Top 17 Places for Trekking in Uttarakhand

Fondly known as ‘the land of Gods’, Uttarakhand state is a wonderful amalgam of abundant scenic beauty and adventure opportunities. Many holiday makers and adventure fanatics flock the state in search of best places for trekking in Uttarakhand.

Placed amid the mighty Himalayas, Uttarakhand boasts of owning some of the best trekking routes of India and allures trekking enthusiasts from all around the globe. The rugged beauty of these mountains looks soothing to the eyes too. Visitors can surely savor the tranquility spread all around. There are innumerable trekking routes in Uttarakhand that take you to various towns, temples, lakes, glaciers, waterfalls and other attractions. The blog enlists top 17 trails for Trekking in Uttarakhand.

Roopkund Trek

roopkund-trek: Trekking in Uttarakhand

Popularly known as the ‘Skeleton Lake’, Roopkund Lake is extremely popular for the mystery connected to it. Lying at an altitude of 14638 feet, Lying at an altitude of 14638 feet, the lake and its surrounded are sprinkled with thousands of human bones and skeletons. It is said they are the skeletal remains of a group of travelers who got caught in a natural disaster that happened in the 14th century. The fact that this is one of the exciting summer treks in Uttarakhand that goes through spectacular terrains and could be undertaken by beginners. This makes it one of the most popular trails for trekking in Uttarakhand.

The lake is placed on the route to the pilgrimage site of Nanda Devi temple is known to have a challenging terrain along with Bedni Bugyal grasslands and stunning snow-clad peaks. The trek to Roopkund Lake takes around seven and nine days where trekkers cross religious sites, lush forests, cascading streams, clean snow and, peaks of Bedni Bugyal and Trisul.

This trek begins from Lohajung, following an uphill climb, arriving at Ran ki Dhar, then to Bhaguwagasa and then finally to Roopkund. Human skeletons are visible at the lake’s bottom when the snow melts.

  • Altitude: 4463 m /14638 feet
  • Grade: Moderate to Challenging
  • Duration: 9 Days
  • Season: May – June and September – October

Valley of Flowers Trek


Adorned with attractive wildflowers and a vast variety of fauna, the Valley of Flowers trek is a heaven for nature lovers as well as photographers. Considered one of the best places for trekking in India, Valley of Flower trek has slim passages, craggy terrains, sharp climbs and alluring views of the surrounding mountains. Arrive at Rishikesh where you board a bus to Joshimath (11 hours). Later, reach Govindghat from where you embark on a 14-km trek along the Lakshman Ganga River. From Ghangria, it is a 3-km ascend to the valley.

Climbing the vigorous landscapes, it takes around some hours to arrive at the main valley. On reaching the plains, explore the place, experience the magic of nature and do not forget to click pictures of flower, birds and butterflies. The valley was founded by mountaineer and explorer Frank Smith in 1931. It is considered as one of the best places to go in monsoon in India.

Declared a national park in 1982, today it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. As the valley is on a high altitude, in winters it gets covered with a sheet of snow. As the layer melts in summers, the colorful beauty of the place gets revealed. There is no accommodation or camping facility here and one has to return the same day.

  • Altitude: 3858 m / 12654 feet
  • Grade: Easy
  • Duration:  6-7 days
  • Season: End June – October
  • Timings: 07:00 AM – 05:00 PM

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Pindari Glacier Trek


Sandwiched between the Nanda Devi Peak and Nanda Kot Peak, the Pindari Glacier Trek is one of the most popular attractions in Uttarakhand, lying in the upper Kumaon Himalayas. Known as the ‘Soul of Kumaon’ by the locals, this trek boasts of magnificent glaciers, gushing rivers, colorful flowers, cascading waterfalls, thick forests, and immense natural beauty.

A must-visit site for avid photographers, nature lovers and adventure enthusiasts, this glacier trek takes you across unknown villages and locations of the ‘Dev Bhoomi’ that are known to mythological connections. Admire the sturdy wooden bridges from where you can treat your eyes to the green environment while enjoying your summer vacation in Uttarakhand.

Close to another popular trekking site of India- Kafni Glacier, this glacier trek is popular amid expert as well as novice trekkers. Do not forget to interact with the warm and friendly locals.

  • Altitude: 4150 m / 13612 feet
  • Grade: Moderate
  • Duration: 10 days
  • Season: April – June and September – October

Chopta- Chandrashila Trek


This route is the one of the popular trails for winter trekking in Uttarakhand. Famed as ‘Mini Switzerland’ Chopta village of the Garhwal Himalayas and the ‘Moon Rock’ or the Chandrashila, together arrive at an altitude of 4000 m at the summit of Chandrashila. The trek starts from Ukhimath, passing via Deoria Tal, you arrive at Chopta (2900 m above the sea level). Continue to the popular village of Uttarakhand- Tugnath which is an important base of the Chopta Chandrashila trek. Finally arrive at Chandrashila summit to savor the natural scenery and tranquility.

From the top, you can enjoy views of various peaks like Trishul peak, Chaukambha peak, Nanda Devi peak, Banderpucnh peak and Kedarnath peak. In Tungnath, do not forget to pay visit to the Tungnath temple- highest temple of Lord Shiva (3470 m), accessible through a short but difficult trek. Trekkers can undertake this trek at any time of the year except December and January when the region is covered with heavy snow.

The trek is going to have a lot of highlights like varied fauna, avifauna and flora, along with towering deodar, pine and rhododendrons trees. The natural scenery would be a charmer and quite refreshing. You can also enjoy camping at the Devariyatal Lake.

  • Altitude: 4090 m / 13415 feet
  • Grade: Easy to Moderate
  • Duration: 6 days
  • Season: All Round the Year (except December and January)

Panch Kedar Trek


Covering 5 shrines of Lord Shiva in the captivating Kedar valley, Panch Kedar trek offers a memorable experience, away from the chaos of the city life. Ideal for planning a holiday in Uttarakhand, the trek lures both novice as well as expert trekking enthusiasts. The trail is a wonderful mix of serenity and beautiful scenic charm.

The trek begin from Kalpeshwar, popular for its cave temple where the mated hair of Lord Shiva appeared. Continue towards Rudranath, known to be the place where the head of The Lord appeared. Next is the village of Tungnath, also the middle point of the trek. It has the Tugnath temple- the world’s highest Shiva Temple where his arms appeared. Next is Madhya Maheshwar, the site where the naval of the Lord appeared. The trek comes to an end at Kedarnath where the Lord appeared in the form of a bull.

  • Altitude: 3584 m
  • Grade: Moderate
  • Duration: 17 Days (real trekking- 12 days)
  • Season: April-June and September-October

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Dodital Trek


Dodital-Dayara Bugyal trek is one of the most amazing trek routes in Uttarakhand where one can also enjoy skiing in the winter season. The trail passes through wonderful Barsu and Barnala Bugyal, after which you climb above Barnala ridge where you relish the views of Barnala Lake. Now, ascend through thick alpine forest, taking you to the meadows of Dayara. Continue the trail to Nimdhar, finishing it, at the stunning Dodital Lake, enveloped by the thick pine, oak and Deodar jungles. The stunning view of the Himalayas from one of the best trekking places in India are waiting for you.

Dodital Lake is known to the birth place of Lord Ganesha. Pay homage to the Lord at a temple here, which is devoted to him. The trek journey can commence either from Uttarkashi, Hanuman Chatti or Kalyani. In the clear waters of the lake, spot the reflection of Chaukambha and Neelkanth peaks. Read More

  • Altitude: 4150 m / 13612 feet
  • Grade: Moderate
  • Duration: 10 Days
  • Season: Mid-March – Mid- November

Kalindikhal Pass Trek


Offering a visit to some of the most popular Hindu religious sites and a varied variety of mammals, the Kalindikhal Pass Trek is known to be one of the most celebrated treks in the Garhwal region of the Himalayas. Also one of the most difficult treks of the Himalayas, it is ideal for physically fit expert trekkers.

The high- altitude expedition starts from Gangotri and end at Badrinath where you reach via Kalindikhal. Boulders, scree, glaciers and snow, make the trek a challenging one. During the trek, there are halts at Tapovan (4250 m), Nandanvan (4500 m), Vasuki Tal (5300 m), Kalindi Base (5590 m), Kalindikhal (5948 m), Arwa Tal (3980 m), and Gashtoli (3600 m).

The highlight of this route is that it offers you a chance to visit half of the Garhwal region, from the River Bhagirathi valley to the River Alaknanda valley. You can also see snow-clothed peaks such as Shivling, Satopanth, Vasuki, Chandra Parvat, and Bhagirathi.

  • Altitude: 5946 m / 19500 feet
  • Grade: Challenging – Tough
  • Duration: 20 Days
  • Season: Mid June – July and August

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Nanda Devi Trek


Accompanied by 6 shepherds, a British team of trekkers, first explored the beauty of the wild beauty at the Nanda Devi Sanctuary, in the year 1934. This was followed by several visits eventually harming the place. In 1983, the sanctuary was closed by the Government of India. However, things have changed now and one is explore the place to their heart’s satisfaction.

Trekking on the high altitudes is challenging but the panorama that you finally savor is matchless. Captivating mountain species Brown Bear, Serow, Himalayan Thar and Bharal can be spotted here. Another highlight is the view of 12 peaks including Nanda Kot, Changaband, Trishul and Dunagiri. Nanda Devi is counted as one of the best trekking places in India and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Read More

  • Altitude: 4250 m / 13940 feet
  • Grade: Moderate to Challenging
  • Duration: 10 Days
  • Season: Mid April – October

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Kuari Pass Trek (Curzon’s Trail)


One of the easier treks in Uttarakhand, perfect for beginners, the Kuari Pass Trek is also known as Curzon Trail as it was first covered by Lord Curzon in 1905. Accessible through a sleek goat track, the trek offers panoramic views of several peaks like Kamet, Gauri Parvat, Nanda Devi, Dronagiri, Neelkanth, Haathi-Ghodi Parvat, Chaukhamba and Kedarnath.

Beyond this, the trek offers you a chance to walk amid birch, bamboo, oak and conifer forests, pristine rivers, exotic wild species, peaceful ambiance and velvety meadows. You also walk past Vinayak Pass and Tai top. Located in Nanda Devi Biosphere reserve, the trek begins from Dhak village, continues to Tali camp and then to Gorsen Bugyal.

Listen to the roar of gushing rivers Mandakini, Kaliganga and Dhauli Ganga. The experience of exploring this superb summer destination in India is going to be a memorable one. Read More

  • Altitude: 4265 m / 13990 feet
  • Grade: Easy to Moderate
  • Duration: 10 Days
  • Season: April – June and September – Mid November

Rupin Pass Trek


Uninhabited by humans, Rupin pass is placed at 15, 250 feet above sea level, starts at Dhaula in Uttarakhand and comes to an end in Sangla in Himachal Pradesh. The trek is placed along the River Rupin and takes you through icy slopes, rocks, glaciers, snow fields, wooden bridges, appealing hamlets, gushing rivers, velvety meadows and evergreen Deodar forests.

There are some alternate trekking routes as well. Apart from several natural wonders, this trek also offers camping opportunities amid green jungles. Though the difficulty level is moderate but as per the intensity of snow, the trail might become a challenging one. The view of Kinner Kailash range is also fabulous. Read More

  • Altitude: 4,650 m / 15,250 feet
  • Grade: Moderate
  • Duration: 8 days
  • Season: Mid May to June and September to end of October

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Har Ki Dun Trek


Situated at a height of 3566 m in the Western Ganges of the Garhwal Himalayas, Hanging valley of Gods, also known as Har ki Doon, is a moderate trek, offering a wonderful experience to the trekker. This cradle-shaped valley is enveloped by sparkling peaks and dense forests. Make your Summer Vacations in Uttarakhand more exciting by unveiling the secrets of the inhabitants who reside in the valley and still practice polygamy and worship Duryodhana, a Kaurawa brother from Mahabharata, as their deity.

Boasting of immense serenity and untouched natural beauty, this trek has a vast and varied variety of flora and fauna. It is also said that this was the place from where the Pandava brothers reached heaven. The trail also has the rare tree species of Bhojpatra and Brahmakamal along with Jaundar glacier and Swargarohini glacier. Not clicking photographs would be a crime.

  • Altitude: 3566 m / 11697 feet
  • Grade: Easy To Moderate
  • Duration: 8 days
  • Season: March – June and September – Mid November

Nag Tibba Trek


Nagtibba or the ‘Mountain of the Serpent’, placed in the lesser Himalayan region is a wonderful experience for adventure seekers. The locals believe that this range is an abode of the Nag Devta, who is worshiped by them as a deity. The trek is also known for offering memorable sunrise and sunset views. Savor the views of Kedarth peak, Bandarpoonch peak, Changbang peak and Gangotri peaks.

There are four routes to Nag Tibba peak, Pantwari village route being the most popular one. The other routes are from Devalsari village, Aunter and Mangalori Village. Trekkers need to really careful. Cover the trail during the day light so that you avoid encountering bears. The trek also includes camping. Read More

  • Altitude: 3048 m / 9998 feet
  • Grade: Easy
  • Duration: 6 Days
  • Season: Round the year (except July and August)

Deoria Tal – Chandrashila peak Trek


Plenty of greenery in the forests, bird watching and a grand summit climb are the main heights of Deoria Tal Chandrashila peak Trek. Deoria Tal and Chandrashila Trek with village Chopta is a short trek offering breathtaking views of the surroundings. The first half of the trek takes you to Deoria Tal, at an altitude of 2438 m above the sea level. From the Chaukhamba Peak up till the lake, savor the image of the environment in the mirror-like water. Continue towards Chopta through lush meadows amid the Himalayas. The route then takes you to the Tungnath temple- the world’s highest Lord Shiva temple.

Spot exotic flora and fauna, as you walk along catching the views of Bandarpoonch peak, Kedar peak and Chaukhamba peak. After a km -long trek from the temple, you reach Chandrashila peak summit. The panorama around here is magical making it the best summer treks in Uttarakhand.

There lodging at the Himalayan Eco Lodges and Camps at Kund, the base of the Deoria Tal and Chandrashila trek. This site is overlooking gushing Mandakini River below the Kedar peak. Read More

  • Altitude: Chandrashila Peak – 12,083 feet, Deoriatal – 7,841 feet.
  • Grade: Easy to Medium
  • Duration: 6 days
  • Season: All around the year except mid-December to April

Kafni Glacier Trek


Placed southwards of Nanda Kot hill, on the Eastern side of the Pindar canyon, Kafni glacier has been blessed with peaceful as well as charming surroundings, popular amid travelers. The place also has exotic flora and fauna. The place has an unbeatable allure. The trail to the glacier covers the same trek till Dwali, as the route to Pindari glacier. Kafni glacier is 12 km away from Dwali via Byali Udiyar.

The route is broad and is covered with blooming rhododendron trees. The chief Himalayan summits visible from here are Nandabhnar (6236 m) and Nandakot (6860 m). After Dwali, only camping and tent stay is possible. Set up a camp at Byali Udiyar grassland and caves and pat your back for planning a holiday in Uttarakhand.

  • Altitude: 4000 m
  • Grade: Moderate
  • Duration: 10 Days
  • Season: May – October

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Panchachuli Base Camp Trek


Nestled amid snow-clothed mountains, the Panchachuli Base Camp begin from the Darma valley of Pithoragarh district. Blessed with stunning natural vistas, the trek trail to Panchachuli glacier, amid the Kumaon Himalayas, is festooned with snow-covered peaks, varied flora and fauna, gushing rivers, Alpine meadows and appealing landscapes. Lying along the River Dhauliganga, the trekking route, placed in the eastern Kumaon Himalayas, is like a connecting link between Darma valley and Gori Ganga Valley.

Dar is the last road that is around 42 km Dharchula. The walk from Dar to the glacier is a pleasing one. The trek takes you through tribal hamlets like Sela, Bongling, Duktu, Nagling, and Baaling and Duktu that are placed beside Dhauliganga River, and thick deodar, Bhojpatra and conifer jungles.

The 5 snow-clad mountains of Panchachuli offer a stunning sight and beautify the Him Khand, River Yuli enveloped by lush forests of Deodaar, and conifer trees. The scenic beauty all throughout the trek is matchless. Read More

  • Altitude: 4260 m / 13975 feet
  • Grade: Moderate
  • Duration: 12 days
  • Season: Mid April – Mid October

Auden’s Col Trek


One of the most difficult treks in the Garhwal region, Auden’s Col trek joins two valleys, Rudragaira valley and Bhilangana valley. Starting from Gangotri, the trail makes may to Nala camp, crossing birch and pine forests. Next is a day trek to the Rudra Gaira Base Camp offering amazing views of the snow-covered Himalayan peaks.

The next halt is at the Gangotri base camp from where the trek to the Auden’s Col base camp starts. The trek to the Khatling glacier is although strenuous but it is all worth because of the stunning views. The descending trek begins after Masar Tal, Vasuki Tal, coming to an end at Kedarnath. The exhilarating experience makes it one of the best summer treks in Uttrakhand.

Lying at an altitude of 5,490 m, Auden’s Col is one of the high -altitude mountain passes in the Garhwal Himalayas. Embarking on its trek is truly a fascinating experience. Adore views of Rudragaira, Jogin, Bhagirathi and Kedar Dome peaks. Read More

  • Altitude: 5450 m / 17876 feet
  • Grade: Challenging – Tough
  • Duration: 18 Days
  • Season: Mid May to Early October

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