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Gopal Mandir Ujjain

Gopal Mandir, Ujjain is situated in the middle of the big market square. The temple is dedicated to the blue god Krishna. Krishna is the divine herdsman and the lover of milkmaids. Reaching the temple is not very difficult as Ujjain is well connected to Indore, Bhopal, Manali and Kota by bus and well networked with Delhi, Bhopal, Jhansi, Agra, Indore, Jabalpur and Bilaspur by train.

Apart from the Gopal Mandir, the other must visit places in the city are Kaal Bhairav, Mahakal Temple, Triveni (Nav Graha/ Shani), ISKCON Temple, Mangalnaath, Harsidhhi (Durga Temple), Chintaman Ganesh, Gadh Kalika and Sandipani Ashram. Gopal Mandir, Ujjain is a marble-spired structure which is an excellent example of Maratha architecture.

The Gopal Mandir in Ujjain in India possesses a two feet tall statue of Lord Krishna. Moulded in silver, the statue is placed on a marble-inlaid altar with silver-plated doors. Mahmud of Ghazni had taken these doors from the famous Somnath Temple in Gujarat and carried them to Ghazni in Afghanistan in 1026 A.D.

Later on Mahmud Shah Abdali, the Afghan invader, took the gates to Lahore and from there Mahadji Scindia finally recovered them. After recovering the gates, the Scindia ruler installed them in Gopal Temple, bringing a halt to the doors’ long journey.


Gopal Mandir, Madhya Pradesh was built following the old and traditional styles of building temples and monuments. The temple portrays an ethnic and traditional look. Gopal Mandir, Ujjain is definitely a masterpiece and an excellent work of art.


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