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Tourist Attractions in Somnath

Located in Gujarat, Somnath derives its name from its famous Somnath Temple, Somnath meaning The Protector of Moon God. According to the legend, the conceited Moon, otherwise called Chandra became so arrogant that her father-in-law cursed her to fade away. She prayed to Lord Shiva who gave partial respite from the curse, so she disappears periodically.

Tourist Attractions in Somnath :

Somnath Temple located in Somnath in the state of Gujarat it is dedicated to the Moon Goddess. It is said that the temple was first constructed by Moon Goddess with gold, then by silver and rock respectively by Ravana and Bhima. The second Somnath Temple is said to have been massacred by the Afghans several times. It was revamped by Pratihara king Nagabhata II who also built the third temple in 815 AD, which was essentially constructed with red sandstone. It is one of the greatest Tourist Attractions at Somnath.

Kailash Mahameru Prasada is another temple that has been constructed in the Chalukya style of temple architecture; the skills of the Sompuras who were regarded as Gujarat's master masons are reflected through the elegant architecture. It is another greatest Tourist Attraction in Somnath.

Somnath is incomplete without its magnificent Shiva Lingam which is worshipped day in and day out by ardent devotees, who comes here with their wishes that needs to be fulfilled. In the year 1951 Dr. Rajendra Prasad who was the first President of India, participated in the Jyotirling-Pratishthapan ritual at the new Temple and said the famous words, "The Somnath Temple signifies that the power of creation is always greater than the power of destruction." 

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