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Veraval Tourism | How to Plan a Trip to Veraval

  •  Sai Baba Temple in Veraval
Veraval At a Glance
  • Average Climate:19°C - 37°C
  • Best Time to Visit:Throughout the year
  • STD Code:02876

Veraval Travel Guide

Diu is undoubtedly a charming and idyllic place to pack your bags and head for on your vacation, but if you are planning a holiday in Diu, take advantage of paying visits to the nearby places of interest both within and around Diu. Besides the tourist attractions that Diu boasts, one can also embark on excursions from Diu that promise to be thrilling. Indian Holiday is a treasure trove of needed information on a tour to Veraval.

A tour to Veraval will take you to the most popular seaport on the southern coast of Saurashtra. Veraval enjoys a considerable degree of importance as one of the major fishing ports. The first sight that will greet your eyes on your tour to Veraval is the large sailing vessels and manually constructed fishing dinghies.

Places to visit in Veraval

Veraval, located in Gujarat's Gir Somnath district, is a popular destination for religious pilgrims and tourists. If you plan to visit Veraval, add these must-see destinations. Since Veraval is situated in the Gir Somnath district, you will find numerous temples and other religious structures in and around the city. Plan your Veraval tour with us and explore the best tourist attractions in Veraval: 

  • Veraval Beach
  • Junagadh Gate
  • Somnath Beach
  • Somnath Mahadev temple
  • Bhalka Tirtha
  • Suraj Mandir

Things to do in Veraval

You might only have a little to do in Veraval, but there are still plenty of things to check out downtown, including museums, boutiques, and restaurants. Would you rather indulge in a five-course dinner at a famous eatery or sip a hot cup of coffee at one of the cozy cafes scattered throughout town? So, below is the list of things to do in Veraval: 

  • Engage in the activities at Veraval Beach.
  • Explore the architecture of Junagadh Gate.
  • Envelope yourself in the beauty of Somnath Beach.

Best time to visit in Veraval

In  Veraval, the temperature can rise to 42°C during the summer. Thus, summer is not considered an ideal season to visit Veraval. During this season, routine activities like sightseeing become difficult, even in the afternoons. In  Veraval, the monsoon season can bring unusually high winds and torrential downpours. The winter months from November to February provide you with pleasant and cooler weather for sightseeing without being disturbed by rain or sweltering heat. This is also the time when you can indulge in more activities.

How to reach Veraval

Veraval is easily accessible by air, road, and rail. The Keshod Airport, located 50 km away, is the nearest, while the Rajkot Airport is 190 km away. The Veraval railway station is a junction located on major rail routes. Private and state transport buses ply this route, but you can also reach Veraval by hiring a private vehicle from places like Ahmedabad, Mumbai, Pune, etc. So, reaching Veraval is easy and convenient. 

Accommodations in Veraval

Since Veraval is a popular tourist destination, many hotels provide lodging for different budgets. The Hotel Madhuram, Hotel Rajdhani, Hotel Rajdev, and other hotels are a few that provide affordable lodging. The 1000–1500 range is where these hotels operate. Upscale lodgings, such as the Grand Daksh Mansingh Inn and the OYO Hotel Park, are priced between 2,000 and 4,000 a night. Veraval offers slightly more affordable lodging overall than other popular tourist locations.

Where to eat in Veraval?

Whether going on vacation or business, you always look forward to seeing unusual restaurants. You must visit these great restaurants in Veraval for a vacation or even on business because of their outstanding services and delectable fare. The following are a few of Veraval's leading eateries serving superior cuisine:

  • The Grand Daksh Restaurant 
  • The Sukh Sagar Restaurant 
  • The Shubh Suvidha Restaurant
  • The Rasoi Restaurant
  • Kgn Tea Center
  • Sabri Pan Sentar
  • V.P Swami Dosa House

How to get around in Veraval? 

Auto rickshaws, common in small towns, can take you to Somnath for about 35 rupees. Instead, you can take one of the buses from the ST bus terminal, which costs 8 rupees per passenger. Veraval has a respectable amount of commutes because it is a crucial connecting town. Individuals can access their favorite method of transport and travel on a budget. Most of the trips are reliable and comfortable.

Travel tips

  • Avoid unnecessary shopping.
  • Plan to avoid paying extra at the time of travel.
  • Book your hotel, train, flight, and monument ticket prices for discounts.
  • Travel in the off-season to get discounts on flights and hotels.
  • Move around the state or any particular city through local buses or rickshaws. Alternatively, you can take our Gujarat tour package and get easy, swift transfers.

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