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St. George's Cathedral, Karingachira

The St. George's Cathedral Karingachira ranks high among the famous churches and synagogues in Kochi (Cochin). One of the renowned churches in Kerala, St. George's Cathedral Karingachira is the single royal church in Kerala established in 722 AD. It is one of the historic churches of the Malankara Syrian Orthodox Church.

In early 8th century AD, two Syrian Christian families- Maliackel and Palathinkal became well-known in Karingachira. When a member of the Maliackel family died unexpectedly, the authorities of the Edapally church refused to bury the remains of the dead in the church because of alleged dues to the church outstanding from the Maliackel family.

While returning, the Maliackel family decided to bury the body in Karingachira, an isolated place in those days. The local Christians became greatly concerned by this incident. The Maliackel family consulted with the Palathinkal family, and established a church at the location where the body was buried. The church was then named after St. George, the patron saint of Edapally church.

One of the most visited religious places in Kerala, St. George's Cathedral Karingachira is famous for the thamukku nercha (plantain mixed with a form of rice powder and jaggery) that is offered on 3rd December. This offering is served on the occasion of the feast of Maphryono Mor Baselios Yaldo, whose remains are entombed in Kothamangalam Cheriapally. In 1920, a piece of bone was found wrapped in a silk cloth (veeralipattu) on a delicately engraved cot in the northern wall of St. George's Cathedral Karingachira. Presently it remains buried in the wall.

A prime tourist attraction of Kerala, St. George's Cathedral Karingachira has elegantly decorated interiors and exteriors. Following several renovations and modifications, the qdush-qudshin of the church was constructed over the side altars in 1949, dedicated to Holy Virgin Mary and John the Baptist and was consecrated.