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  • LocationCentral Ladakh

  • Opening Hours 7:00 AM - 7:00 PM
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Thiksey Monastery in Ladakh

Thiksey Monastery is one of the most significant monasteries in central Ladakh. The monastery is settled on the hilltop and is home to around 120 monks. This twelve-storied monastery with impressive architecture boasts 10 shrines and an assembly hall. Thiksey Monastery buildings are put up hierarchically and offer a striking view from both up and down. 

Thiksey Monastery Ladakh holds the Gelugpa order (yellow hat sect). It is referred to as the ‘Mini Potala’ of India, as it resembles Potala Palace (World Heritage Site) in Lhasa (Tibet). The Tibetan monastery houses many kinds of Buddhist art, such as stupas, statues, swords, thangkas (a painting of cotton or silk depicting a Buddhist deity), and wall paintings. 

In addition, there is also a nunnery in the monastery complex. The monastery features one giant statue of Maitreya and the Tara temple of Goddess Tara. Further, placed on the hilltop, the monastery presents a fantastic view of the Indus Valley and other monasteries like Stok, Shey, and Matho. Gustor Festival is a famous festival celebrated with great excitement and interest in Thiksey monastery in Leh Ladakh. Locals enjoy the event with sacred mask dance and music. You can also visit Lhakhang Nyema, a beautiful shrine settled within the monastery.

Everything You Should Know About Before Visiting Thiksey Monastery

History of Thiksey Monastery 

According to the account of history, Thiksey Monastery belongs to the 15th century. In 1433, Jangsem Sherab Zangpo founded a small village monastery that is well known as Lhakhang Serpo. Moreover, it is also famous as the Yellow Temple in Stagmo(a sacred Hill above the village), north of the Indus. In the late 15th Century, Palden Zangpo built a monastery that is settled a few kilometers away from Stagmo. And this monastery is now known as Thiksey Monastery. 

Architecture of Thiksey Monastery 

Thiksey Monastery's architecture resembles Potala Palace in Tibet, an exemplary model of Tibetan Architecture. It would be a feast for your eyes as the beautiful architecture is mind-blowing. You can see here the complex of the building that is arranged in ascending order. At the top of the hill are a Monastery and an official residence of the Chief Lama. 

Major Highlights of Thiksey Monastery

  • Assembly Hall
  • Tara Temple
  • Lamokhang temple and quarters
  • Maitreya Buddha
  • Nunnery
  • Rooftop

Tourist Attractions near Thiksey Monastery

Thiksey Monastery Ladakh is one of the largest stupas in this region that attract spiritual seekers and peace lovers. But, apart from exploring the monastery, there are several tourist attractions near this monastery that you should visit. The nearest attractions mix thrill, natural beauty, spirituality, scenic views, and relaxation. So, check out the below list, which surely deserves a place on your bucket list while enjoying your vacation here. 

  • Shey Lake
  • Magnetic Hill
  • Sindhu Ghat Viewpoint 
  • Stakna Bridge 
  • Indus Viewpoint
  • Leh Palace

Best Time to Visit Thiksey Monastery 

May to November is an ideal time to visit Thiksey Monastery. However, if you are willing to enjoy the festival celebration, vibrant atmosphere, and better understanding of culture, You must visit in October or November. These months welcome the Gustor Festival at Thiksey Monastery. During the celebration, you can witness traditional Cham Dance.  The monastery remains closed after November due to the heavy snowfall. May and June are ideal months to enjoy sightseeing as the bright sunshine and pleasant climate conditions let you discover tourist attractions in this region. 

How to Reach Thiksey Monastery 

Thiksey Monastery can be reached by bus, cab, or bike. The nearest airport lies in Leh. After arriving at the airport, you will get various modes of transport to reach Thiksey Monastery. You should take it by Leh-Manali Highway and cover the distance of 20 km within 40 minutes to reach your destination. Moreover, you can also opt for the bus service which runs between Choglamsar of Leh and Thiksey. Taking the bus service is one of the economical ways to get there. But if you prefer comfort, you can choose a taxi to Thiksey from Leh. 

Road Condition to Reach Thiksey Monastery 

Road condition is quite good, and you can easily cover the 20 km distance within 30-35 minutes. Moreover, the scenic views around the road will allure you to halt to capture pictures and selfies with this picturesque backdrop. In that case, it would take about 1 hour to reach Thiksey Monastery. 

Traveling Tips for Thiksey Monastery 

  • You are not allowed to take food items inside Thiksey Monastery.
  • Get special permission from Monks and officials to record a video or click pictures.
  • You must maintain silence in the monastery but keep your voice low if you want to say something. 
  • Mobile phones must be on silent mode, which helps maintain this monastery's decorum. 
  • While capturing the photographs, you should turn off your flash as it may disturb someone. 
  • You can unlock your curiosity in front of any monk to learn more about the Buddhist culture and significance of Thiksey Monastery. 

Apart from visiting the monastery, you can explore the other beauty of Ladakh through our Ladakh tour package. So contact us now and schedule a holiday at this heaven on earth.