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Tripura Tourism | How to Plan a Trip to Tripura

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Tripura At a Glance
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Tripura Travel Guide

The rural life and culture of tribes are a significant part of Tripura tourism, attracting travelers from around the world. The thriving arts and crafts industry, abundant natural beauty, and historical significance are other features that make Tripura a favorite among families, friends, and couples. Renowned for its orange, rubber, bamboo, and tea plantation, Tripura is one of the smallest states in the northeastern region of India. In fact, it houses 54 tea estates, 21 tea processing factories, and more than 2500 small tea farmers, making it a must-visit destination for tea lovers.

Among Tripura’s picturesque scenery, pristine lakes, verdant forests, and undulating hills lie ample attractions you can visit on your Tripura tour. Besides being a small state, Tripura is home to various national parks and wildlife sanctuaries that will be ideal for wildlife buffs.

Here is our comprehensive Tripura travel guide

Languages Spoken in Tripura

The commonly spoken language is Bengali since they form a major part of the state’s population. Kokborok is the language of the people of Tripura. The state has 19 different tribal communities, most of which speak Kokborok.

Where is Tripura located?

Tripura is located in the northeastern part of India. The Indian states of Mizoram bound the state to the east and Assam to the northeast. In addition, Tripura shares international borders with Bangladesh to the north, west, and south. Not to mention, the state is primarily isolated from the rest of India.

Tripura Geography

Rich in gorgeous landscapes, crystalline waterfalls, awe-inspiring mountains, dense forests, and a generous sprinkling of history and tradition, Tripura is a popular tourist destination in north-east India. However, this landlocked state is nestled at the foot of the Himalayan mountains.

It houses 54 tea estates, 21 tea processing factories, and more than 2,500 small tea farmers, making it a must-visit destination for tea lovers. Besides being a small state, Tripura is home to various national parks and wildlife sanctuaries that will be ideal for wildlife buffs.

Why Should You Visit Tripura?

If you seek a relaxing holiday amidst nature with no crowds, Tripura is one of the best places to consider. Also, Tripura is a cultural reservoir, so if that interests you, visit this state on your next holiday. For history buffs, Tripura has places like Ujjayanta Palace in the capital city of Agartala. It reminds us of the glorious past of Tripura and impresses tourists with its exquisite architecture.

Tripura is home to numerous ancient temples, which are still visited for their traditions. Archeological sites are another reason to plan a trip to Tripura. You can discover ancient rock carvings, murals, and more. Wildlife enthusiasts will have a great time exploring the several wildlife sanctuaries and national parks in Tripura with exotic flora and fauna.

  • Heritage Sites: Tripura State Museum (Ujjayanta Palace), Neermahal Water Palace, Akhaura Integrated Check Post
  • Pilgrimage: Bhubaneswari Temple, Unakoti, Tripura Sundari Temple, Fourteen Goddess Temple, Benuban Vihar, Mahamuni Pagoda
  • Tea Estates: Ludhua Tea Estate, Mekhlipara Tea Estate, Lembucherra Tea Garden, ManuValley Tea Garden
  • Waterfalls: Waiduk waterfall, Dumala waterfall, Pechartal waterfall, Saika waterfall, Kachari Dumbur waterfall
  • Adventure: Birding, trekking, boating, rock climbing, ziplining, rope climbing
  • Wildlife: Sepahijala Wildlife Sanctuary, Trishna Wildlife Sanctuary, Clouded Leopard National Park, Bison National Park
  • Lakes: Dumboor Lake, Rudrasagar Lake, Amarsagar Lake, Kamalasagar Lake, Khowra Lake, Kalyansagar Lake
  • Folk Dances: Garia, Jhum, Maimita, Masak Sumani and Lebang Boomani
  • Shopping: Battala Market, Amulya Market, Metro Bazaar, Jagat Bazaar
  • Local Food: Poad Pitha, Mui Borok, Gudok, Chuak

Best Time to Visit Tripura

Tripura has uneven terrain; thus, the climate varies according to the altitude. Generally, the best time to visit Tripura is the winter season, i.e., November to February. The temperature fluctuates between 10°C and 30°C, making sightseeing comfortable. The humidity is at its lowest in winter, and rainfall is intermittent but less. On the other hand, summers in Tripura, especially late April and May, are the hottest. Monsoons last from May to September, with heavy rains, overflowing rivers, and frequent flooding.

Places to Visit in Tripura

Blessed with nature’s bounty, grand palaces, monuments, and archaeological sites, Tripura is dotted with numerous attractions. Here are some must-visit attractions in Tripura:

Things to do in Tripura

Tripura offers ample opportunities to travelers, coming from all over the world to indulge in fun activities. Be it getting to know the culture, relishing local food, making small interactions with the local people, or partaking in adventure activities, you will never run out of options regarding things to do in Tripura. 

On your Tripura trip, here are some things you can indulge in -

  • Explore the capital city, Agartala
  • Admire the breathtaking landscapes of Dharamnagar
  • Seek blessings at ancient temples in Ambassa
  • Get glimpses into the culture at Tripura Government Museum
  • See the Mughal Gardens at Ujjayanta Palace
  • Explore the timeless ruins at Unakoti
  • Spot local wildlife at Sepahijala Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Visit the ancient capital, Kailashahar

Experience in Tripura

Packed with many exciting things to do in Tripura, the place is ideal for a short holiday trip. The place's main attraction is Agartala, the state's capital. This charming destination attracts thousands of tourists all the year.

A lot of the state’s top tourist spots are located in Agartala. So, if you are planning a holiday to Tripura with your family or friends, you are at the right place, as you will learn about the top things to do in the state.

Where to Stay in Tripura

Guesthouses, lodges, hotels, and resorts, Tripura has a lot of options for choosing a place to stay. From mid-range to budget-friendly stays, select the accommodation depending on your needs and budget. There are government-run tourist lodges and guesthouses also that provide excellent services.

What to Eat in Tripura

The local delicacies are a blend of Tribal-Bengali, and the chefs also take inspiration from Bangladesh and China. The majority are non-tribal Bengalis', thus, they enjoy pork, mutton, chicken, etc. You will have a blast if you are a non-vegetarian, whereas vegetarians need to put in the extra effort.

Fairs and Festivals in Tripura

Tripura has many age-old fairs and festivals that locals celebrate with enthusiasm. For instance, Garia Puja (April), Kharchi Mela, Diwali Mela, Neermahal Water Festival, and Poush Sankranti or Tirthamukh Mela.

Nightlife in Tripura

There isn’t much nightlife in Tripura.  However, you can visit Sip and Savor in Agartala, the capital city of Tripura.

Is it safe to visit Tripura?

Yes. Tripura is a safe destination, especially for solo female travelers. However, roaming alone in isolated places at night is not recommended.

How to save money on a Tripura trip?

Plan the Tripura holiday during the off-season, i.e., the summer season, and save yourself some pennies.

  • Always book your flights well in advance and take a late or early flight.
  • Go on a backpacking tour.
  • Choose budget-friendly accommodation.
  • Relish local food at locally-owned restaurants.
  • Explore free-of-cost places like temples, museums, etc.
  • Avoid shopping.
  • Use public transport as much as possible.

How to Reach Tripura

Tripura has Agartala airport, located 30 mins away from Agartala city. It connects to cities like Kolkata and Guwahati by direct, regular flights. Tourists coming by train can get off at Kumarghat train station, connecting Tripura to Delhi, Kolkata, Indore, Bangalore, and Chennai. You can also drive from Kolkata, Shillong, Aizawl, Imphal, or Guwahati to Tripura. Private and state buses are also available at decent rates. To know more about how to reach tripura.

How to Get Around Tripura

Public buses are the most convenient way of traveling within Tripura. They are available from Agartala to Udaipur, Sarboom, Amarpur, and Dharmanagar and are a cheaper mode of transportation. Taxis are also available, but they are a bit costly. Most of the nearby attractions can be covered by trekking and walking.

Tripura Travel Tips

  • Carry your rain gear as it frequently rains in Tripura no matter which season you visit.
  • Avoid overpacking, especially if you are a backpacker.
  • Respect the local culture.
  • Ask a local for help. They will be happy to help.
  • Book accommodations and flights in advance, especially during peak season, i,e, winter.
  • If your important documents get stolen or lost, inform the local police immediately, as they can be misused.
  • As Tripura is located in the North East, bounded by international borders, check if there are any permits you need to take.
  • English is spoken, but learning a few commonly spoken phrases is always better to make conversations easier.
  • Always choose a registered tour operator for your trip. It saves you from the trouble of booking and makes your trip comfortable and enjoyable.


Cities of Tripura


Q: Why is Tripura famous?

Ans: Tripura is famous for its adventure, lush greenery, historical monuments, long history of tribes, peaceful surroundings, and eco-friendly environment.

Q: Which is the most visited place in Tripura?

Ans: Ujjayanta Palace, Kunjaban Palace, Neermahal, and Unakoti are the top most visited places in Tripura that house many tourist attractions.

Q: What is the best time to visit Tripura?

Ans: Except for monsoons (July to September), Tripura can be visited throughout the year. During winter, the weather remains cool and summers in Tripura offer a respite from the scorching heat of the plains. Therefore, October to March and April to July are the best times to plan a Tripura holiday.

Q: Is Tripura worth a visit?

Ans: If the natural beauty, history, adventure, solitude, and tribes of India entice you, Tripura is one of the best places to visit in the country.

Q: How many days are enough for Tripura?

Ans: A week is enough to explore the best of Tripura.