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Excursions from Jodhpur

Rajasthan in India is embedded with a large number of tourist attractions. The variety of tourist attractions spread across different corners of the desert state helps in attracting tourists from different parts of India. Hence, it enjoys a significant place in the global tourism map. The city of Jodhpur is one of the main attractions of Rajasthan. Boasting a wide variety of attractions, Jodhpur manages to attract a large number of tourists who come to Rajasthan. There are also a number of places in the adjoining areas of Jodhpur as well. To visit these places also a large number of tourists come to the city as the city offers a number of excursions to these adjoining places. The excursion from Jodhpur helps tourists to visit these areas and explore various unknown places of Rajasthan. Thus, these excursions offer a thoroughly enjoyable experience to the tourists.

Appeal of excursions from Jodhpur

It is very likely to get engrossed in Jodhpur tours during your visit to Jodhpur. The plenty of attractions I Jodhpur is enough to keep you engrossed. However, it is suggested if you have had enough of Jodhpur then you can head for the excursions from Jodhpur as the excursions will let you visit the various tourist attractions that are located in the adjoining areas of Jodhpur. The excursion from Jodhpur will take you to a number of places like the Osian. It is beautiful ancient town that used to be the center of trading during the 8th to 12th centuries. Currently, a visit to the place will let you witness the 16 Brahamanical and Jain temples that boast wonderful sculptures and design. A camel ride during the time of sunset will be a wonderful experience.

Another place that is an integral part of excursions from Jodhpur will take you to places like Nimaj. It will also be a wonderful visit as it will give you the opportunity to witness a number of temples of the 9th century. Dedicated to Ma Durga, the temple boasts exceptional art work. The gallery of the temple has a number of sculptural arts which will surely provide an astonishing experience to the tourists.

The Excursions around Jodhpur will also take you to Rohet where you will come across the famous Rohetgarh Fort. The particular fort situated in the Pali district of Jodhpur was constructed in 16th century. Currently converted into a heritage hotel also be a worthy visit. Excursion from Jodhpur will also gibe you the opportunity to visit Manvar as it is located in the midst of Thar Desert. The Manvar resort located here is a must visit too as it will offer you the best of Rajasthani traditional aura and ambiance. The best time to visit this place is during the months of September to March. Tour to this place will also let you witness the migratory demoiselle cranes and take part in a number of outdoor sports. Manvar also offers the beauty of havelis made of sandstone.

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