12 Top Tourist Places to Visit in Uttarakhand

A land blessed with soaring Himalayan heights, dense lush jungles, world-renowned ashrams, sacred temples and peaceful locations, Uttarakhand is often referred to as Dev Bhoomi. Mesmerizing sights fill every corner of the state, exuding a profound sense of sacredness. This is also the place where religious destinations abound and pilgrimage traffic is as much conspicuous as tourist traffic. It seems even Gods too find these places in Uttarakhand, incomparable to any other place in India.

But, what heavenly charms that the state hold? Below we mention 12 Top Tourist Places to Visit in Uttarakhand and reveal to you the almost other-worldly attractions the state conceal within its many destinations. Find out why that it’s not for nothing, the state is called, one of the most beautiful and colorful states in the country.

The Top 12 Tourist Places to Visit in Uttarakhand

Nainital- A serenity within the chaos and chaos within the serenity!

Nainital: Tourist Places to Visit in UttarakhandA land cradled in the enveloping sights of seven mountains, Nainital has always been one of the top hill stations in India. There is no escape from the mesmerizing views that nature has to offer here. The immediate draw is the crescent shapes Naini Lake from which the name Nainital has been derived. The experience of boating in the wonderful weather with enchanting sights all around is something difficult to forget.

Another lure is the exotic Nainital Zoo, with its many exquisite species. Some other attractions such as the Eco Cave Garden and the Astronomy Institution ARIES identifies Nainital with nature studies and exploration. Located at a height of 1,938 meters above sea level, Nainital is also famously referred to as the Lake District of India.

  • Ideal Destination to Visit for: Couple and families, Honeymooners, Office Goers
  • Best time to Visit: April to June
  • Things to do: Boating at Naini lake, Trekking, Tiffin top, Land ends, Himalayan view point, Naina Peak

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Mussoorie- Where the clouds dare!

Kempty Fall

Kempty Fall

Located at a stunning height of 6000 feet, Mussoorie one of the best hill stations in Uttarakhand, being called the “Queen of hills”. With snow-covered Himalayan peaks on view, the land is abundant in opulent natural beauty and has an incredible climate too. While the summers are pleasant, the winters are chilling. The beauty of the Mussoorie was such that it mesmerized Captain Young of the British army who in 1820, made this place his residence.

Since the destination lies on the top of the charts of the travelers, the charms are definitely unique and blissful. One can see and touch the trail of clouds passing by. Kempty Falls is unmistakably worth visiting. Mussoorie is a place where everyone can enjoy wonderful holidays. The place is especially popular with Honeymooners.

  • Ideal Destination to Visit for: Romantic Couples, Honeymooners, Family, Friends, Nature and Photography lovers.
  • Best time to Visit: March to June and September to November
  • Things to do: Kempty Falls, Gun hills, Camel’s back road, Mall Road, Company Garden

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Haridwar-Enter the God’s Domain!


One of the most revered and most visited pilgrimage destination in India, Haridwar is located on the banks of the sacred Ganges and furnish ethereal sights. Haridwar literally means “a gateway to God” and marks the place where River Ganges descends from the mountains into plains. Following the age-old traditions and legacies, a large number of Hindus could be seen offering prayers and oblations to their ancestors and departed loved ones.

A lot of significance is has been attributed to Haridwar in Hindu religious scriptures and texts. It is believed to be the same place where the celestial nectar fell from the heavens in the clash between the gods and the demons.

Har-ki Pauri is the most famous spot from where maximum people take a dip in the Ganges. The temples of Chandi Devi and that of Maya Devi and Mansa Devi are also famous locations. The sight of evening arti is simply amazing with the view of golden earthen lamps against the rapidly flowing Ganges is breathtaking beyond words.

  • Ideal Destination to Visit for: Friends, Family, Couples, Devotees, Pilgrims
  • Best time to Visit: All round the year, except Monsoons.

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Dehradun- A town that never fails to attract.


The capital city of the Uttarakhand State, the charm of this amazing destination has not abated notwithstanding the ever increasing graph of tourism and rapid commercialization. Located in the Doon Valley, on the foothills of the majestic Himalayas, Dehradun lies curled up between India’s two splendid rivers-Ganga and Yamuna. Full of most picturesque landscapes with an incredible weather and ambience, Dehradun is a cherished location, irresistible to all kinds of travelers.

There is plenty to sightsee and enjoy in Dehradun. Brimming with unique views, adventures and inexhaustible fun is the Robber’s cave. Buddha’s temple is another fantastic and famous structure that visitors can access. It draws thousands of tourist pilgrims and Buddhism lovers from across the world every year. Besides there is Malsi Deer Park, Tapkeshwar Mandir and Paonta Sahab Gurdwara which can be visited and admired.

The best time to visit Dehradun is during the spring season while the charms of the autumn season are also great to enjoy and relish.

  • Ideal Destination to Visit for: Family, Friends, Romantic Couples, Nature and peace lovers.
  • Best time to Visit: March to April and October and November
  • Things to Do: Robber’s Cave, Mindrolling Monestery, Sahastradhara, Rajai National Park

Almora- A little town with amazing wonders.

Jaggeshwar Temple

Jaggeshwar Temple

Almora is an amazing destination, known far and wide for its exquisite beauty, lush verdure, a rich cultural heritage and mouth-watering cuisines. Located at an elevation of 1,638 meters above sea level, Almora is surrounded all over by beautiful picturesque districts Pithoragarh, Nainital, and Bageshwar and is a great place to absorb natural views and scenic ambience.

Established by the kings of the Chand dynasty, Almora attracts hundreds and thousands of tourists every year and is perceived as an important business hub of the Kumaon region. Some important attractions like the Chitai Golu Devta Temple, Katarmal Sun Temple, Govind Ballabh Pant Museum are also famous spots of spiritual and tourist activity.

  • Ideal Destination to Visit for: Romantic Couples, Honeymooners, adventure enthusiasts, solo travelers.
  • Best time to Visit: All throughout the year except monsoons.
  • Things to do: Bright End Corner, Kasar Devi Temple, Jageshwar Dham, Trekking

Rishikesh-The hub of Yoga and Philosophy!

ganga-river-rafting-in-rishiekshThis Yoga capital of the world is one of the most sacred destinations in Uttarakhand. The rapid rush of Ganges, surrounded by enchanting snow and verdure covered hills is one of the most enchanting sights to witness. In the evening, the spectacular Ganga Arti is truly breathtaking as the experience transports you into a heavenly ecstasy which is simply incredible to realize.

While the presence of saffron clad monks and sadhus, the innumerable temple bells and sounds of the cymbals and gongs, the hymns and chants render Rishikesh a spiritual connotation, the presence of diverse water sports, especially rafting, kayaking and bungee jumping gives an altogether different meaning to Rishikesh.

Rishikesh is also one of the best places for adventure trekking in Uttarakhand as well. The destination is suitable for both – those coming for relaxation and those coming for adventure, thus it is quite a popular site. The best time to visit Rishikesh is from May to November.

  • Ideal Destination to Visit for: Friends, Family, Couples, Devotees, Pilgrims
  • Best time to Visit: All round the year, except Monsoons.
  • Things to do: Triveni Ghat, Swarg Ashram, Camping, Rafting, bungee jumping, Yoga, Ram Jhula

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Chamoli- Find Tranquility in the cradle of Himalayas!

chamoliAlso referred to as the “Abode of Gods”, Chamoli is a wonderful tourist destination, dispersed with shrines, temples and many other alluring draws and attractions. Birthplace of the renowned Chipko movement, Chamoli is famous for its traditions and rich Garhwal culture. The town is a part of “Kedar Khand” and is beautifully located in the central Himalayas, perched at a height of 1,300 meters.

The best part about Chamoli is its weather, which remains pleasant and salubrious throughout the year. With the presence of colorful flora and fauna, the town attracts plenty of tourists every year. Tourist can find many places of interest in Chamoli. Besides other important tourist places such as The Valley of Flowers, Hemkund Sahib, Auli, and Badrinath etc. are located nearby Chamoli. It’s a wonderful place for friends and family outing.

  • Ideal Destination to Visit for: Photographers, adventure lovers, pilgrims and peace lovers.
  • Best time to Visit: All round the year except monsoons.
  • Things to Do: Trekking, sightseeing, photography, skiing, and cable car rides

Jim Corbett- The Adventure Begins Here!  

corbett-elephant-safariOne of the most favorite places in Uttarakhand and in India for lovers of wildlife and tigers in particular, Jim Corbett is home to a bountiful wealth of flora and fauna. Spread in the vast expanse of 520 square kilometers, the landscape around the park comprise of riverine belts, grasslands, large lake, marshy depressions and surrounding hills. The sights and sounds of Royal Bengal tigers in all their majesty rings in the mind long after one’s visit to this house of natural exoticness.

For the convenience of the visitors, the park has been divided into 5 different zones. The wildlife safaris are especially sought after attraction and furnish great fun and adventure. Not only animals, but there is an amazing variety of birds at Jim Corbett as well. Thus, be assured to find allures for every kind of traveler. Being a famous tourist spot, there are plenty of accommodation options nearby so lodging is not at all a problem at this exquisite place.

  • Ideal Destination to Visit for: Wildlife and Nature enthusiasts, Photography enthusiasts, adventure travelers, family and friends.
  • Best time to Visit: December to February.
  • Things to do: Elephant rides, Jungle safari, photography, sightseeing

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Auli- Best Destination for skiing and other winter sports.

auliOne of the best skiing destinations in India, any tour to Uttarakhand is incomplete without visiting Auli. Perched at a height of 2,519 to 3,050 meters above sea level, Auli is often called as “Bugyal” which literally translates as a meadow. During winters, the place literally gets covered in thick sheets of snow providing enough scope for world class winter sports.

Auli played host to First SAF winter games in 2011 and since then quickly acquired prominence in the world charts as a destination of international significance. Some of the other important attractions in this small hill town are Auli Artificial Lake, Gorson Bugyal and Kauri Pass etc., all famous for their wonderful scenic views.

With a wonderful weather pervading all over the town throughout the 12 months, Auli can be easily categorized into a year-round destination.

  • Ideal Destination to Visit for: Friends, Romantic Couples, Mountain and Nature Lovers and Ski Enthusiasts.
  • Best time to Visit: All year round destination. November to February for snow.
  • Things to Do: Skiing, enjoying the natural beauty and artificial lake, Mountains

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Lansdowne- A lazy man’s paradise!

lansdowne-hillOne of the still lesser known tourist destinations in Uttarakhand, Lansdowne is adorned with guileless beauty and a quiet and serene atmosphere. Although perched at an altitude of 1,700 meters above sea level, Lansdowne is well linked to other nearby towns by good motorable roads. Surrounded by a rich thicket of oak and pine trees, the town got its name from Lord Lansdowne, who was the Viceroy of India during the time Lansdowne was founded.

Due to its relatively remote location, the town still harbor many unexplored charms and un-spoilt locations. The environment is relatively much cleaner and due to the presence of some military institutions, is better planned and maintained. Thus is a great place to spend some peaceful holidays in Uttarakhand.

    • Ideal Destination to Visit for: Couples, Honeymooners, Families and Friends.
    • Best time to Visit: April to June
    • Things to do:  Enjoy the nature beauty, Museums, Tip-in-top point, Bhulla tal lake

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Valley of Flowers- The Riot of millions of hues!

valley-of-flowetThere are few places in India that exude such a breathtaking charm as Valley of Flowers. Covering a wide expanse of 87.50 square kilometers, this incredible destination is perched at a height of 3,658 meters above sea level. Valley of Flowers was accidently discovered by the British mountaineer duo- Frank. S. Smythe and RL. Holdsworth. The valley now forms the part of the second core zone of the Nanda Devi Biosphere Reserve.

The views of the Valley of flowers appear like straight out of some heaven. Even before that there are exotic waterfalls, wonderful glaciers and lush forests en route to the valley. The Valley is filled with almost a bewildering variety of flowers such as Saxifrags, lilies, daisies, zinnia, geranium, celendular etc. Due to its incomparable beauty and sheer grace, the region has been declared a UNESCO world heritage. One of the best places to visit in Uttarakhand, the site is must visit destination in the state.

  • Ideal Destination to Visit for: Family, Friends, Romantic Couples
  • Best time to Visit: July to August
  • Things to do: Trekking, photography

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Chardham- The nectar of immortality!

chardhamUttarakhand is called the land of Gods and the famous Chota Char-Dham Yatra is one of its many highlights. All the four sites of the Chota Char Dham- Kedarnath, Badrinath, Gangotri and Yamunotri, adorn this wonderful state as together with the ancient legends their spiritual significance, render Uttarakhand with almost a mystical charm.

Each year, the state receives an upward of 250,000 pilgrims who find the wonderfully exotic sites of Uttarakhand, inspiring towards their devotion. With its great significance in the Hindu religion, the Chardham is one of major reasons for visitors flocking to Uttarakhand. Along with a refreshing ambience and great visual delights, the state is an ideal place to unwind and feel lost in the devotion for God.

  • Ideal Destination to Visit for: Devotees, Pilgrims, Friends
  • Best time to Visit: April to June

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Kausani- A panorama of breathtaking sights!

kausaniOne of the most distinguished tourist destinations in Uttarakhand, for its vast panoramic views and the lush of nature, Kausani is wonderful picnic spot for an exotic holiday. Everything associated with Kausani seems enchanted. The mesmerizing snow clad hills, bubbling creeks, silent valleys and dense forests with monumental coniferous trees are sights to behold. The heavenly sights of peaks such as Nanda Devi, Panchachuli and Trishul are also clearly visible.

Kausani is filled with a delightful refreshing weather and a captivating climate. The hill station is located at an impressive altitude of 1890 meters above sea level. Its fascinating ambience also charmed Mahatma Gandhi, who stayed at the Anashakti Ashram while penning down his book” Anasakti Yoga”.

Kausani has an all year round allure although, the best time to visit the place is often perceived to be between April and June and then from September to November. Nevertheless, with charms like it, the place is a great relaxing spot for taking your family and friends along.

  • Ideal Destination to Visit for: Nature lovers, Romantic Couples, Photography Enthusiasts, Friends
  • Best time to Visit: March to May
  • Things to do: Anasakti Ashram, Baijnath Temple, Tea Estate

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