest airport is Jolly Grant Airport in Dehradun, approximately 218 km away. The nearest railway station is Rishikesh, which is about 191 km away. One can hire a taxi or take a bus to get there from these points. Nandaprayag is also well connected by road, and one can take a bus or hire a taxi from nearby cities.

Accommodation in Nandprayag

Nandprayag offers a variety of accommodations for travelers. From budget guesthouses to mid-range hotels, there are options for all travelers. Some accommodations provide stunning views of the Himalayas and the Alaknanda River. Amenities may include comfortable rooms with basic facilities, hot water, and room service. Some places also offer in-house restaurants serving local cuisine. Booking in advance is recommended, especially during peak seasons, because of the limited number of hotels available for tourists.

Where to eat in Nandprayag?

Nandaprayag provides several dining options for visitors. Local eateries serve a range of cuisines, including traditional Indian, Garhwali, and North Indian dishes. There are also roadside dhabas (local eateries) where you can savor local flavors like rajma chawal, puri sabzi, and pakoras. Some restaurants also offer stunning views of the surrounding mountains and rivers. In addition to local cuisine, there are options for vegetarian and non-vegetarian meals. It's recommended to try some local delicacies to experience the region's unique flavors while dining in Nandprayag.

How to get around in Nandprayag? 

Getting around Nandprayag is mainly done on foot or by hiring local taxis or auto rickshaws. The town is relatively small and can be explored easily by walking. Local taxis or auto-rickshaws can be hired for short distances or to visit nearby attractions. It's always best to negotiate fares beforehand and understand local transportation options while traveling in Nandprayag.

Nandprayag Travel Tips

  • Nandprayag experiences varying weather conditions, so it's advisable to pack accordingly.
  • Nandprayag is around 1,350 meters (4,430 feet) above sea level. If you're not accustomed to high altitudes, take it slow, stay hydrated, and avoid strenuous activities to prevent altitude sickness.
  • While accommodations are available in Nandprayag, they may be essential. Therefore, it's best to check availability, book in advance, especially during peak seasons, and prepare for basic amenities.
  • Dress appropriately, avoid consuming alcohol or non-vegetarian food in religious places, and be mindful of local customs and practices.