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Ravangla Tourism | How to Plan a Trip to Ravangla

  • Ravangla city in Sikkim
Ravangla At a Glance
  • Average Climate:15 °C to 25 °C
  • Best Time to Visit:April to June
  • STD Code:

Ravangla Travel Guide

Ravangla, or Rabong, is a small tourist town at an elevation of 8,000 feet in the Namchi district of the Indian state of Sikkim. In addition to its serene and clean environment, Ravangla is home to several exotic fauna and flora. This serene spot in Sikkim is perfect for those who want to escape urban chaos and breathe in the fresh mountain air. In the area, there are numerous exquisite monasteries, making it the perfect place for spiritual seclusion and meditation. Temi Tea Estate also offers thrilling hiking trails for thrill-seekers. This town's beauty is enhanced by the magnificent Kunchunjenga, which stands in the background. During the Ravangla tour, you get to enjoy beautiful landscapes in a peaceful and pleasant atmosphere. 

Whether you go to Ravangla with family, friends, or loved ones, the trip will certainly be memorable. To make your trip planning easy, we've created a Ravangala Travel Guide that covers must-see attractions, local delicacies, accommodations, and practical tips.

Read the complete Ravangla travel guide and make an amazing trip to Ravangala.

Places to visit in Ravangla 

Ravangla is a bumble town adorned with a panoramic landscape that attracts tourists all year round. Because of its scenic beauty, tourists come from far and wide to see all the Ravangla tourist spots. There are many tourists who flock here each year to soak in the beauty of nature tucked away in the Sikkim hills. Here are some must-see places in Ravangla, Sikkim, that everyone should visit

  • Buddha Park: Visit Buddha Park, where you can see a 130-foot statue offering panoramic views of the Himalayas. If you are spiritually inclined or looking for a place to rejuvenate, this is the place for you
  • Yungdrung Kundrakling: Known as Bon Monastery, it features a Tibetan architectural style and offers a tranquil sanctuary.
  • Old Ralang Gompa: The ancient monastery is known for its spiritual atmosphere, beautiful traditional murals, and lively festivals. To gain a better understanding of Buddhist culture, you must visit this monastery
  • Temi Tea Estate: Stroll through lush green tea gardens, admire picturesque views, and taste organic Temi tea.
  • Village Borong: This picturesque village offers a tranquil ambiance and natural hot springs, making it an ideal spot for nature lovers.

Apart from these attractions in Ravangala, there are many others that you can visit as well.

Things to do in Ravangla

If you think Ravangla is a destination for nature lovers, couples, and families, you must consider thinking twice. Indulging and adrenaline-pumping activities attract experienced adventurers to this destination. It offers something for everyone, whether you are a birdwatcher or on a short trip. Here are some of the best things to do in Ravangla.

  • Trek to the Rayong Sunrise Point: Visit Rayong Sunrise Point to witness an amazing sunrise over the snow-covered Himalayan peaks. With a moderate difficulty level, this trail is suitable for both novices and experienced hikers.
  • Enjoy the aromatic environment in the Temi Tea Estate: Visit the Temi Tea Estate, the only tea plantation in Sikkim known for its high-quality organic tea. Additionally, you can visit the tea factory and taste some of the finest teas cultivated here.
  • Bird Watching at Rayong Sunrise View Point: The Rayong Sunrise View Point is an excellent location for birdwatchers to observe birds in their natural habitat. 

Best Time to Visit Ravangla 

The best time to visit Ravangla is between March and May and between September and December. Both times, the climate is suitable for exploring. Most places are open during these months, and people can easily visit them. Aside from exploring the top attractions, travelers can take part in adrenaline-pumping activities, and nature is at its best for nature lovers. Read more about the best time to visit Ravangla in detail. 

How to reach Ravangla 

The closest airport to Ravangla is Bagdogra Airport in Siliguri, West Bengal. After landing in Bagdogra, Ravangla can be reached via private cabs or prepaid taxis outside the airport. New Jalpaiguri Railway Station in West Bengal is the closest railhead to Ravangla. It is well connected to major cities in the country, with regular trains operating between them, making it the most accessible railway station in the region. With a well-connected road network, Ravangla is easily accessible from several regions. Read more about the how to reach Ravangla in detail. 

Accommodation in Ravangla 

Over time, Ravangla has become one of the most visited places in Sikkim, and this has steered the people to make things better for the travelers inside the town. One can find several accommodation options, from homestays to guesthouses to hotels. Depending on the group you are traveling with and your budget, you can make any choice in this quaint town of Sikkim. Some of the best hotels in Ravangla are Buddha Retreat, Wild Flower Retreat, The Barfung Retreat, Bon Farmhouse by Vista Rooms, Cloud’s End Retreat & Cafe, and more.

Where to eat in Ravangla 

Being a small, sleepy hill town, Ravangla doesn’t have much to offer in the name of fancy eateries or world cuisine. However, it offers some uniquely run small restaurants with distinctive personalities and can provide “experiential dining.”  Ravangla is famous for several dishes. Though they are not inventors, they use ingredients to make them slightly different from others. The best places to eat in Ravangla are Taste of Sikkim, Roots and Shoots, Alnus Bistro, Hilltop Rabong, Lotus Bakery, and more.  

How to get around in Ravangla?

The easiest way to get around in Ravangla is to take public transport and also you can explore the twon on foot. So, don’t need to worry as you can easily check out all the attractions of Ravangla. 

Travel tips

  • Ensure you keep medicines because 7000 ft. is the town's altitude. Many people feel problematic here.
  • Try to eat from local vendors because the regional cuisine and drinks here are delicious.
  • People here are very kind and heartwarming, but they do not try to indulge in activities that would hurt their spiritual or cultural sentiments.
  • It is better to avoid making trips to Ravangla during the monsoons. It receives high rainfall, and it can become a problem for you to explore and enjoy the places fully.
  • Keep a few woolen clothes in your bag, even if you visit here during the summer. The temperature at night decreases, and when it showers during the day, the temperature can be lower than expected.
  • Carrying a raincoat or umbrella all the time is a must; you never know when the downpour will start.

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