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Bhavnagar Tourism | How to Plan a Trip to Bhavnagar

  • Takteshwar Mahadev Temple in Bhavnagar
Bhavnagar At a Glance
  • Average Climate:15°C - 43°C
  • Best Time to Visit:October - May
  • STD Code:02832

Bhavnagar Travel Guide

During your Excursions from Palitana, you can visit Bhavnagar, an essential tourist stopover. Bhavnagar was earlier ruled by the Suryavanshi Rajputs from Marwar. Your tour to Bhavnagar would offer you a lot to do and see. The Taktesh Mahadev temple is a significant tourist attraction in Bhavnagar. 

The Bhavnagar tour has all sorts of ingredients for discerning travelers who want to experience the joy of travel to Bhavnagar.

On your tour to Bhavnagar, visit Gandhi Smriti, an important tourist attraction. It calls for a visit by not only domestic tourists but international travelers as well. For tourists who have a fetish for knowledge and want to learn more about the history and culture of Gujarat, a visit to the Barton Library & Museum would be a good thing to do. 

Read the complete Bhavnagar tourism guide and plan a trip to Bhavnagar

Places to visit in Bhavnagar

Bhavnagar has temples that are spiritually chased, educational institutes that are hubs of knowledge, serene beaches, and heritage sites with stories to tell. All this makes up a list of the top places to visit in Bhavnagar that should be included in your trip to Gujarat. Stay aware when taking in or visiting the breathtaking city of Bhavnagar. So, look at the best places to visit in Bhavnagar, Gujarat:

  • Nilambagh Palace
  • Barton Library And Museum
  • Gandhi Smriti
  • Victoria Nature Park
  • Takteshwar Temple

 Things to do in Bhavnagar 

Bhavnagar is beautiful! It's a land of blackbucks birds, industries, artists, artisans, and many other talented people. Embark on a tour to Bhavnagar to witness the most vivid wildlife sanctuaries, religious shrines, and heritage locations. Planning a trip to Bhavnagar then check out the top activities to do in Bhavnagar:

  • Go for a jeep safari tour to Velavadar National Park.
  • Experience the greatness of nature with a walk across Victoria Park.
  • Take a heritage walk in Bhavnagar's old city.
  • Visit Alang as huge ships are broken down, and every part is sold as scrap.

Best time to visit Bhavnagar

October to January are the best months to visit Bhavnagar. Bhavnagar experiences hot and dry summers. During this season, It is scorching and humid, and not the best time to be here. June experiences heavy rainfall, which adds to the high temperature resulting in humidity. Winters begin in October and go on till January- February. During this season, the temperature ranges between 12 to 32°C. The weather is delightful, and a great time to be here.

How to reach Bhavnagar?

Bhavnagar is easily accessible from major cities and towns in India by air, rail, and road. The local airport, Bhavnagar Airport, is the closest airport to the town, around 4 to 6 km away. The Bhavnagar Railway Station, also known as Bhavnagar Terminus, is situated in Madhia in Kumbharwada and is approximately 2.6 to 3.2 km from the city center. Additionally, Bhavnagar has several bus stands, ensuring good connectivity via roadways.

Accommodations in Bhavnagar

Visitors can quickly discover numerous affordable lodging options in the historic district near the train station. These budget-friendly accommodations have essential amenities such as en-suite bathrooms, cozy bedding, and elegant furnishings. Considering the city's significant status as an industrial center in Gujarat, tourists can select from a wide range of budget hotels that offer exceptional service and hospitality. If you desire a lavish stay in Bhavnagar with your family, the Nilambagh Palace Hotel is an excellent choice.

Where to eat in Bhavnagar?

Calling all food enthusiasts! Dine at these fantastic restaurants after exploring Bhavnagar's rich culture and history. Bhavnagar is renowned for not only its historical landmarks but also its culinary offerings. Indulge in the most popular dishes like Pav Ganthiya and Fafadiya Ganthiya at these top-rated restaurants in Bhavnagar. Some of the best places to eat in Bhavnagar include Rasoi Restaurant, Sam's Pizza, Rangoli Restaurant, Madras Dosa, Honest Restaurant, Tulsi Restaurant, Rocks N Logs, and many others.

How to get around in Bhavnagar? 

Cycle rickshaws, motor rickshaws, shared bikrams, buses, and cabs can be used for commuting within the city.

Travel tips

  • Hiring a guide for your sightseeing tour in Bhavnagar is preferable to ensure you see all the unique tourist attractions.
  • Locals are friendly, and interacting with them gives you an insightful experience of the culture and traditions of Bhavnagar.
  • Remember to enjoy photography while walking through the streets of this city.


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