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Lothal Tourism | How to Plan a Trip to Lothal

  • Lothal
Lothal At a Glance
  • Average Climate:10°C - 36°C
  • Best Time to Visit:October - March
  • STD Code:02714

Lothal Travel Guide

Located around 80 kilometers from Ahmedabad, Lothal is the place where the archaeologists discovered the remnants of the Harappan civilization. In the year 1955, archeologists discovered the remnants of an ancient city in Lothal, Gujarat. indianholiday.com offers online information on Lothal Tour, Gujarat and other tourist attractions of Gujarat and other parts of India.

On your tour to Gujarat you can plan excursions from Ahmedabad and arrange a Lothal Tour Gujarat. The town of Lothal derives its name from the word "Loth" which means death. Related to the Indus Valley sites of Harappa and Mohenjodaro, the local people call it the mound of the dead.

On your Lothal Tour, Gujarat you can get a glimpse of this site which once used to be a flourishing town engaged in maritime trading activities. During the prehistoric times Lothal was an important port on the subcontinent during the 2nd millennium B.C. Archaeologists excavated a dockyard in the site which shows that the ancient city carried maritime trade during that time as it was close to the Arabian Sea. This was one of the unique lock gated dockyard which is one of the greatest maritime architecture to be discovered from the ancient world.

The citadel is separated by an acropolis and the city has its own paved baths, residential quarters, coppersmith workshops and bead factories as well. A Lothal Tour, Gujarat will also reveal jewellery, pots and other items. One of the uncanny discoveries was that of two bodies found in a single grave. This also proves that burial was a common ritual amongst the people who lived in Lothal in Gujarat.

Animal sacrifice, worshipping the fire and sacrifice at the altars was a common practice. During your Lothal Tour, Gujarat you will get an idea on the lifestyle and social scenario of the Harappan Civilization.

If you are planning a Lothal Tour, Gujarat then you can reach Lothal by rail. The nearest railhead is Bhurkhi on the Ahmedabad to Bhavnagar railway line. You can also opt for a bus journey on your Lothal Tour, Gujarat.

Besides Lothal, Gujarat there are a number of important tourist places near Ahmedabad. From Modhera, Adalaj Wav to the other step wells and temples, there are a number of interesting places nearby. Tourists on their tour to Ahmedabad often plan excursions from Ahmedabad in Gujarat in India.

So during your excursions from Ahmedabad you can plan a trip to these destinations close by whereby you can enjoy your tour to Ahmedabad.

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