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Places to Visit in Aizawl

The capital of Mizoram, Aizawl, offers a wide range of attractions. You can discover historical sites, ancient temples, wildlife, and museums here. When you visit these sites, you'll enjoy both cultural heritage and a refreshing environment. Hence, sightseeing is one of the best things to do in Aizawl. The mix of traditional and modern Aizawl tourist places makes it an excellent place for a holiday.

To make your trip planning easier and stress-free, we have listed the best places to visit in Aizawl. With Indian Holiday tour packages, you can explore the city's main attractions. On top of that, you can customize your package according to your preferences.

Here is the list of Top Places to Visit in Aizawl that you should visit while enjoying your Trip.

Durtlang Hills

Durtlang Hills lets you enjoy the Aizawl City view, a peaceful environment, and trekking opportunities. Moreover, you can explore traditional Mizo villages and experience the local culture and lifestyle of the Mizo tribes.

Experiences in Durtlang Hill

  • Take a nature walk along Durtlang Hills' scenic trails and enjoy the peaceful nature.
  • Witness the stunning view of Aizawl City and the distant hills from the viewpoints of the hills.
  • Enjoy a picnic in the serene surroundings, surrounded by green forests and chirping birds.

Mizoram State Museum

This museum is a gateway to Mizo culture that showcases aspects of history, archaeology, and anthropology. Its collection includes a vast collection of Mizo artifacts, traditional clothing, tools, and historical relics.

Experiences In Mizoram State Museum

  • Get insight into tribal life through artifacts from Indigenous tribes and their way of life.
  • Through interactive displays and exhibits, learn about Mizoram's history, traditions, and folklore.
  • Attend cultural events and exhibitions showcasing Mizoram's vibrant arts and crafts.

Aizawl Zoological Park

This Zoological Park in Aizawl offers a thrilling experience for wildlife enthusiasts. Moreover, you can find educational programs, guided tours, and family-friendly activities here. All these things make it one of the unmissable tourist places in Aizawl City.

Experiences in Zoological Park Aizawl

  • Take a safari at Aizawl Zoo to spot rare animals like the Himalayan black bear and clouded leopard.
  • Visit the botanical garden to see local plants and animals.
  • Enjoy birdwatching and see colorful birds in the lush greenery.

Reiek Tlang

This high-elevation hotspot is known for its panoramic views and cultural significance, including traditional stone carvings. Trekking trails for all levels attract thrill seekers. However, the beautiful natural settings make it a picnic spot in Aizawl.

Experiences in Reiek Tlang

  • Enjoy nature walks and trekking at Reiek Tlang through forests and hills.
  • Click photographs with a scenic backdrop and enjoy the fresh air.
  • Relax in the peaceful nature of Reiek Tlang and enjoy a picnic amidst nature.

Here is the list of Places to Visit Around Aizawl 

Vantawng Falls

Vantawng Falls is one of the highest falls in Mizoram, with 750 feet. It is surrounded by lush greenery and easily accessible from Thenzawl town, around 90 km from Aizawl. Its peaceful ambiance and cultural significance make it one of the best places to Visit Around Aizawl.

Experiences in Vantawng Fall

  • Trek through the green forests to reach Vantawng Falls and feel the mist from the waterfall.
  • Take amazing photos of the waterfall against the wild backdrop.
  • Have a picnic by the calm pools formed by the falls and enjoy nature's peace.

Falkawn Village

Falkawn Village is a place of cultural value and natural beauty. Here, you can experience traditional Mizo life and visit authentic hospitality. Take a stroll to observe their customs and rituals and buy crafts.

Experiences in Falkawn Village

  • Engage with the friendly people of Falkawn Village to learn about their culture, traditions, and lifestyle.
  • Discover hidden treasures like churches, markets, and community centers.
  • Taste authentic Mizo dishes made with fresh ingredients at village eateries.

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FAQs about Places to Visit Aizawl

Q: What are the famous spots in Aizawl?

Ans. Durtlang Hills, Mizoram State Museum, Aizawl Zoological Park, and Reiek Tlangare are some of the most famous spots. The nearby Vantawng Falls and Falkawn Village are hidden gems that should be part of your Aizawl tour.

Q: Are there any outdoor activities opportunities in Aizawl?

Ans. Aizawl is a paradise for adventure enthusiasts, offering a thrilling array of outdoor activities. Numerous thrilling options are available, from trekking through Durtlang Hills to boating in the serene Aizawl Zoological Park.

Q: What cultural experiences can I expect in Aizawl?

Ans. Discover the rich heritage by exploring traditional villages and attending cultural performances. Moreover, you can visit museums that beautifully showcase the history and artifacts of the Mizo community.

Q: Are there guided tours available to explore Aizawl's attractions?

Ans. Yes, guided tours are available with our tour packages. You can get insightful commentary and the best experience while exploring the city's highlights.

Q: Which is the best Aizawl picnic spot?

Ans. Durtlang Hills, the best Aizawl picnic spot, is a haven for tranquility seekers. Its serene surroundings offer a panoramic view that will leave you amazed.

Q: Which are the most beautiful Aizawl tourist spots?

Ans. Reiek Tlang and Vantawng Falls are Aizawl's most beautiful tourist spots. These natural wonders are a delight for nature lovers and offer breathtaking beauty.

Q: Which are the best places to see in Aizawl for Cultural insight?

Ans. Visit the Mizoram State Museum to understand Aizawl's rich culture better. It is a treasure trove of artifacts, and you can enlighten yourself with the traditional way of life at Falkawn Village.