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Travel Tips for Leh Ladakh

Located on the eastern part of Jammu and Kashmir, Ladakh is a high altitude desert and the only one of its kind in India. The waters of the Zanskar River irrigate the terrain in Ladakh. Leh, the capital of Ladakh, better known as Little Tibet, owing to its Tibetan heritage and the large number of monastries sprinkled here and there, is characterized by bronze colored mountain ranges and a crystal blue sky. When you plan a trip to Ladakh, you must have a fair idea about what to do and what no to, in Ladakh for Leh and Ladakh is a land of extremities. Here are relevant travel tips for Leh-Ladakh.

Climate in, and Best Time to Visit Leh-Ladakh

The climate in Ladakh is characterized by relatively hot summers and very cold winters. The summer temperature stays around 30 degrees centigrade and winter temperature falls down to -20 degrees centigrade. Ladakh remains open for tourist throughout the year, but the best period for tours, and trekking in Ladakh, is between June and October. Much of the trekking routes in Ladakh are closed after November due to heavy snowfall in the high passes, except the Liker to Kahltsey (Sham) trek. The best period for a trek to Chadar is from January to Mid-March.

What to wear

Shirt and shorts can do during the daytime but after sunset the climate gets chilly and one needs a Jacket or pullover. However, while trekking above 4000m, you need warm clothing. Sometimes there is rain or snow in early June and therefore it is wiser to carry windcheaters or raincoats.
While waterproof shoes are a must while trekking, an extra pair of shoes and sandals, always comes in handy.

A good, strong, spacious rucksack is needed, for you to carry your items of use. Sleeping bags and bed rolls must be carried.

How to Reach Ladakh :

By Air

Indian Air Lines operates regular flights to Leh from Delhi, which flies twice a week between Leh to Jammu, and once a week from Srinagar. Jet Airways, a private airlines company operates daily flights between Leh to Delhi.

By Road

The Srinagar to Leh road remains open from early June to November. The Jammu and Kashmir State Road Transport Corporation operates regular deluxe and ordinary bus services on this route.

The Manali - Leh Road remains open from the middle of June to early October. Himachal Pradesh tourism, HRTC and Manali private bus union, operates a daily bus service which takes two days to reach Leh, after a night halt at Sarchu or Darcha.

Tit-bits Travel tips for Leh-Ladakh

  • Carry hard cash - credit cards are mostly unaccepted
  • Beware of high-altitude sickness - consult doctor if needed
  • Take proper rest, food and sufficient amounts of water
  • Do not photograph people without permission
  • In case of mountaineering accidents, you have to take help from the Indian Air Force  
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