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South Sikkim Tourism

Sikkim is the northeast state of India, which is divided into four districts - East, West, North, and South. All of the districts have their headquarters, and so does the South Sikkim. South Sikkim is a famous religious and cultural hub which is also renowned for its natural wonders. South Sikkim is the smallest district in Sikkim, but not in terms of experience. It is nestled at an elevation of 400 m to 2000 m (approx.), giving commanding views of the snow-capped Himalayas and vast valleys.

Sikkim's religious and cultural essence is best observed in South Sikkim due to the presence of centuries-old monasteries or Gompas. But, other than its peaceful and spiritual aura, there are many winning things about South Sikkim tourism. Here tourists can explore the cluster of natural beauty in the form of lush green forests, pristine waterfalls, unique flora and fauna, and snow-wrapped mountains.

The availability of thrilling adventure sports like river rafting, camping, and trekking makes South Sikkim a paradise for adventure enthusiasts.

You can enjoy a vacation with thrill and natural beauty in South Sikkim. However, before embarking on a tour, check out this South Sikkim Travel guide that will help you to plan a great holiday.

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Why visit South Sikkim?

The reasons to visit South Sikkim are nowhere different from the usual reasons to visit the entire Sikkim. But there is one distinction in South Sikkim which is unique. South Sikkim is the only place in this state where the first and only tea garden is located. The Organic Temi Tea Estate tea is considered top-notch and, thus, widely served in the international markets. Tea lovers can savor the famous tea and learn about the plantations.

Another notable thing about South Sikkim is it has replicas of 12 Jyotirlingas and features a giant statue of Lord Shiva, a must-visit for the Mahadev's devotees.South Sikkim is less explored and a paradise for offbeat travelers who wish to spend time amidst the unexplored natural beauty. Therefore, the crowd is less, and tourists can make a hassle-free escape from their reality by indulging in adventure sports like boating, rafting, and forest walks. There are many tourist attractions in South Sikkim, which boasts stunning views of the Kanchenjunga peak.

How to reach South Sikkim?

Travelers can reach South Sikkim via air, train, and road. However, the best way to reach South Sikkim depends on the distance tourists are coming from. If someone is coming from a long distance like metro towns, it is best to reach the nearest airport to Sikkim, Siliguri- Bagdogra Airport. The distance from South Sikkim to Bagdogra Airport is around 130 kilometers, and it takes about 6 hours (approx.).

Outside the airport, the shared taxis and jeeps are operational. If someone is coming from the nearby Sikkim villages, it is best to arrive at the closest railway station - New Jalpaiguri Railway Station, 125 kilometers, and it takes around 6 hours (approx.). From the outside of the rail junction, the taxis are operational. Road travel is convenient and suggested from Sikkim's other districts, including East, West, and North.

Best Time to Visit South Sikkim

The best time to visit Sikkim's southern part is from April to June and September to February. These months mark the summers and winters, respectively, and the roads get clear for vehicular commutes within the South Sikkim trails. Any time of the year is an excellent time to visit South Sikkim except monsoon, as the region experiences landslides in this season. Besides the monsoon factor, the temperature and weather fluctuate significantly and go below zero in the winter months. Summers are balmy and salubrious, which makes the sightseeing tour comfortable.

Places to Visit in South Sikkim

For a vacation of a lifetime, there are many beautiful places to visit in South Sikkim. This region of Sikkim is known for jaw-dropping locales and panoramic views. Shutterbugs would be spoiled with landscape beauty because of the pictures of Buddhist monasteries, lush green valleys, snow-capped peaks, and unique flora and fauna. The charming locals of Ravangla, Namchi, Skip, Jorethang, Borong, and Rabong welcome tourists. Aside from the mainstream tourist attractions in South Sikkim, it has several hidden trails for trekking and greenery loads for camping fun with your loved ones.

Things to Do in South Sikkim

Even though the spectacular views of Mount Kanchenjunga come to mind when thinking of South Sikkim, you will be delighted to know that South Sikkim has an unending list of things to do in South Sikkim. As a result, this district of Sikkim has emerged as the hub of the best outdoor activities in which you can participate to test your adrenaline.

Witness the glorious sunrise at Ravangla over the snow-capped peaks. Then, take your binoculars to Maenam Wildlife Sanctuary to spot Marbled Cat, Barking Deer, and Red Panda. Come across the 87 feet (approx.) statue of Lord Shiva at solophok. You will also get amazed by the replicas of the 12 Jyotirlingas at the same place. Finally, enjoy rafting the rapids of Rangeet River at Skip. Add any of these adventure activities to your vacation to South Sikkim.

Accommodation in South Sikkim

The best views of the Himalayas and the green valleys right outside your room window-type accommodations in South Sikkim are plenty. Ravangla has a budget, medium, and luxury hotels for tourists. A handful of them includes Hotel Meanamla, The Barfung Retreat, and Club Mahindra Baiguney. The same accommodation type you will find in all the places to visit in South Sikkim. The very best hotels in Namchi include Sobralia Casino Resort and Spa for a rejuvenating experience with your special one.

Where to Eat in South Sikkim

Not only South Sikkim, but the entire Sikkim is well famous for its culinary delights. This district of Sikkim is surrounded by Nepal, Bhutan, and Tibet and significantly influences the food. In South Sikkim, the Tibetan delicacy - Momos- is a treat to your taste buds. Dhindo is yet another dish to relish when you are in South Sikkim. The dish has its origin in Nepal and has been fondly eaten and prepared by the locals in the valley. Finally, you must savor Kinema Curry, a favorite amongst the locals of Sikkim. You could locate the dining options in South Sikkim at almost all the tourist attractions. The best restaurants in South Sikkim are Unique Veg Restaurant in Namchi, Black Cat Dosa Point at Bardang, and Kookay Restaurants in Ravangla.

Shopping in South Sikkim

Take back the finest tea in India from the Temi Tea Garden. Then, shop the Tibetan woolen carpets and canvas paintings. South Sikkim is just like every other shopping place in Sikkim, so that you can buy fluttering flags and handcrafted and handwoven souvenirs from Namchi, Ravangla, and Borong.

Helpful Travel Tips to South Sikkim

  • Foreigners need restricted area permits for South Sikkim travel
  • Know how to deal with Acute Mountain Sickness at Ravangla’s altitude of 7,000 ft (approx.)
  • Monsoon is not the ideal time to plan due to landslides
  • Early summers and early winters are the best time to visit South Sikkim

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Frequently Asked Questions about South Sikkim Tourism

Q: How Many Days Are Enough to Visit South Sikkim?

Ans: 3-5 days (approx.) are sufficient to visit South Sikkim and enjoy relaxing sightseeing of the best tourist attractions in South Sikkim.

Q: How to Get Around South Sikkim

Ans: The best way to get around South Sikkim is by hiring a private taxi, self-drive car, or bike. Travelers with family must select the private taxi exploration option for comfort. While the backpackers can enjoy the thrill of mountain biking.

Q: What is Cost of South Sikkim tour package?

Ans: 14,000 INR - 55,000 INR (approx.) per person is the average budget for visiting South Sikkim. The trip cost also depends on several factors including the type of accommodations, mode of transport, sightseeing places, and duration of the trip.

Note: *Prices are subject to change according to your style of travel and number of days.