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Shravasti Tourism | How to Plan a Trip to Shravasti

  • Shravasti the ancient City in Uttar Pradesh
Shravasti At a Glance
  • Average Climate:8°C - 30°C
  • Best Time to Visit:October - March
  • STD Code:05250

Shravasti Travel Guide

If you want to look history in the eye, stroll through ruins of centuries' old temples and stupas and imagine what people once roamed these streets, what sounds permeated the atmosphere, what wares were on display- all you need to do is get the tickets in place, get your bags packed, and set about on tours to Shravasti Uttar Pradesh.

The ancient city of Shravasti, deemed sacred by both Buddhist and Jains, is at present a collection of ruins called Sahet - Mahet. This twin name is applied to two distinct groups of remains, Sahet and Mahet. Sahet used to be the site of the famous Buddhist monastery known as Jetvana Vihar, which lay outside the limits of the Shravasti city proper. The latter is identified with modern Mahet. The ruins at Sahet consist mainly of plinths and foundation of Buddhist monasteries and stupas. The other site i.e., Mahet situated at about 500m from Mahet denotes the place which used to be known as the city of Shravasti.

Very little is known of the city of Shravasti until it rose to fame during the Gupta Period with its association with Buddhism and Jainism.

What to See on Tours to Shravasti in India 

Maheth, sprawling over an area of 400 acres, is identified with the remains of the city of Shravasti. Excavations led to the discovery of massive gates and ramparts and many other remains of the ancient city which speak volumes of the prosperity of Shravasti.

The Sobhanath Temple is a Jain temple one must visit on tours to Shravasti. This place is believed to be and is revered as the birthplace of Jain prophet Swayambunatha. This is a major tourist attraction and pilgrimage spot for the Jains.

Saheth another place to be visited on tours to Shravasti Uttar Pradesh in India, was once the site of the famous Jetavana monastery; the place houses numerous ancient shrines, stupas and monasteries spreading over an area of 32 acres. One of the earliest Stupas, probably dating back to 3rd century BC, is said to have contained relics of the Buddha. Excavations also revealed a colossal statue of Lord Buddha, which has been kept at the Indian Museum in Kolkata.

Angulimala's Stupa or Pakki Kutti has an interesting Buddhist legend attached to it. Legend has it that Angulimala was a dreaded dacoit of the region who used to wear the fingers chopped from his victims on his neck in a necklace. One day, he was about to kill his mother in a fit of rage when Lord Buddha met him. His words converted Angulimala who decide to follow the path of Buddhism and peace.

Where to Stay on Tours to Shravasti Uttar Pradesh

Sharavasti is quite a famous pilgrimage spot among the Buddhists and Jains. Shravasti is also quite popular among history and archaeology buffs making it a popularly visited tourist spot.


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