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Hawa Beach in Kovalam

Also known as Eve’s beach, Hawa Beach in Kovalam is opposite Lighthouse Beach and is surrounded by palm groves. This beach is extremely popular for its tranquility and scenic beauty. Watching the sunrise is one of the peaceful moments that attract travelers. You can also spot groups of fishermen getting ready to start their work. 

Activities at Hawa Beach 

If you have an adventurous streak, indulge in activities like parasailing, boat sailing, and windsurfing. Capture the natural beauty of this enchanting beach from your camera. If you are looking for a place to relax and rejuvenate, Hawa beach is the place to be. Just take a walk or laze around. On a moonlit night, the sight of blue sea waves touching the seashore looks breathtaking.

Best time to visit Hawa Beach

You can visit throughout the day, but for the best experience, winter is an ideal time. Adventure sports along with witnessing flora and fauna and cultural extravaganza can be enjoyed during this time.

How to reach Hawa Beach 

As the beach is located next to the famous Lighthouse Beach, reaching here will not be an issue. Moreover, buses and autos are available anywhere in the city or in Trivandrum.

Places to Stay Hawa Beach

Since Hawa Beach Kovalam is popular, accommodation is not a problem. Some of the top places to stay at or near Hawa Beach Kovalam are - 

  • Hawa Beach Resort
  • Gokulam Grand Turtle on the Beach
  • The Raviz Kovalam
  • Hotel Sea Face
  • Amara Ayurveda Resort

Restaurants near Hawa Beach

As this beach is famous, many food joints have opened, serving lip-smacking snacks. Here is a list of the top places you can eat at on your visit to the Kovalam’s Hawa Beach - 

  • Catamaran Restaurant
  • Patiala Restaurant
  • The Cafe Coffee
  • Sea Rock Restaurant
  • Bombay Chaatwala


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