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History of Udaipur

The History of Udaipur, like a number of other cities in Rajasthan, is an illustrated one that dates back several centuries.  The city of Udaipur is lined by the Aravalli Ranges and overlooks the beautiful Lakes, Pichola. Moreover, the rich depiction of architecture has further heightened its value in the eyes of those who have already visited it. The concoction of magnificent palaces, lakes, temples, and gardens has mesmerized tourists from all over the world for years.

The narrow lanes, which cover every nook and corner of the city, still have various tales to tell about the historic past of Udaipur to the passers by. This is evident from the beautiful wall paintings of Rajput warriors, who were known for their chivalry and bravery. These attributes have also evoked creative imaginations of poets, writers, painters, and other creative personalities.

Udaipur History:

Historically, Udaipur was the capital of the Kingdom of Mewar, which was ruled by the Sisodia dynasty for a period of 1200 years. The city was named after its founder, Maharana Udai Singh.

There is a popular legend behind the History of Udaipur that is associated with the foundation of city. According to the legend, one day Maharana Udai Singh, was hunting when all of a sudden, he came across a sage who was meditating on a hill overlooking Lake Pichola. Seeking his blessings, the Maharana was advised by the solitary man to build a palace at that place. According to the sage, the place was perfectly suited for such an establishment since it was a fertile valley, well watered by the lake and also experienced a soothing climate as it was situated at a moderate altitude.

Thus, following the proposal of the hermit, Maharana Udai Singh founded the city of Udaipur in 1559 A.D. Such is the origin of Udaipur History.

Udaipur is popularly known as the "white" city of Rajasthan since the city is marked by the presence of several palaces, that have been built with the finest Makrana Marble, which is milky-white in color. The palaces are also surrounded by beautiful gardens, which in themselves evoke enough wonder in the minds of the onlooker.

Udaipur has grown on the banks of the lake Pichola. The clear waters, reflect the hue of the palaces create an awesome sight. Overlooking the splendor of the Lake Pichhola stands the grand City Palace which is a wonder in granite and marble.

Traditionally, the city of Udaipur had eleven gates. With time, six of them have been destroyed. Among the remaining five gates, the Surajpole or Sun Gate that stands on the eastern side serves as the primary entrance to the city.

The places around Udaipur that must be visited include the royal Chittorgarh Fort, the mountain Fortress of Kumbhalgarh, the region around Mount Abu, Eklingji and Nathdwara, and beautiful Jain temples of Ranakpur.

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