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Trade Shows in West Bengal

Trade shows are a wonderful platform for the manufacturers and traders to display, showcase and thus popularize their merchandise in both the domestic and international markets. It's a profitable marketing strategy and a meeting ground for the manufacturers and consumers that is immensely helpful in promoting their products. West Bengal is predominantly an agricultural state that has made a considerable advancement in the industrial sector as well. The state government has adopted a proactive attitude to industrial advancement which has also resulted in the multiplicity of trade shows. provides you with all the requisite inputs on the trade shows in West Bengal.

A number of trade shows in West Bengal and multiplied over the course of the last few years. These shows enable the diverse industrial sectors. Some of the most happening West Bengal trade shows comprise of trade and tourism fair, international leather goods fair, IITF, Metals Expo, Future Tech and Infocom amongst others. The travel and tourism fair held in Kolkata enables the industry to showcase their products and services to the large cross section of consumers. The Metals Expo is counted as one of the popular West Bengal trade shows that is attended by the industrial magnates. Thousands of latest technological items are on display at this expo.

The list of trade shows, West Bengal seem to an inexhaustible one considering the fact that each and the every industry is trying to gain a strong foothold in the market. West Bengal, especially Kolkata is also renowned as a burgeoning IT hub that is still in its nascent stage. The Infocom, Kolkata witnesses the largest assemblage of IT professionals, corporate leaders, buyers and sellers. This sector has opened up a considerable number of novel opportunities in India and abroad. The International Leather Goods Fair is also reckoned among one of the popular and successful Trade Shows in West Bengal that warrants a special mention. The fair is organized by the India Trade Promotion Organization and puts up on display a wide assortment of fine leather goods.