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Fauna in Sariska Wildlife Sanctuary

Sariska Wildlife Sanctuary is 32 kms away from Alwar of Rajasthan. Sariska Wildlife Sanctuary is one of the much visited Wildlife Sanctuaries where wild animals are taken care of and are allowed to regenerate and grow in their suitable ambience.

Famous for its varied and unique fauna in Sariska it attracts travelers from different corners of the world. This Wildlife Sanctuary is famous for its tiger population and tiger reserve project.

The sanctuary was set up in the year 1958 and this sanctuary achieved the title Wildlife Sanctuary in the 1982. Sariska Wildlife Sanctuary of Rajasthan is famous for the tiger project and apart from this project; there are other animals like leopards, sambhar, jungle cats, hyenas, deer, chinkaras, chausinghas, antelopes, wild boars, bison, nilgai, mongoose and porcupine.

Monitor lizards and various reptiles and snakes complete the fauna of the Wildlife Sanctuary. Hunting or causing any harm to the animals is always a serious criminal offence.

All the animals are taken care of in respect of their health and other necessities.

Birds like peacock, gray partridge, sand grouses, quails, kingfishers, horned owl, wood pecker, crested serpent eagle, vultures and white breast kingfisher fills up the place with liveliness.

The jeep safaris and the jungle tour will help the tourists to experience diverse fauna of the Wildlife Sanctuary. The Sariska Wildlife Sanctuary can be reached by the road route from Delhi and Jaipur.

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