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Temples in Mount Abu

A well known abode of Gods in the ancient times, Mount Abu has been amongst the popular religious destinations in India. The hill station in Rajasthan is dotted with several temples, the construction of some are as old as ten centuries before. Temples in Mount Abu are dedicated towards Jain and Hindu Gods. Owing to which, the hill station witnesses a huge influx of Jain and Hindu pilgrims, apart from the usual tourists.

The most popular amongst them is the Dilwara Jain temple, which has been the face of Mount Abu since many centuries. It’s a beautiful temple in marble that is famous for its intricate carvings. Besides the Dilwara, Jain pilgrims can also visit Vimal Vasahi temple, which is considered to be the oldest of all.

Hindu pilgrims need not get disappointed as Mount Abu has a number of temples for them as well. The prime ones are Achaleshwar Mahadeva temple, Adhardevi temple, Gaumukh temple, Rishikesh temple and Ranghunath temple.

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