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Tourist Attractions in Mandu

Mandu is a well known town in Madhya Pradesh. The Muslim style of architecture is depicted in all its monuments and that is one of the things which act as a magnet for the tourists. These fortresses apart from being adorned by enchanting sculptures, boast interesting stories about them. 

  • Jahaz Mahal: Surrounded with artificial lakes, this monument as its name says looks like a moving ship (Jahaaz).
  •  Hindola Mahal:  Also known as swinging palace, Hindola Mahal has slightly slant walls. The Mahal is a meeting hall dating back to the era of Hoshang Shah and is a major tourist attraction of Mandu.
  • Neel Kanth Palace: Neel Kanth Palace, beside the Neel Kanth Temple holds great reverence. The area is surrounded by ravines and has a sacred pond which attracts numerous pilgrims.
  • Jain Temple: A temple dedicated to Jain Tirthankaras, housing beautiful idols made of gold, silver and marble.


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