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Taveli Mahal Mandu

On your Tour to Mandu, you will be mesmerized by the beauty of architecture depicted in the structures and Monuments in Mandu. During your stay in the historical city, you will enjoy the sightseeing trips in and around the city. The city has had a long history of reigns, attacks, empowerments and recaptures and captures. Right from the 6th century, during the rule of the Paramars to the invasion of the Khiljis to the Mughal intrusion and ultimately the capture by the Marathas, Mandu has been witness to numerous kinds of art and architectural styles. Amongst all the tourist spots, the Taveli Mahal happens to be the most visited one.

The Taveli Mahal is situated in the southern part of the Jahaz Mahal. Once upon a time it was used as stable and a guardhouse during the Mughal rule, centuries back. It is a great place to view the ethnic city of Mandu from. A part of the Royal Enclave, it now stands as an antiquity gallery of the Archeological Survey of India. It now houses the stone images and fragments of utensils and vessels that were found at the site.

Once you are in Mandu, do visit the Taveli Mahal as, in the shape of a museum, it helps you get acquainted with the bits and pieces of the used or unused vessels of the yesteryears during the Mughal era.

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