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Nilkanth Palace in Mandu

Mandu, a small city in the central state of Madhya Pradesh, attracts several tourists from India and abroad due to the historical structures that adorn the city and talk of the past of the city. Ruled by the Muslims for a long period covering decades together, its buildings and structures represent Islamic form of art and architecture in their details.

A Tour to Mandu surely calls for a visit to the historical Monuments in Mandu which speak of the past rulers, their culture, and most importantly, their inclination towards art and the different forms of art styles. Amongst these, the Neel Kanth Palace is a much visited tourist spot.

The Neel Kanth Palace is located very close to the Neel Kanth shrine, which is a shrine of Lord Shiva. The shrine stands at the very edge of a steep ravine. The courtyard of the shrine has countless trees and a sacred pond which is fed by a nearby stream. The place has strong religious connotations and till date draws several worshippers to pay homage to the Lord.

Built by the Mughal governor, Shah Badgah Khan, the Neel Kanth Palace was erected for the Hindu wife of Akbar the Great. The palace bears some inscriptions of the era of Akbar which preach the superiority of emancipation over earthliness.

Be it as a worshipper, or a sheer travel lover or a historian, the Neel Kanth Palace is definitely going to attract you to its doors.


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