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Shopping in Bhuj

No trip to Gujarat is complete without shopping, which is also true in the case of shopping in Bhuj. The historic city of Bhuj is situated in the Kutch region of Gujarat and shopping in its vibrant markets is a lifetime experience. Lying at the heart of Kutch, Bhuj consists of an excellent and skilled community of craftsmen and is well-known for it.

Bhuj is quite a fascinating place to be in because of its gateways, old palaces, ornate temples, and winding lanes. There are quite a few shopping centers that make shopping in Bhuj quite easy.

The items offered in the Bhuj markets include silver jewelry, gold jewelry, and many other items. Tourists come from every corner of the world and from all over India to shop in Bhuj, Gujarat.

Tourists should be good at bargaining because that will definitely be required. The shopkeepers dress up in traditional clothes. The shopkeepers purposely charge high prices because they know the visitors will bargain. The bazaars in Bhuj follow the old traditional style of displaying goods and items.

Sarafa Bazaar, Shroff Bazaar, Bharat Shopping Mall, Bhuj Haat Market, Old City Market, S-Mart Shopping Mall, and Smruti Shopping Mall are popular shopping markets in Bhuj.

Here’s everything you must know about "What to Buy in Bhuj".

  • Jewelry

Bhuj is among the traditional cities in Gujarat known for its chunky silver jewelry. Anklets, earrings, chokers, etc., are some items you can buy in Bhuj shopping markets. Bhuj city has many markets selling traditional jewelry. Most of them are made of silver wires and silver sheets, while glass beads enhance their color, and ghungroos (small metallic bells) add a tinkling sound. White metal jewelry and gold jewelry are sold in traditional and contemporary designs.

  • Apparel

Shop for clothes in Bhuj, as the artisans here are specialized in block printing, tie and dye prints, and Bandhani prints. You can get your hands on exquisitely colored prints. Some villages are known for their Kathi work, mirror work, and colorful thread embroidery work. These items are sold directly from the creators' homes or can be bought from the stores in the city. Here, cotton clothes are popular, but you also have options for chiffon, Georgette, silk, and organza. Also bags, purses, and potlis are also found in Bhuj markets.

  • Handicrafts

Take back a handicraft from Bhuj to reminisce about the fun time spent here. Ancient communities of this city have earned it a reputation of being the ‘handicraft king of India’. Many nomadic tribes in and around Bhuj have craftsmanship skills passed on through generations, and the handicrafts are living proof of it. Pottery items, decorative pieces, wall hangings, and artwork are some products you can find at Guj State Handicraft Handloom, Ratnadeep Craft, Murlidhar Handicrafts, Jee Huzoor Handicraft, and Liya Handicraft.

  • Organic Products

The locals of Bhuj are inclined towards naturopathic cures, organic products, and anti-cosmetic beauty products. Siddhi Healthcare and Sanskriti are two places you can visit for organic treatments. Apart from this, herbal compresses, vitamin-enriched mud packs, bitter tea tonics, and ayurvedic packs are available in Bhuj.

  • Shopping Malls

There are few malls in Bhuj as of now, including Bharat Shopping Mall. It is known for its coffee shops, electronic brands, and food court. S-Mart Shopping Mall and Smriti Mall are two other malls you can visit on your trip to Bhuj.

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