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Harisiddhi Temple Ujjain

Harisiddhi Temple at Ujjain is one of the most visited tourist sites in India, and it has gained so much importance due to its sacred ness that is intimately associated with the temple. Hari in Hindi means Lord Vishnu. He is supposed to be the preserver among the Trinity of the Hindus. He is the restorer, while Lord Brahma is the creator and Lord Shiva is the destroyer among the three.

So, the temple of Harisiddhi, bedecked with the idol of Annapurna Goddess, symbolizes benevolence and success. Goddess Annapurna is also the better half of Lord Vishnu. She is the presenter of wealth and prosperity to the lives of men. So, in the Harisiddhi Mandir, thousands of followers crowd and pray whole heartedly to get blessings from the Goddess. It is also said that the Mother Goddess is the fulfiller of all wishes and so the epithet "Siddhi" is added to the original title of the temple.

There is a shrine of Goddess Annapurna, which is said to be consecrated and blessed with power, so that she enriches the lives of her followers.

History of the Harisiddhi Temple:

Hari in Hindi means Lord Vishnu, and he is considered to be the ardent God in the Hindu Mythology. Lord Vishnu is said to sacrifice all his belongings like the Shankha, Chakra, Gada and Padma once he was summoned by Guru Shukracharya.

So, devoted is he, towards his followers. Once they utter his name, he is said to come in front of them. Therefore he is worshipped in every household with care and dedication. He is said to be the domestic God that loves to solve the complications in the lives of his followers.

How to Reach the Temple of Harisiddhi:

Since the nearest airport is at Indore, you have to come to the same and then start for Ujjain. You can also come to Ujjain by train because it has many rail routes with a number of important towns in India.


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