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The Jain Temple Mount Abu

Looking for a perfect holiday destination in India? Moreover, if you prefer to visit a place in India that is embedded with a large variety of tourist attractions, then there can be hardly any place better than Rajasthan. Rajasthan in India is most famous fro its desert. However, people who have been to this state have realized that that Rajasthan has much more in store. There are a number of places that hardly lets you feel that you are in a desert state in India. One such place is Mount Abu in Rajasthan. Like most other tourist places in Rajasthan, Mount Abu also has a number of tourist attractions. The temples in Rajasthan are also a great attraction for the tourists. Their religious significance mostly attracts the devotees whereas their architectural beauty is a major draw for tourists. The Jain Temple in Mount Abu is one such temple that has these attractions to attract a large number of tourists. Built between 11th and 113th century A.D, the temple is dedicated to Jain thirthankaras. Hence, you must visit the temple during your Mount Abu tour.

The sheer beauty of the temple is a major draw for the tourists. Built of marbles, it is one of the greatest attractions for tourists. The beauty of the temple will make you wonder about the wonderful skills of the craftsman. There are various features of the temple that are great attraction for the tourists. On visiting the temple you will be able to witness the 58 old smaller cells. These cells contain a duplication of the image of Bhimadeva. Features like the 48 intricately carved pillar in the temple with female figures carved in different poses will reveal the magnificent art work of the temple. The marvelous courtyard of the temple is also sight for the tourists. The various features will give an in-depth look of the history of the place. Moreover, the marvelous art work will be one also give you an idea about the artwork of the Royal bygone era.

The trip to the Jain temple will surely be a great one for you. A walk down the temple complex will provide you a unique old world charm. Hence, if you are an ardent traveler, then do visit Mount Abu at least once during your lifetime. During your Mount Abu visit make it a point to visit the The Jain Temple at least once.

There are a number of operators which provides trip to Mount Abu. However, it is suggested top avail the tour from an operator who possesses the required expertise and experience. Indianholiday.com is one such tour operator which has the required level of expertise and experience to deliver a quality tour to Mount Abu. The tour also includes visit to the Jain Temple.

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